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Old Apr 27th, 2020, 05:26 PM
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Game NameA Crack in the Dome

Game SystemDnD 5e

ThemeAdventure and exploration with a character driven story

FlavourAn underwater adventure set in a post-apocalyptic world

Plot Summary

100 years ago a cataclysm swept across the world, destroying everything in a matter of hours. Storms ravaged the land, killing the living and bringing devastation to the towns and cities. The survivors took to the seas, spending many months travelling the world in search of a new home. But the storms continued to rage on making the land completely uninhabitable, and the seas became too dangerous to continue to sail. So the survivors took an unprecedented decision and turned their sights under the water. With the help of the local aquatic races they built an underwater city and surrounded it with a giant glass dome. The aquatic races provided their land-dwelling cousins with a way of making the city habitable; a giant crystal with magical powers that could convert the environment within the dome into a pressurised, breathable atmosphere. They named the city Nautilona.

99 years have passed since the cataclysm survivors began living in Nautilona. During this time an alliance was formed with the aquatic races, some of who began living in the city alongside their land-dwelling cousins. With traditional resources in short supply the city quickly found itself in desperate need for new sources of food and building supplies. Teams of 'Salvagers' were sent out to scour the nearby areas for shipwrecks and debris that had been scattered into the sea by the raging storms. You are part of one of those teams and this is where your story begins.

Game Details
Number of players: I will be aiming for a group of about 4-5 players.
New Players: I'm fairly new to DM'ing a PbP game so I'm happy to take on new PbP players and we can all learn together.
Post Rate: I will be aiming to make a DM post about 2/3 times a week, dependent on player posts.
Sources: Classes, Races and Backgrounds can be from any official source book. All characters will be granted a swim speed as this is a key skill that all Salvagers learn. If you choose an aquatic race they must have the amphibious trait (be able to breathe on land or underwater) in order to live in the city. All non-amphibious races will be granted equipment as a Salvager that will allow them to leave the safety of the city.
Starting Level: You will be starting at level 2.
Duration: I have a concept for a one-shot to begin with that should hopefully include some opportunities to level up a level or two. If the game doesn't work then the story can be wound up nicely. But if everything works and people are having fun then there's no reason this can't be expanded into a full ongoing campaign.
Starting Gear: As per your class and background options.
Ability Scores: Standard point scores (15,14,13,12,10,8).
Alignment: Good and Neutral alignments only please.
Backstory: You have already been selected as part of this salvage team. Perhaps your backstory could detail how you ended up being part of the team. Nautilona has existed for 99 years; For some characters this may mean that you are one of the original survivors of the cataclysm that wiped out the surface world. Your backstory could include how you survived and ended up living in the city.
Date for applications: 1st May

About Me
I've been DM'ing for a few groups over the last couple of years but this is my first time running a campaign on a Play by Post forum, so go easy on me! As a DM I'm all about the story; I love to involve my players' characters directly in the unfolding events, so I look for interesting backstories or character concepts that I can weave into the plots of my adventures.

Application Template
Character Name:

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