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Old Jul 1st, 2014, 11:34 PM
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Goblin Tribes of Varisia

There are five major goblin tribes in the region surrounding Sandpoint:

Birdcruncher - These goblins live in caves along the western edge of the Devil's Platter, although traditionally they're the least aggressive of the tribes around Sandpoint.

Licktoad - These goblins typically don't venture too far outside of the Brinestump Marsh. They are regarded as little more than pests and are known to be excellent swimmers.

Mosswood - Named after the Mosswood Forest in which they make their home, the Mosswood Goblins are probably the largest goblin tribe in the area. Fortunately, they have always been held back by feuding within their own ranks over who should rule as chieftain.

Seven Tooth - Making their home in Shanks' Wood to the East of Sandpoint, these goblins have made a place for themselves by raiding Junk Beach and rebuilding the stolen refuse into armor and weapons. Again, these typically do not bother the people of Sandpoint, being more afraid of them than the people are of goblins.

Thistletop - These goblins typically don't venture so far south. They live on the Nettlewood coast atop a small island which some say holds a passing resemblance to a decapitated head.


Bonegrinder - Daviren Hosk claims to have killed off this tribe. It is a claim that neither Shalelu Andosana or Tam spend too much time refuting, though it is likely that Hosk had a little help. The chief of the Bonegrinders can be seen on display in the Goblin Squash stables, pickled within a large jar.

Bloodfang - Extremely violent but thankfully low in numbers, this elusive tribe of bloodthirsty goblins show a cruelty (and hatred for humans) that is unusual, even for goblins. They are believed to make their home somewhere north of the Nettlewood, though they are nomadic, so it is difficult to completely root them out. Many of them were defeated at the North Gate by the Sandpoint's latest group of goblin slayers in a battle which also claimed the life of their chief, a devotee of the Mother of Monsters.

Breakbag - The Breakbag goblin tribe resides in the Mushfens south of Magnimar, and is known for its love of broken glass. In fact, they love the sound of it so much that they carry around bags of it, hence their names. Industrious members of the tribe have even tried to make melee weapons out of it (with little success), but have incorporated shards of glass into arrowheads, stuck them into wooden clubs, and created makeshift caltrops out of glass and clay.

Nightsoil Marauders - A tribe which once lurked within the sewers of Magnimar, they were largely driven out of the city by the Pathfinders. Since then, they have roamed the coasts and swamps in small groups, posing more of a nuisance than anything, but not even the other goblin tribes of the region seem to like them very much.

Ninetoes - Another particularly violent tribe of goblins who once openly conducted raids on a developing Sandpoint and the surrounding farms, they were hunted to extinction many years ago by Shalelu Andosana.

Stinkbat - A violent tribe of goblins that took to raiding the trade roads and farmlands east of Sandpoint, they were largely hunted to extinction by Shalelu and Tam in the past year.

GM: The Lost Coast | Fallen (An Eberron Adventure)

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