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Old Jan 16th, 2024, 01:13 AM
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PotM December

On very rare occasions, a player is welcomed to the Crossing, gets involved in an adventure and starts writing, ending up winning the Post of the Month contest immediately. It does not happen a lot, but CONGRATZZZZ to Luezon who managed to do just that!!!!!

left-aligned image
Unfortunately, the post is within the New Player Solo Game setting so it is unable to be read by everyone so I am going to do two things; get the post in the spoiler button AND, please read carefully: I am going to link a different post so you can send some RPG-love and appreciation.
Disclaimer: even if this is NOT de winning post, it is a way to click those scales at the right top corner and show Luezon you have read their winning post, they deserve this!

To quote Bananabadger: Playing with a lot of unknowns, Luezon nonetheless manages to apply a lot of relevant background and roleplaying to a simple encounter and ritual spell-cast. Giving background on a 1st-level character is tough because you want to have a story, but you can't have too much of a story at 1st level (after all, with 0 XP, how much could you have seen of life?). This post moves forward with a mechanical choice and provides the DM (and fellow players if there were some) with good background information to integrate into the story.

High praise coming from a very valued member of the Crossing :-)


Ofcourse this wasn't the only post that was nominated, please check out Strangemund's post over here to see what Kaigen is taking about when they claim that Strangemund is doing a lot of great character work to bring her NPCs to life. '... but what elevates this post is the use of humor. Not only does her excellent sense of comedic rhythm make the post entertaining, it also helps release the tension of the previous scene and signal a more relaxed tone.'

This definitely makes one curious to start reading, so enjoy and spread some RPXP while you are reading :-)

Both were the last contestants of the year 2023, meaning we got some challenge coming out way, deciding who has written the best Post of the Month in 2023. There will be a poll made, and there will be an opportunity for CS-members to vote using the option of a poll. Keep your eyes open, and do not hesitate to nominate a Janyary post to this thread
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