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Old Dec 12th, 2017, 12:04 AM
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Character Creation, Etiquette, and Languages

Character Creation
  • 20-point buy before Racial modifiers, per usual
  • Racial variant traits are allowable so long as I am informed
  • Two traits required: 1 Campaign, 1 of your choosing. You may select a Drawback in order to obtain a third Trait
  • Variant Rules Utilized: Hero Points (and Antihero options); Background Skills; Feat tax Shenanigans; Fame and Infamy
  • Starting Wealth is either Average for Class, can Roll (no rerolls), or can choose to take nothing; you may also take a Masterwork weapon or armor of your choosing or 300 GP worth of potions, scrolls, etc.
Leveling Up
  • HP is either half or rolled; reroll 1's
  • Inform me of your Favored Class Bonus per level up, including 1st level
  • Inform me only of Attribute and Skill changes, bonuses to Saves and BAB, new Class features, and anything you feel like doing
  • Posts will be in the third person, of any tense of your choice. Future is discouraged. Present perfect is as well. No English Majors, please.
  • Any time your character speaks, put the post in bold. Like this: "I am Batman," said the mentally inept billionaire with parental issues.
  • Whenever you speak in thoughts, or for emphasis, or both, use italicized text, such as this: Man, I need to get a life, thought everyone, ever.
  • All in-game threads will require in-game posts, naturally. If you need to have Out of Character-speak, do so in either the OOC thread, or like this:
  • Rolls may be done in-thread, like It's this easy!
    Dice * Knowledge (DDoG Code):
    1d20-2 (11)-2 Total = 9
    this or in the Dice thread, entirely up to you.
  • Anything here is up for question. Ask me in OOC.
LanguagesThe languages of Golarion will be recorded here, including what we use to indicate each language.

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