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Old Aug 2nd, 2009, 11:04 AM
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Great Player Competition

Unlike the last competion, I want to include more than just Roleplaying in this one. As such, the first few rounds do not consist of playing actual games... but rather doing other aspects of the player... portfolio.

Round 1) Construct a character BIO.... using a character sheet and an established setting. I thought we would get permission form a HoF DM and link to their game. Have the players make character bios using pregenned character sheets, and the setting information from the game linked.

Round 2) Construct a character sheet using a pregenerated Bio, and a set of rules and restrictions. Limited to Core rules, Completes, and possible SC and MiC

Round 3) Conduct a Roleplaying investigation. Players are dropped into a small town and have a limited amount of time to find a certain number of items. They must use their sheets and characters form the last round. No combat, limited rolling and spellcasting. Lots of NPC interaction

Round 4) Combat and Roleplaying. Players are asked to level up their characters form the last round... and are dropped into a heavy combat zone. A three sided conflict where they make the third side. They will have a specific objective(s) and an unlimited amount of time.

I would want 3 teams of 4 for Round 3, and then 1 team of six for Round 4. So player numbers would go


I would want a minimum of 5 judges and 2 alternates. And a single assistant DM. Possibly one of the players from the last competition in the DM slot... or make them be judges.

Reading 36 Bios and ratign them would not be TOO bad of an ordeal. And rating 24 character sheets using limited books would not be all that bad either. Running 3 teams of 4 out of combat would not be impossible with 2 DMs. Judging it would be about as bad as Round 2 of the last competition. The last round would be enjoyable... and a piece of cake.

Now to get to work
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