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Old 08-20-2017, 12:13 AM
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General rules. I'll update if needed as we go on.

There are some rules but pretty straight forward:

1. Whilst outside of combat you can post in any order, one post per turn. Whilst in combat you will have to roll initiative which you will do in the Dice thread.

2. If you know you aren't going to post for a while please could you let me know so your character can be sidelined. The game will continue with you on the sideline until you can resume posting. I won't cut anyone from the game because I know things come up but its not fair to expect the other players to wait on you so it will continue if needed.

3. You only control your own character. Not the NPC's or other PC's.

4. The game will be played as a present tense story. Meaning posts will be 'You ride into town.' This adds a sense of immediacy and pace which helps things move along I feel.

5. Please feel free to post OOC talk in the OOC thread but the game thread you must stay in character.

6. If you don't understand something or if something doesn't look right please don't hesitate to either post in the OOC or PM me.

7. Use different colours for different characters. Just makes it easier to read. The colours are first come first serve. NPC's will be Black

8. Post any initiative rolls etc in the dice roll thread to save cluttering up the game thread.

9. I will try to stick to post a day. This may not always be possible but will be minimum of two a day.

10. Any house rulings will be updated into this thread.
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