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Old 12-31-2016, 04:00 PM
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Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year And Best Wishes For 2017!

2016 was another marvellous year of storytelling and gaming at RPG Crossing. We're going out in style this year, having raised over $800 as a community to improve the lives of those affected by mental illness (and we still have 5 days left to go in the drive!). I love that we do this each year as a community, and I hope that everyone enjoys their extended CS benefits, t-shirts, gaming PDFs, and everything else that they picked up along the way!

Our staff:

In June, we said farewell to five staff members—chronicler, Grogg Tree, Embrodak, Zeppo007, Arucard—all of whom made important contributions to the site during their tenure as moderators. To help fill the gap, Aethera, ItsaVerb, Moozuba, RedRab and Squeak stepped up. Thank you to all our present and past moderators who together set the wonderful tone of this community. Please take a moment as you are considering the year past and the year to come to think on their contributions. They make things like the New Player Solo Games, Iron DM, Outplay, Post of the Month, and Hall of Fame possible, and also work daily to help game masters to create effective game ads and keep the site friendly and spam free.

Some highlights from the year:

In February, Grozug was announced as the winner of the 2015 Post of the Year with a description of great loss.

In March, Battlechaser was crowned as the winner of the Easter Bunny hunt and received his winner's avatar, whether he liked it or not.

Over the summer, we ran a user survey. We are still processing the results from this survey, but plan to use them to make improvements to RPG Crossing over the coming year. Thank you for all your positive comments, as well as the suggestions for improvements. It's great to hear that the community is largely on the right track, and to have good suggestions for ways to help it move forward.

In August, the winner of Outplay, our player competition, was announced. Congratulations to Khelbiros , the finalist from the 13th Age bracket who won the final round! It was hard fought, and you and Rimoka deserved the accolades!

In September, three games were inducted into RPG Crossing's Hall of Fame. Check out the following exemplary stories: Obsidian Champions—DMed by MoonZar, Giantslayers—DMed by Jarl11, and Everything Falls Apart—DMed by moozuba. Congratulations to the GMs and players!

In December, Inem duked it out with Rolzup in the final round of the gruelling Iron DM contest, and claimed ownership of the 2016 Iron DM title!

Finally, this week, our "New Player Solo Games" graduated its 788th member while miraculously keeping waiting times near zero! Thank you to zevonian and all the GMs who volunteer their time to help get new community members up to speed!

There are also some great member-run initiatives that are worth checking out if you haven't already, including the long-running short story competition and the newer Writer's Block initiative.

It's been a great year, and I'm looking forward to an even better one ahead! Happy New Year 2017!

Now go play some games! I know that at least 1/3 of you want to play in more (see attachment)!

With special thanks to our Community Supporters who provide the principal financial support for the ongoing existence of this community,

- Mark / Birched

PS. Unless, of course, you like lists, in which case you should take a look at the following just for fun, and then go play some games.

Users who referred the most new users in 2016. Thanks!

1. Neqq
2. ndlim
3. stepanxol
3. Split
3. SparrowFlight

Top ten most popular non-private threads (by new post count) in 2016:
  1. The Obsidian Champions (East) - Chapter 1 to 4 - OOC
  2. OOC Thread (CoEA)
  3. What's your Fate - Dice Rolling Thread
  4. Dice Roller and Tag Testing Thread - Five (5) Post Limit!
  5. 100 Questions
  6. The Lounge
  7. Group OOC
  8. The Stonehill Inn
  9. The Antler and the Thistle
  10. Dragon Knights: Chapter 2 — Light in Barovia

Top ten most popular non-private game threads (by new post count) in 2016:
  1. Dragon Knights: Chapter 2 Light in Barovia
  2. The Six Word Game - speak your mind in exactly six words!
  3. [Chapter 3] Blood and Sugar
  4. Tug of War 59: When I Come Home
  5. Tug of War 60: We're So Glad You Could Attend
  6. Chapter 4: Glimmers of Hope
  7. Sandpoint - Chapter 1
  8. A new path?
  9. Grains of Sand - Game Thread
  10. The Wilds

Top ten most popular game systems for new games advertised in 2016:
  1. D&D 5
  2. Pathfinder RPG
  3. Other
  4. D&D 3.5
  5. Star Wars RPG
  6. World of Darkness
  7. D&D 4
  8. Dresden Files
  9. Mutants & Masterminds
  10. GURPS

Top ten users who gave the most reputation hits in 2016:
  1. dirkoth
  2. zevonian
  3. RedRab
  4. Sassafrass
  5. Jarl11
  6. ItsaVerb
  7. moozuba
  8. Xian
  9. MoonZar
  10. pianoman90

Top ten users who received the most reputation hits in 2016:
  1. Sassafrass
  2. Avner
  3. pianoman90
  4. Rolzup
  5. Xian
  6. Neqq
  7. dirkoth
  8. driftwood
  9. chocoladevla
  10. zevonian = PopCultureBard (tie)

Top posts with the most reputation hits in 2016:
  1. Thorsten
  2. Spankucus
  3. MoonZar
  4. pianoman90
  5. DAquilina
  6. Rolzup
  7. Rolzup
  8. Birched
  9. Squeak
  10. Hydra-X

Top ten forums with the most posts in 2016:
  1. Games Seeking Players
  2. Solo Games Archive
  3. New Member Introductions
  4. The City of Endless Arenas
  5. General Discussion
  6. Open Roleplaying
  7. Obsidian Champions
  8. The Archives
  9. The Arenas
  10. Adventurer's Guild

Longest running games with posts in 2016 (ranked by age) -- also, when you are this old, any post counts:
  1. Sabre Squadron
  2. Dark*Matter: The Hoffmann Institute
  3. The Three Evils
  4. World of Hearth
  5. Naruto D20: all that is shinobi
  6. This is Ravens Bluff:
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