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Old 01-30-2019, 06:56 PM
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Initially, I was reading this thread with a little interest. But then, I read roninkelt's response an d that really clicked with me.

You clicked me, RK.

When I create a character, I never optimize a build mostly because I don't know how. I start with a basic character idea, but then use the character creation process to actually fill in details. How did she get her skills? Attach a little anecdote to each one. Same with powers and class and everything. Attach each one to a story and it shapes a character.

"Okay, so he's got the Acolyte background, this druid, because he was raised from the cradle to be one of their order. He has good charisma and a high bluff score, why? He is practiced in lying because he doesn't really want to be a druid. He instead likes sneaking into the city to drink and gamble. Not very druidy!

In the end, you will not be a streamlined killing machine, but you might be a fallible, identifiable character, which is then easier to play.
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Old 01-31-2019, 04:06 AM
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As a player who has a character in the same game as Die, let me say first that if you have a need to play off of Hisa-sama you can always hit me up

Now on topic. Being one who builds her characters on narrative first and then tries to fit the mechanics of the system around the character I rarely experience disconnect with the character and how to RP them in the beginning of a game. Since their persona, quirks, and basically everything that makes them them is still so very fresh in my mind and soul. I have experienced disconnect with characters further into a game-play, which is very unpleasant. Though I believe that was due to disconnect with my writing partner at the time. It was a 1x1 RP thing.

But when I do encounter difficulties writing for a character I usually go back to my sheet. Read the backstory, reread all my posts and any interactions with other characters to find some sort of a connection again. Maybe look through the other character's sheets. Find a connection I can build on and incorporate that in my future posts. Or if nothing helps, I just engage in some other creative activity. Taking your mind off things works too. Watch a bit of Critical Role, High-Rollers, any other RPG show on the streams. Inspiration is literally everywhere.
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