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Old Jul 8th, 2020, 07:21 PM
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Original Game Advert

Game Name1,000,000 Ways to Die in the Weird West (Modern AGE)
Game SystemModern AGE
ThemeWe'll start with a one-shot with the option to continue into more of an open sandbox format. Alternate history filled with magic and steampunk! I strive for equal parts exploration, combat, and role-playing, but everything should be immersive and narrative!
FlavourGritty, dark, and intense with moments of inter-party levity. A motley crew of flawed characters learning to work together while pursuing their shared and individual goals in a homebrew weird west world. Mood inspiration: Cowboys and Aliens, Firefly, The Magnificent Seven, Priest.
Plot Summary
The World

1,000,000 Ways to Die in the Weird West
The Year: 1885
The Place: The Continent of North America

During the events of the Civil War something… Think the Awakening from the Shadowrun universehappened. The cause is unknown. Many blame an occult-crazed General Robert E. Lee. Some say aliens chose this moment to conduct a world-altering experiment. The faithful proclaim it is the End Times. What is known is that forces of nature once thought to be myth and fairytale and not of this earth have exploded into existence. More than half of humanity has had their essence forcibly and irrevocably altered, awakening all manner of new species. Elves, dwarves, minotaurs, lycanthropes, intelligent ghouls, nymphs, spirits, anthromorphs, sentient talking animals, and countless others now share the continent alongside humans. Along with angels and demons. Lots and lots of demons.

The continent once known as North America is now split into ten territories. The Colonial Empire is what remains of those that sailed from Europe, Africa, and Asia centuries ago. Their Civil War literally brought Hell down upon them in the form of the demon Lord Marshall Robert E. Lee. The West has been left largely to fend for themselves while the Colonies hide behind their impenetrable wall. Immigrants, First People, Quilmaguan, Inuit, and the new self-proclaimed ethnicity of "Masonites" share the lands between the Rocky Mountains and the Mississippi River. West of the Rockies are demons. Lots and lots of demons.

The West is no longer ruled only by the gun. Swords are just as common as bullets and have to contend with the arcane and the divine to boot. The steam engine roars through the plains aided by clockwork gears, although the horse still remains a tried and true steed. Also did I mention demons?

The desperate and greedy head West in droves looking for one thing. Not gold, but a new substance known as hellstone. Half gemstone, half metallic ore, and all volatile. Raw hellstone can horribly mutate any who come near it, but the rewards for processing it into a stable ingot can buy you a kingdom.

It's weird. It's wild. And it'll never be the same again. Welcome to the West.

A Brief NoteA brief note on the world: due to the time period and my own “gritty” flavor for the game I want to be clear; slavery and racism will not be a part of my game. Not by me and not by my players. There may potentially be some light elements involving drugs and prostitution, but these will be viewed through a PG-13 lens. My goal is to cultivate a safe space for all players. Please send me a PM if I or anyone in my game posts anything that makes you feel uncomfortable and I will rectify it!

More Information on the Nations of North America:

The Plot & Mechanics

Posting Rate and Structure

Please no dice rolling in this thread!

Please post a completed application no later than 11:59am WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 5th to be considered for this game. My goal is to send invites before the weekend so we can get started with character creation right away and into the game ASAP. Many of these fields have specific mechanics in the AGE system that grant bonuses or mechanical definitions in some way so please bear in mind that tweaks may be required when it comes to character creation, and that’s okay.

What I'm Looking For

right-aligned image
A completed application should include:

Name: Could be your PC’s birth name, alias, nickname, code name, etc…

Race: Modern AGE does not differentiate by race with racial traits or bonuses or penalties. This is purely flavor and I’ve allowed for just about anything you can think of; traditional fantasy races, talking animals, humanoid plants, spirits, ghouls, you get the idea!

Ethnicity: How does your PC identify themselves? Which Nation do they belong to (if any)?

Image/Appearance: I would prefer a picture as well as a narrative description of your PC. What do they look like? What do they smell like? What kinds of clothes do they wear? What weapons do they carry? How do they speak? How do they move? Bonus points for crediting the artist of your image.

Party Role: What skills, abilities, and expertise does your PC bring to the group? Are they a smooth, suave talker? A burly sack of hit points? Do they kill with their mind? Can they spot that essential clue? Or do they just have guns... lots of guns?

Level: We will be starting at Level 1, your PC’s are certainly more capable than your average NPC, but not by much (yet!). Leveling up could be handled with milestones or with XP rewards, depending on the group's desires.

Powers: If you plan to give your PC access to either Arcane or Psychic powers give me just a rough idea of what they’ll be able to do here. Shoot fireballs? Read minds? We’ll be using the “Substitution” version of the Powers mechanics, meaning you can take Powers right away at Level 1! Also I'm usually pretty open to developing new Powers if you don't see something in the rules that fits your idea.

Alignment: For lack of a better word I borrowed from D&D. Please don’t leave it at “Lawful Good”. That’s a fine starting point but I would like you to expand on that. What do they think of the law? What about a rumored corrupt sheriff? What about justified criminals? The innocent? Does your PC work well with others? What are they willing to do to get the job done? What aren’t they willing to do?

Profession: What does your PC do when they aren’t getting embroiled in crazy adventures? How do they make a living?

Drive/Goals: What motivates your PC to leave the confines of their life and venture out with other odd individuals to get involved in weird and dangerous adventures? Money? Fame? Adrenaline? Redemption?

Backstory: For now just tell me about your PC’s past. Where did they grow up? How did they live? Who are/were their peers? What are they doing now? If you’re looking for more input regarding the different regions in the game see the spoiler button above or feel free to message me!
Additional Info on Backstory

Role-Playing Samples: Please provide at least two samples of your writing. These can be from other games you've played in, brand new scenes relating to the character you are applying with here, or something else entirely.

I will attempt to provide at least one round of feedback for each application presented to me within a reasonable amount of time. Applications posted within a few days of the deadline will get less input than those I get to see earlier.

About MeI started playing RPG’s about six or seven years ago when I summoned up the courage to visit my FLGS and take part in the Pathfinder Society games being run there. Shortly thereafter I found a local group kind enough to invite me into their home games every week and I’ve never looked back. Since then I’ve played in over a dozen different systems and become the defacto GM for said home group who are now my closest friends (and who are all older and have played RPG’s much, much longer than me). I’ve been tinkering with this homebrew setting off and on for a few years. The weird, wild west is a setting that’s very near and dear to my heart and I’m putting it out into the world for the very first time here. Not even my home group has played in it yet!

I've been playing games on RPGx for about two years. This is the first game I've run in pbp-style so please bear with me! I'll be borrowing ideas and mechanics I've seen from other GM's I've played under that I think work well, but I'll also be figuring a lot of it out on my own as we go.

Homebrew/Optional RulesThese won’t really come into play until we get past the application phase, but just because I’m laying everything out I figured I’d add this here as well for future reference. Also I reserve the right to add/remove/modify these at any time with an explanation.
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