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Old May 26th, 2019, 02:18 AM
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Edledhron Guldaer
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Edledhron nodded to the others, his small way of acknowledging the humans and their skill. He gestured to the other rooms before turning away. And it didn't seem to take long for the group to explore the upper chambers of the Glassworks.

Back together with the others he glanced down the hallway toward the cellar, "Let's keep moving. Doyle, you take point with Igna, in case of surprises. Venka and I will be right behind you."

With those simple words spoken, the elf led the group to the stairs he had seen very recently. And with his blade at the ready, he gestured to the knight to move on.

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Old May 27th, 2019, 04:31 PM
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Igna ‘Rapid’ Pigro
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With the gurgling goblin voice drowning itself and Venka’s voice taking on a more concluding tone, Igna deemed it safe to ease the door open and reveal himself. He shuttered by the sight of the gory Tian woman again and found only little comfort in the mess that had been made of the goblin, So... he got what he deserved? There was little conviction in his voice. He could still taste the bile on the back of his tongue and his nose still itched with the strong scent of the odd powder, he had found before.

No sign of Ameiko or combat in this part he jerked his thumb towards the rooms behind him, but I found an entrance to the cellar. It looks like the place the fleeing goblin was aiming for.

Eledhron made it clear that this was also where he thought they should head for and so, Igna reluctantly sided with Doyle to approach the dark stairway leading down. He kept alert and as far out in the shadows as possible, feeling how the hammering of his heart could give him away any second. For a brief moment, he wished he was the one encased in metal, like Doyle, but then again - when he tried to filter his thoughts from the rattling noise of all the iron plates, he discarded that wish immediately.

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