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Old Jan 24th, 2023, 11:48 AM
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Masataka 'Nikka' Taketsuru
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Nikka was lost in his thoughts as the taxi returned to their hotel. Would he ever see his beloved, Rita, again? If he was a betting man, a dapper man of the tables, of percentages and luck, he would have to say no. But that sad truth did not change anything in the present. Masataka knew that he could not leave Paris, England, could not return home to Scotland without putting an end to the seething diabolical presence that had invaded his life and soul..

How could he raise innocent children in a world in which he knew that creeping death incarnate lingered in the shadows, always waiting to snatch them away.. He could not… he would not.

The chaotic scene in front of the Hotel Claridge shook Nikka from his dark thoughts, as only anger and danger seemed able to these days. As the driver yelled out in French, Nikka already had his door open. The small man leapt from the car, knowing that there was no such thing as coincidences anymore. He had been right to admonish Henrietta… and how, in his heart, he wished he had been wrong.

Roughly pushing past the milling crowd, Nikka burst into the hotel lobby.

“Mei!” he screamed as he spun about looking in all directions. “Mei! Milly!”

Nikka looked towards where the emergency workers were congregated and his heart sank into the ever darkening abyss.



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Old Jan 27th, 2023, 11:03 AM
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A Chaotic Scene
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James "Jimmy", "Little Jimmy" Mott
"Cela ressemble à un gâchis! Voulez-vous rester ailleurs?"

Jimmy didn't understand the taxi driver's words, but he had no difficulty recognizing the sense of urgency and concern in his voice. And he had no difficulty in determining the seriousness of the scene outside and in front of the Claridges. He was just about to speak, to ask Henrietta what the man said, what was wrong, when Nikka jumped from the cab like a bolt of hot, white lightning. Within a heartbeat, Nikka was through the crowd and inside the hotel proper.

Looking at Henrietta while simultaneously moving his own person from the cab, Jimmy said, "Hurry! I hear Nikka yelling something. Hurry!"

Jimmy then traced Nikka's path into the hotel lobby and scanned everything and everyone about. There was a commotion on the far side of the lobby, toward the bar. "Nikka!" he yelled. "This way!" Soon the Brit was standing near the large window that looked outside and at a porch of topiaries. Medical attendants were hovering over someone on the ground, blocking his view. He craned his neck here and there until he could just barely see a slender leg, speckled in blood, covered somewhat by a piece of clothing with a rich floral pattern.

A rich floral pattern...




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Old Jan 28th, 2023, 03:41 PM
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Henrietta Smythe-Porter – returning to Claridges
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”Oh dear, something’s afoot.” Henrietta said as they saw the ambulance outside their hotel. The drive was shouting something in French, but it was beyond her schoolgirl French. ”Je ne parle pas Francais.” she muttered as she fished in her purse for a few centimes ”Here you are, my man, just drop us off here.”

Even as she spoke, Nikka was jumping from the cab ”My goodness Nikka, have you seen …” she said, but her Japanese fried was already bounding up the hotel’s stairs.

”Hurry! I hear Nikka yelling something. Hurry!” Jimmy called at her.

”Go on James, run! Don’t wait for me.” she said dropping more than they owed into the driver’s pot before stepping out of the taxi. Walking briskly, she followed her companions into the reception of their hotel, keeping her eyes open for the people she’d hold as suspicious inside and out.

Normal success on spot hidden – looking for people acting suspiciously as she approaches.

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Old Feb 3rd, 2023, 10:23 AM
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Milly watches with horror as the small, fragile body of Mei flies across the window and into the adjacent wall. "Mei!" he cries in alarm, already running for the nearest door to get to her. "Call an ambulance!" he barks out to the bar staff as he runs.

As Milly heads outside rapidly, a murderous look on his face at the temerity of the foul creature to lay hands on the poor young lady, the monster pauses and turns to him, its evil leer directed right at the antiquarian.Milly almost pauses in shock at the sight, remembering that same look on his own face not ten minutes ago caught in the mirror, but as the degenerate brute smashes Mei's head on the ground repeatedly, it only spurs him on, and Milly races to get to the creature. It may be strong - no maybe about it, the way poor Mei was flung at that wall - but Milly has righteous anger on his side.

Milly is almost at the scene when the ghoulish fiend traces one bestial claw along Mei's hair, almost tenderly, before vaulting over the hedge and away. Milly briefly, split-second, considers trying to chase the thing, but subconsciously his mind considers two things - firstly, the creature is far too fast to catch up, obviously, and secondly, Mei is in dire need of urgent medical aid. His hands working without thought to what they are doing, Milly throw himself to the ground near her almost lifeless body, checking for vital signs, ready to do whatever needs to be done to keep her alive. He notices splashes of water falling on her bruised, battered face, and puzzled because of the lack of rain, suddenly realises that it is his own tears falling on to her. "Where's that damned ambulance" he roars into the evening, trying to keep the young woman alive long enough for proper help to arrive.

OOCRoll for First Aid to help Mei? Skill is 35:
Dice Roll:
1d100 27

Oathsworn He/Him

Playing: Arthur Henry Vane "Milly" Millington-Fairbanks; Haf, Lightbearer; Prepping: Shadowdark / Stonehell: PM if interested

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