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Old 08-24-2020, 09:26 AM
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Tamera burst out into the street and saw the outside was just as chaotic as the inside. The building's lights flickered, the doors and windows opened and closed, and she swore she smelled gas seeping from one of the basement windows.

Discretion is the better part of valor. She took her paydays and ran.

She laid low, laughing the next morning when the talking heads on the trid recount the terrible accident.

"That's right Jo, it would seem yet another black eye for AztechBio, as one of their truck's AI systems shorted, causing it to take an unauthorized detour."" The correspondent's wink and tone casting doubt on the word unauthorized.

"Oh my, you never see that happening to NeoNetChem vehicles." The man with the million-watt smiles chuckles, as the screen changes to a massive crater swarming with hazmat clad clean up crews where the Waltzing Witch used to be.

She shakes her head and jumps as massive hamfisted knocks boom on her door. "YO, YOU GOT A DELIVERY!" A deep voice shouts through the wall. Tamera activates the camera feed showing a Z delivery truck outside the door and their trademark motto emblazoned on the man's back.

"Neither lead nor flame nor stink nor threat of ghoul stays these couriers from their appointed rounds"


Tamara opens the door with her weapon in the other hand, spying a hardwood trunk on the ground behind the ork holding the signature pad. She signs, and the man speeds away in his armored delivery vehicle.

She opens the note first. "For all the trouble" signed CC.

She opens the chest carefully and finds five comlinks on a foam tray, the exact ones the sponsors were using. She removes the top tray to find thousands of the coins Celia had tossed on the table, and a second note.

"To continue the work," acompanied by a mongram D.

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Bonus kneels, crying over the cold form of the only family she's ever known. What had she been thinking?! The companions were gone, and she hadn't even been there when Lacy had passed.

She lets grief consume her. So lost in it that she doesn't hear the five sets of footsteps approaching from the other end of the alley.

Bonus feels a soft hand on her shoulder. "A life for a life, that is the way of your world, is it not?" Celia says softly. The broken girl looks up just as Dug bows deeply to her. "Thank you." Dug says humbly to the runner. The slackness to the right side of his face showing the scars of their betrayal.

"Do you trust us? You have no reason to, but we ask it one last time." Brom says as Celia joins him at the mouth of the alley. The pair chant, and the air becomes thick with electricity. Bonus's hair stands ramrod straight as flashes of light and sound fill the air. She looks away from a sudden burst of brightness, and a portal hangs at the end of the alley.

"And now for that trust." A now blindfolded Sir Ethan says as he and Sir Stefphonston lift Lacy's broken form and carry her through the portal. Bonus is too shocked to say anything let alone stope them. The five move through the portal and wait on the other side.

"And now for your reward." Celia says softly, pulling a massive diamond from her vest and placing it on Lacy's chest. "As I said, we are not from around here, and things work differently where we're from." She says as the diamond shatters to dust raining down on the deceased girl. Moments later, Kate coughs and sits up, healthier than she's ever looked.

"Kate?" She says raspily.

"Now for the fine print." Broms says with sorrow in his voice. "This magic won't hold in your world, she must stay with us, but if you'd still like a job..." He trails off holding his hand through the portal for Bonus to take.
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