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Old Jan 2nd, 2024, 01:48 PM
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PotM January 2024

left-aligned image
Happy New Year!!!! yes, slightly delayed because I was at my 82yo mom's house with no internet around. Since we have two dogs that are scared of the fireworks we let them stay in a fireworks-free area pension to get through the mayhem of our traditional old and new, having mentioned that, we did go and watch some carbide shooting, an even older rural folklore (?) tradition.
Curious? Check here and here, not sure if this is internationally known ;-)

Speaking about traditions, we have TWO more traditions for you!!!! First of all:
  • Nominating a post for the first month of 2024!!! You know what to do, in this thread you may place a link, the name of the author, and share what you think was so awesome about the post. Hey, you can even nominate your own post! Be proud, and share.
    Just a couple of rules, please nominate only one post, refrain from nominating a post that already has been posted ion this thread (the '+1' post ;-) and... that was about it, easy peasy.
    Let's fill up this thread with posts to read, looking forward to that AND it provides work for our judges
  • Speaking of judging.... We are heading towards a huge special yearly tradition; choosing the POST OF THE YEAR 2023. NOT YET, hold your horses, first we need to wrap up December and choose a winner but then... WHOHOHOOOW -> we will have 12 contestants to be eligible to win the Post of the Year.

    So, let the judges cast their judgment, I will announce the winner and then the tension will rise... (I hope), who will it be DemonSlayer, lostcheerio, Yoshimi, Wynamoinen, Creed, secretID, Touketsu, mountainbound, FraterChad, Fillyjonk, Kaigen and..... will there be competition? who knows.....?Luezon maybe?

Exciting times to come but first things first, nomination is a thinggggg!!!!!
Old Jan 8th, 2024, 03:38 PM
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January Nomination
right-aligned image
Post by: rhaiber
Game: Rime of the Frostmaiden
System: D&D 5e
DM: lostcheerio
Post: The One Who Had Come to be Known as Khyyra-zvon

Context: Our game is beginning its fourth year, and our story is accelerating toward a climax. I invited rhaiber to join us after "shopping" through the list of characters linked from her signature, because I found Khyyra-zvon to be one of the most original character concepts I'd ever seen. We tweaked and twirled her, to make sense of her uniqueness in the context of 5e skills and traits, and she entered the game as a prisoner in a stasis pod. This was complicated for her because she is a natural telepath, and her awareness is layered with that extrasensory perception and communication. In this post, Khyyra-zvon is still in the stasis pod, but is reaching out mentally to AnotherDragoon's goblin wizard, who has just arrived in the scene.

Reason for Nomination: It's hard to write from a perspective that's not your own, especially when that identity is so other that it necessitates representing a completely different mode of communication, and a different sense of self than any we humans are familiar with. rhaiber does a wonderful job of giving us enough familiar notes to make the character accessible, while still using syntax and form to show the wonderful ways this character is strange. She introduced an animation to help us understand what AnotherDragoon's character is experiencing, and better define her creation. Most of all, she managed to create this experience without stepping on Dragoon's agency, or writing into his reaction.

I'm a very lucky DM to have players join in the middle of things, and fantastic additions Yoshimi, rhaiber, Humble Athena, and AnotherDragoon himself, are moving the story forward with such great creative energy. Thank you to all four of them!

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Old Jan 21st, 2024, 12:37 AM
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Nominee: Wynamoinen
Game: Shadows of the City
System: Urban Shadows (PbtA)
GM: Wynamoinen

Background: A deadly spectator fight concludes at the warehouse/club "Coliseum," but the real action breaks out in the stands, in the locker room, and near the exit as factions, players and storylines all converge.

Reason: I've enjoyed dropping in on this game from time to time to find out how this group of disparate player-characters vie for control of a modern alternative D.C. (the United States capital city). For several months now, the players have been following their different storylines into the fight-venue/nightclub Coliseum, ostensibly to witness a pit fight, but also to get things done ... each in their own way. Wynamoinen deftly weaves together several histories and agendas as the pit fight concludes. For some players, the battle of strength and spilled blood is the visceral center of the world, but for others it is merely a sideshow to more subtle and more important power plays. You don't have to know any of the characters' stats or hidden agendas to feel how Wynamoinen's post provides each of them a scene that responds to their actions, places each of them at the center of events, and unfolds numerous possibilities for their next post.



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Old Feb 5th, 2024, 10:42 PM
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Nominee: Touketsu
Game: You Can't Pay Debts with Hell Money
System: Tian Deng: Diaspora in Space
GM: Kaigen
Post: here

Reason for Nomination: Touketsu is a comedic genius, that's why!! You give them a set-up for a joke and they will turn it into comedy gold. Just like Midas but without the terrible curse! But oh my gosh, the post! My character Mah Guo has decided to reject a side gig she recieved over the internet, and because she's terrible at confrontation, she handed her datapad over to Yun to handle the situation. I had no idea what they were going to say or do or anything, which made the reveal ten times funnier!! I mean it when I say I read it five times when Touketsu first posted it! Enjoy!

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Old Feb 6th, 2024, 02:54 PM
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Player: Leftyyy88
Game: Baldur's Gate and the War of the Sky
System: Pathfinder 2e
GM: Inuvash255
Post: Link

Context: The group has an important mission, a delivery so secretive and confidential that even they don't know exactly what they are carrying, only that it has to make it to its destination safely. So of course they find themselves in the midst of a busy festival with a tempting side quest that speaks directly to their broader mission.

Reason: Somebody's got to be the voice of reason, the person who tries to talk everyone else out of the bad idea or diversion that has been dangled in front of them. The trouble in TTRPGs is, usually those bad ideas and diversions are where all the fun is, so being true to the character has to be balanced with not being a spoilsport. Leftyyy88 handles this with aplomb, having his character Zuldaak make his objections abundantly clear before ultimately getting drawn in like the rest of us. The use of nonverbal communication to convey all this is as skillful as it is humorous and entertaining.
"There is no general doctrine which is not capable of eating out our morality if unchecked by the deep-seated habit of direct fellow-feeling with individual fellow-men." óGeorge Eliot, Middlemarch
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