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Old Dec 10th, 2023, 11:27 PM
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[5E] A Better Humans Only

[5E] A Better Humans Only
A Better Humans Only

I've played in a few humans only campaigns. Thematically there are good reasons why a game should be human only PCs. The problem is that this reduces race selection to selecting a feat for your variant human, the result being a less diverse group mechanically.

I've put together an alternate race creation for use in a humans only campaigns for 5E DnD. I can't take credit for creating the traits, most are from existing races in various sources and from "100+ Character Ribbons" by Diego Bastet. A lot of the balancing was done using "Detect Greater Balance" by thoroughlysketchy. Some traits were changed from the originals for greater balancing and thematic (human only) purposes. This is very much a work in progress.

This system would make no changes to classes or backgrounds and essentially pools existing racial traits in 5E to be purchased.

Looking for feedback before potentially unleashing on a group. What stands out? Where are the overpowered combinations? What human character would you create?


Character CreationAbility Scores: Point Buy

Race: Human
Speed: 30 feet
Size: Medium
ASI: +1 to an ability of your choosing
Skill: one skill proficiency of your choice
Traits: 8 point buy on tables below. Each trait may be purchased only once.






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