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Old 07-02-2013, 05:54 PM
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How do you create a Character Sheet.

How to create a Character Sheet and make it Public

To start, at the top of any page, click the (Tools) dropdown menu and select (My Characters). (Not that you can also access the SRD via this tools menu as well)


Scroll down (if necessary) to (New Character Sheets). Type in a name (No Spaces or marks, letters Only), then click the (using Tempate) dropdown and choose D&D 3.5 and click (create).


You should get a page telling you that the Character was created. Click on the text link (Character options) to continue.


You should now see all of your Characters (This is likely your only one for now). Note that it is NOT public yet. You will need to make it public for the DM to see it (more on that below). To start working on your new Character, click the name text link.


This will open your new Blank sheet for you to fill out. Note the SAVE ICON on the right. Always SAVE your sheet often to avoid losing any data. Also, copy the LINK at the top so you can paste in into a thread for the DM to use (and yourself).


To make your Sheet Public

Starting from back in any DnDOG page, Click (tools) and (My Characters). Next find the character you want to make public. To WORK on the sheet, you would click the Name text link, but to CHANGE the Public settings, click on (edit) on the far right.


Making a PC Sheet public allows others to SEE it, but not edit it. Click the (Apply Public Permissions) button.


Your Sheet is now public. The link to your sheet is also shown in case you forgot to save it before.
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Old 02-19-2016, 10:56 PM
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Note that while this sheet creation guide specifies a D&D 3.5e sheet, you should be able to switch that option and use this guide for other systems such as Pathfinder or D&D 5e.
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