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Old Mar 31st, 2024, 07:32 PM
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Share some good spirit at RPG Crossing's 5th Annual Community Day!

For the fifth year in a row, RPG Crossing will be running a Community Day this April 1. Once again, given the extent of foolishness we are still dealing with all the time in the world these days, we will skip the April Fools' Day tomfoolery and focus on the merry. Instead of practical jokes and silly pranks, we will take the day to celebrate something different: the awesomeness of our community.

That's why we are making April's Fools Day a special day again this year. All day long (and some of each of the neighbouring days), we are asking that instead of a joke or a prank, you instead give out RPXP "hits" to people, to remind everyone of the good things still happening. You can give RPXP for great game posts, just like always, but we would like you to please go out and spread the good news about anything else as well.

The Parameters
  1. Our April Community Appreciation Day(s) begins immediately (we know it is March 31, but don't want confusion about 'is this real?') and will go until the morning of April 2.
  2. The point is to send people real and meaningful messages. Please do that!

  3. We have also started a general discussion thread to tell stories and point people to cool stuff people have done on the site, which you can find HERE. Please post to it!
  4. For those who might be worried about their RPXP post counts getting messed up, these posts will have some unique rules. First, you get a vastly increased number of RPXP to give for the day (50). But, you can't hit the same person twice, until you've given out at least TEN (10) other RPXP hits. Second, the RPXP messages will appear just like normal in your list. However, they will each be worth exactly 5 RPXP, no matter who you are. You can send these, receive these, and cheer up as many people as you want, and the RPXP counts will not be grossly inflated. The intent is to spread some good wishes and cheer, and we want everyone to be free to do that, without worrying about it. We also know that seeing a little green dot makes for more happy than a little grey dot, so we're making sure you get *something*.

So, on your marks, get ready to give out some happiness and cheer. You guys are awesome!

PS FYI, normally you can give 5 hits per day, and have to give to 3 unique people before re-giving to the same person.
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