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Old Jun 26th, 2022, 09:05 AM
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Delta Green Friendlies

Character Creation: Roll or assign stats?Why not do both? My main interest in DMing is to create an amazing story. Dice are secondary. I propose that you can roll for your stats... its always fun to do so. If, however, the rolls are horrible, feel free to revert to assigning stats.

Rolling: For each stat roll 4D6, drop the lowest of the four dice, and add up the other three. Place the six rolls in whichever stats you like.

Assigning: Divide 72 points among the six stats however you like, or pick one of the sets
from page 19 and assign each score to one stat.


Please place your application and link to character sheet in this thread when you are done.

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Old Jun 26th, 2022, 02:51 PM
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Dossier: Dobson, Barbara ("Babs") -- "Agent Joyce"
right-aligned image

Background check – career outline.

DOB: September 13, 1941 (age 59.5)
Place of birth: Wythenshawe, Manchester, UK
Name at birth: Joy Wilkinson (closed adoption)
  • Birth father believed to be James Wilkinson, RAF pilot (RAF Ringway), status unknown.
  • Birth mother believed to be Mary Wilkinson, housewife/nurse volunteer, status unknown.
(Adopted) Father’s occupation: Electrical engineer/construction, retired.
(Adopted) Mother’s occupation: housewife/homemaker, retired.
(Adopted) Siblings: Thomas Friedman, Kenneth Friedman, Joan (Friedman) Caruthers, Michael Friedman, Christine Friedman

Husband's occupation: part-time Training Sergeant, Maryland State Police (Pikesville, MD), formerly of MD State Police Missing Persons, Statewide Apprehension, and Homicide
Children: James Dobson, Teresa Dobson-Arnold, Daniel Dobson

Education: B.S. in Elementary Education, Coppin State University (Baltimore, MD)

Work: part-time Librarian, Pikesville Branch of Baltimore County Public Library
(unofficial) Consulting Researcher/Detective, MD State Police

Agent's Notes: After initial confusion as to why Mrs. Dobson was indicated, depth of her community service witnessed, not least with the State Police (incidentally a block away from her part-time occupation at the library). Somehow she has become one of their go-to researchers, and has access to the Headquarters at a surprising level for a civilian. She appears to know most of the headquarters by name, along with enough about them to ask about their families. Dobson witnessed bringing large trays of muffins and other pastries entering the building, and spending three hours inside. (Note: Mr. Jonah Dobson went through the Academy with actual 2001 head of Maryland State PoliceColonel Mitchell, and has trained more than half of the officers at the Pikesville location.)

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Old Jun 26th, 2022, 09:21 PM
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Dossier Agent Jules
right-aligned image
Book Jacket Author Photo
Background check – career outline.

Name: Theodore (Teddy) Proctor
DoB: September 12, 1970
Place of birth: Salem, Massachusetts
Father’s occupation: Manager, The Salem Inn
Mother’s occupation: Librarian, Salem Library
Siblings: Joann (Proctor) Sullivan, Liam Proctor

Education: B.A. English, Tufts University, 1992
Master of Liberal Arts (ALM) in Extension Studies, Field: Creative Writing and Literature, Harvard, 1995

Work: Media Specialist and Author
Contractor, Department of the Interior; TS Clearance

Selected Works:
Heirlooms in the Corn Field
In 1798 the Whatly family finds a strange sigil in their corn field, they think nothing of it until strange and fascinating events begin to take place all around them. Blessed with a bountiful crop the Whatly family prospers and grows until the 100th anniversary of the sigil. The deal done; the strange forces that once blessed the family begin collecting their debt. When 3 children go missing from the nearby town PI George Samuelson is sent to investigate.

Depths of Circumstance
The year is 1915. World War 1 rages in Europe, but the Great War has yet to hit home in the States. The steamship SS Oseburg is just a few days out from port slowly making its way to Boston, Massachusetts. Its unsuspecting passengers anticipated a calm journey; however, eerie and mystifying nightmares plague the people aboard; rumors circulate of dark shapes hidden in the water behind the ship just beneath the waves; and tensions rise when a body is discovered in the ship's chapel, remnants of a strange ritual littered around the corpse.

Ctrl Alt Del
Something is in the internet, and its hungry. It all started as an Urban Legend. A video circulating around the usual dark internet sites that specialize in the weird, creepy, and bizarre – but when a group of college freshmen watch the video in the dormitory, they each begin disappearing one by one. Fred Chamberlain, a security guard on campus, was the first to find a body. It wasn’t one of the missing students, it was a professor of computer science, his eyes plucked from his head and a strange message blinked on his computer screen: स्वातन्य

On Thin Ice
Some things are better left forgotten. When a group of archaeologists find what appears to be the remains of a massive, undiscovered dinosaur frozen in the ice of the Arctic, they begin the arduous process of recovering the fossils. When they begin to chip away at the ice, they find that there are other things hidden within, dark shadows which haunt the minds of those involved, eventually driving one of them to murder.

Agent’s notes: Specialist in Plausible Deniability and Psychological Operations

Writing sample: Teddy sipped the brandy at his side as he starred at the blinking icon on the screen in front of him. The fruity subtlety of the liquor played on his tongue, as notes of oak came and went. A stack of Manila folders sat sprawled out on the desk. The photos and papers within were incomplete, redacted, marked Top Secret; Do Not Disseminate. The information contained in the documents was hard, nigh impossible to believe – but it wasn’t Teddy’s job to understand it or to rationalize it. It was to take a tiny granule of the truth and turn it into a best selling a novel.

A novel that would slowly seep into pop culture, maybe even get a movie deal. It had to be popular enough that if someone stumbled upon the truth they would be ridiculed and laughed at. For example, if someone reported a child killing clown living in the sewers, they’d be accused of reading It a few too many times.

That’s the point.

Hide the truth in plain sight.

Teddy took another drink and thought about one of the classes he took at Tufts – Turn of the Century American Literature. The professor had specialized in Mark Twain.

“Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't.”

The secrets hidden away by the Department of the Interior were haunting and left the world in a state of implausibility. Monsters from folklore, occult terrors, and the secrets buried and lost by long lost civilizations and forgotten continents better left to the dead. Things society wasn’t ready to handle, things society had to be protected from – and that was Teddy’s job. To investigate these secrets, find a tiny bit of digestible truth in it and serve it to society as a gluttonous meal.

Click Click Click

The key’s began to click and clack and a new idea began to take form; Whistles on the Wind – a story about the beasts that stalk the forests of Appalachia.

Posting Status: Catching Up. I have returned from travel and will begin my rounds.
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Old Jun 28th, 2022, 12:42 AM
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Field report – Kemeny, Stephen I., SFC, USA
right-aligned image


Background check – career outline. Rough Character Sheet

DOB: December 1, 1973
Place of Birth: Henderson, LA
Father’s Occupation: Crawfisher and Owner of Kemeny Bait & Tackle Shop
Mother’s Occupation: Kindergarten Teacher, Breaux Bridge Primary School
Siblings: Alexander (older brother - Lafayette PD), Cecelia (younger sister - in her senior year at Louisiana State University for computer science).

High school graduate, Breaux Bridge High School. Went directly into the United States Army after graduating.

Work Summary:
Enlisted in the United States Army in June 1991, attended basic training and infantry training at Fort Benning, GA. Tested for and was selected for Ranger school, completed Airborne school, and then joined 3rd Bn/75th Ranger Regiment in January 1992. Deployed to Somalia as part of Operation Gothic Serpent in 1993 and was boots on the ground during the Battle of Mogadishu. 1st Bn/75th Ranger Regiment during Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti to March 1995. 2nd Bn/75th Ranger Regiment as squad leader, then in October 1997 joined the Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade as cadre to select and train future Rangers. As of October 2000, he is the platoon sergeant for A Plt, 1st Bn/75th Ranger Regiment.

Awards include Silver Star with "V" (valor) device, Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Army Valorous Unit Award, Good Conduct Medal, Overseas Service Award with two stars, Expert Infantryman Badge, Combat Infantryman Badge, Master Parachutist Insignia, Rifle Expert, Pistol Expert.

How would Delta Green assess you.Agent’s notes: Highly decorated and trained Army Ranger with combat experience. High level of self discipline and physical fitness. A decade of serving in direct action special operations makes him a bit rough around the edges but he is a consummate professional at his work and immensely loyal to the United States Army and the United States of America.

Status - Friendly. September 1995 - During night maneuvers in rural Washington near the Canadian border, Kemeny's platoon observed what appeared to be a meteorite land in a nearby field. Kemeny's platoon leader took his troops to investigate it, and wanted to enter the pit to see the strange glowing rock for himself. Kemeny and the other team leaders protested, but they were overruled by the higher ranking soldier - instead they were told to form security around the pit while the curious sergeant climbed down. Kemeny watched in horror as the soldier touched the strange glowing rock who promptly exploded like a water balloon full of spaghetti sauce. The troops were shocked and wanted to run, but Kemeny knew they had to secure this and get someone to take custody of this dangerous item. Kemeny radioed in their position and used a key word that sounded as if they were taking to ground for the night, but really indicated to command that they had found something of national interest. For a few hours they held their position until a black Jeep and a black armored truck made their way to their position. Wordlessly, men in hazmat suits exited the truck and using strange mechanical devices and a titanium box managed to retrieve the rock, which was promptly loaded up and driven out of there. The driver of the Jeep, a stern looking black man with wire rim glasses who introduced himself as "Mr. Green", commended the young Specialist Kemeny for his foresight and caution, saying that his company could use a man like him someday.

Writing Sample:

[spoilerbutton=Secret Squirrel Stuff]
02/26/24 - New position and personal real estate work is keeping me busy, please PM me if I am running behind.

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Old Jul 4th, 2022, 05:06 PM
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Field report – Dr. Jonathan S. McCloud, USA Agent Jeffery
right-aligned image


Background check – career outline. Character Sheet

DOB: September 23, 1965
Place of Birth: Ardmore, PA
Father’s Occupation: Lt. Colonel, US Army
Mother’s Occupation: Attorney
Siblings: None

1986 - BS Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon; 1990 - PhD Computer Science, Northwestern; 1988 - Semester abroad LIFMO (now ITMO) University, Leningrad, Russia

Work Summary:
Before graduation, Jonathan McCloud was courted by a US startups and the NSA. Dr. McCloud chose the NSA, and still works for them. A classmate, Dr. Richard Reed was also recruited.

Agent’s notes: NSA runs a tighter ship than even the CIA, so we have only limited information regarding the various projects Dr. McCloud and Dr. Reed have worked on. We have reason to believe Dr. McCloud encountered an Entity which posed as a sentient code. This seems to be a new development for Entities

- - - - Fuerdrake

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