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Old Feb 7th, 2024, 02:11 PM
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Post of the year 2023

A very talented writer once wrote: 'All this effort really paid off -- it is a delight!'. We all agreed at some point in the past, we could see that Fillyjonk ofc :-)the talented writer words of recommendation were true and sincere and it made a post stand out in the month of February...

In January we asked our valuable and loyal Community supporters to have a concentrated read, twelve posts were up for nomination to become the best post of 2023. Time was taken, energy was spent, a poll was made, and concluded in a result that was beyond clear.

In a small town, Saltmarch the players were asked to explain a red-washed total eclipse of the moon, a challenge that lured players into storytelling. The winner of the Post of the Month 2023 made an impression. To quote Fillyjonk once more:

It comes out of the secretive, snoochy, knitting-obsessed gnome society that has been building for the entire game. Her character has been growing into her role as a hero, pushing back, and Bingle edits the traditional DIRE gnome tale of woe and warning to reflect her movement from terrified runaway to bold adventurer (a shift that is very much still in progress!)

She also spent time making AI art to illustrate her post, and in game spent multiple posts recruiting NPCS (a shy gnome named Banx and an attention and sensory seeking little fairy named Mad Robin) and rolling and RPing to procure costumes and props, as well as plotting out special effects using character spells and abilities from her wizard stat block.
Without further ado, I hereby bow to lostcheerio and want to congratulate them with their great post. The best of 2023... Be proud, you deserve it.
Besides Fillyjonk who took the time to nominate this post, I want to thank ALL the players who were nominating a post, the judges who took the time to read (and keep reading) and ofc de Community Supporters who made it all possible.

The winning post

Yes, you may click those scales and show some RPXP appreciation ;-)
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