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Old Jan 24th, 2022, 09:37 AM
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MI6 Agent Dossiers

InformationThe thread where all accepted character applications are placed for the 007: Dying Is Not Enough game.
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Old Jan 25th, 2022, 05:42 AM
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Here is the text-based character sheet, for use when you post your full character in this thread:


Here is the coding for the character sheet:

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	multi_table1.PNG
Views:	336
Size:	67.8 KB
ID:	94437  

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Old Feb 13th, 2022, 08:07 PM
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Percie Huntingdon
right-aligned image
Name: Lady Persephone 'Percie' Eleanor Rose Huntingdon,

Age: 27

Nationality: English

Personality: Confident and self-assured but not arrogant. Strong sense of duty but secretly a bit of a thrill-seeker. Very strong willed. Hates the idea of being a decorative lady with no skills or substance. Has something to prove, but only to herself. Comfortable in all situations from high society functions to roughing it in the woods.

Family: First daughter of the Earl of Huntingdon and his Lady wife. One older brother, John 'Jack' Huntingdon. Wealthy, old-style aristocrats who nowadays spend most of their time managing their properties and engaging in philanthropy. Also fox hunting, but it's becoming frowned upon.

History: Percie had a happy childhood growing up with her older brother Jack on the Huntingdon Estate. She rode horses and played with her father's hunting dogs and followed Jack wherever he went which meant she also learned to shoot, hunt and fish alongside him, becoming something of a tomboy and even a bit competitive. Her parents were away a lot and she and Jack became each other's main support, best friend and closest confidant. Percie attended a private school in the area for most of her childhood but at 16 she was sent to a boarding school in Switzerland which doubled as a finishing school for young ladies from good families. There she learned to speak fluent French as well as music, deportment and other skills seen as crucial to the aristocracy. To Percie though, the most interesting person in the whole place was a girl who was there on a scholarship and had come from a very different background to the rest. She earned her place in Percie's group of friends by teaching the others how to pick pockets, a skill learned from her brother who she later admitted was currently serving time. The girls didn't hold that against her and delighted in practicing their light-fingered skills first on each other and then on any teachers they passed in the hallways, although any pilfered items were always returned immediately as though the target had just dropped them. When asked by her parents what she'd learned in school this was one skill Percie carefully neglected to mention.

As a daughter of the landed gentry, there were certain expectations placed on Percie's future. Marrying well was generally expected. If a career was to be had then it must be a suitable one. Academia, museum curation, music and the arts and such. For her part though, Percie couldn't stand the thought of becoming an ornamental high society lady and so sought a different path. Duty to Queen and Country was still paramount amongst the gentry so military service was an acceptable career, if unorthodox for a young lady. Feeling that front line combat was not for her, immediately upon leaving school Percie signed up for military intelligence. Her Majesty's Armed Forces put Percie through Oxford and she was able to study subjects which might actually assist in her career. This gave her the excuse needed to reject any suggestions that she do something traditional like art history. Upon graduation she excelled at her new role, specialising in foreign languages and chemical toxins to develop the skillset of an infiltrator. In the right circumstances Percie could pass for a local and get close enough to a target to either acquire information or garnish their drink with something incapacitating or even deadly. The capture and interrogation of a few high profile individuals brought her to the attention of MI6 and the young spy jumped at the chance to take her role in protecting her country to the next level.

Profession: Military Intelligence (Fields of Experience: Linguistics, Toxicology)

Speciality: Face character but with enough hand to hand combat and weapons expertise to defend herself in a pinch. Also skilled in disguise and interrogation. Adept at hiding in plain sight and moving through a crowd more than actual stealth.

Other: Weaknesses
Personal Tie (Jack Huntingdon): Percie and her older brother are very close. There's almost nothing she wouldn't do for him.
Arachnophobia - Percie loves animals, especially dogs and horses, but she can't handle creepy crawlers at all and knowing a lot about their venom doesn't exactly help either.


On a scale of 1 to 10, what's your favourite colour in the alphabet?

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Old Feb 13th, 2022, 09:50 PM
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Dr. Siobhan 'Jane' Kelly
right-aligned image

Name: Dr. Siobhan 'Jane' Kelly (her name is really Siobhan but she goes by her middle name 'Jane' since no one outside Ireland can pronounce 'Siobhan'.)

Age: 31

Nationality: Irish-born, naturalised British citizen

Personality: Bubbly, friendly, patriotic (and obsessed with the Royals), a bit flirty, and seemingly a girly girl through and through without a cynical bone in her body. Many on first meeting Jane assume she's a lightweight, or even an airhead and just about everyone is astonished to learn she is a scientist. Though her friendliness and interest in fashion and horoscopes is entirely genuine she is also highly intelligent and much more strong willed and brave than she might appear.

If needed Jane can put on a tougher, no-nonsense façade.

Family: Jane is the oldest daughter of Tom and Brigid Kelly who emigrated from Ireland when Jane was ten (Jane still has a touch of a Dublin accent which becomes stronger when she is emotional.) Jane's father is a teacher and her mother a journalist and she has a younger sister, Niamh, aged 17 and just about to finish school.

Jane also has several cousins back in Ireland whom she is regularly in contact with and visits, who tease her mercilessly about being a 'Brit'.

History: Jane had a stable, middle class upbringing in London with a wide social circle and not much idea of what to do with her life; though clever and a good student she struggled to find a career that really appealed to her. Almost by accident (in fact she was following a boy she liked) Jane found herself studying medicine. The would be boyfriend ended up dropping out but Jane discovered to her own astonishment that she was both interested and good at this field. She got her degree, then her doctorate.

Jane's expertise came to the attention of MI6 when the young doctor was a passenger on a flight where a foreign diplomat mysteriously fell 'ill'. Jane successfully realised the man had been discretely poisoned and managed to keep him alive until the plane landed. Offered the chance to serve Queen and Country and enjoy a life of travel and excitement while doing so she jumped at the chance!

Profession: Scientist

Speciality: Medicine. Jane would presumably serve as the team medic and general scientist but in a pinch she can do other agent work as well from being charming to self defence.




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Old Feb 13th, 2022, 09:50 PM
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Name Tom Drummond

Age 30

Nationality Scottish.

Tom does not get rattled easily. Calm and confident in what he does. Motivated to join the army and later MI6 partly out of wanting to serve, and to avenge the death of his wife and son. Immensely hates terrorists.
To relax, Tom likes to have a drink, as well as hunting and fishing. Videogames occasionally too, but he prefers reading, or the films of Terry Gilliam. Time bandits still cracks him up even today.

Tom was married to Jenny Sinclair, and they had a son, Robert. Both died in a terrorist on a family holiday in the south of France. It's never a topic Tom talks about.
Tom came from a wealthy family, and his sister Clair is currently his last relative. Currently estranged as Tom sided with her husband in the divorce, as she had been cheating on him. Tom remains on good terms with her ex husband Alex Lamont. She did not attend the funeral of Tom's wife and son.

Tom went to university where he met Jenny Sinclair. Over the course of their education they gradually fell in love and married. They were blessed with a son, and everything seemed perfect.
Jenny had accepted a high paying job, and as a treat, Tom took them to the south of France. The first couple of days went well, chilling out and relaxing. The third day they were at the beach, and Tom went back to the car to fetch the picnic. Which is why when the bomb exploded, Tom was on the edge of the explosion, and how he survived it, whilst his family did not. An Islamist militants group claimed responsibility.
After months of physical and mental health therapy, Tom enlisted in the army. Serving with distinction Tom was later tapped to join the SAS. He was one of the few to pass the training/rough hazing required to join this elite force.
He is a part of covert operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan, targeting terrorist threats. Tom is utterly ruthless in putting them down, dedicated to making sure no one else loses a wife and son. He's wounded once, decorated twice. Then policies change and the army is pulled out of both countries. Tom finds himself at a loss.
It's then MI6 approaches him. He listens to what they have to say, then agrees to join. They arrange for his honourable discharge.

Computers, Mechanical Engineering, Military Science.

Assassin, infiltrator, saboteur.

Tom used to dress really nicely, but now he dresses casually. Combat trousers and boots, up top we have t-shirt and hoodie, with sunglasses. About the only time he dresses formally is for military functions, like reunions, funerals, armistice day and so on. For these events he appears in dress uniform along with his service medals.
He's titan of a man, being tall and muscular. Blond and bearded like a Viking. Blue eyes that used to be kind but now have the warmth of liquid nitrogen. If you were to hear him speak, it would be an upper class accent filled with mellifluous honey, or if you annoyed him, mellifluous poison.

Quia iocari libet mihi

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Old Feb 13th, 2022, 11:31 PM
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Sullivan Conray
right-aligned image
Name: Sullivan Conray

Age: 29

Nationality: English

Personality: Sullivan is a bookish man with some martial aspirations, who excitedly recounts minor historical facts or religious oddities when he deems the situation appropriate. He’s polite and softspoken, but not above using violence when nescessary. For him this position is a chance to see the gears of history from a more active perspective. Not that he doesn’t fancy himself an upholder of the old British noble traditions, but Sullivan does have a few… eccentric… opinions on the monarchy. It’s a confusing mix of respect and distaste, fueled by too many years of theological and historical nitpicking.

Family: A father and mother, two older sisters and an older brother, an assortment of extended family of varying importance and closeness.

History: Born the second son and youngest child of an impoverished Earl of with a minor estate in northern England, Sullivan was given a good bit of leeway with his life.
While his older siblings had to focus more on certain things, Sullivan was able to dedicate himself more to his passions, such as history, religion, and traditional European martial arts.
While his siblings went into politics, joined the military, or made some other high status life choice to improve the family’s connections and fortunes, Sullivan quietly spent his time acquiring his degree working in his field. He mostly focused on interpretations of old texts and connecting the dots in a few minor studies to come to some fresh conclusions on historical events or perceptions.
When he wasn’t working in his field, Sullivan took classes and seriously dedicated himself to his hobby of traditional European martial arts, and was actually quite notable in that niche group with a collection of eccentric and passionate friends.
Maybe his work had been more impressive than he had personally realized, maybe one of his family members had more sway than they were willing to talk about (which Sullivan thinks is most likely), or maybe a mix of his hobby and his background made him desirable as an agent. Whatever the reason, he was approached, and gladly accepted a chance to combine his fields in a more active role.

Profession: Professional (History 3 years, Religion 1)

Speciality: Solid Hand-to-hand combat with a good bit of knowledge. Sort of a bookish guy with too much interest in historical fighting styles and enough free time to sink into the training for them.


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Old Feb 14th, 2022, 06:46 AM
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Nathan Roberts
right-aligned image

Name: Nathan Roberts (AKA Z3R0)

Age: 28

Nationality: English

Personality: Nathan is a shy young man who doesn't really fit in. A perfect student academically, he lacked the confidence to make friends and interact with people. Growing up Nathan spent most of his time, when not at school, hiding in his room. Until he got his first computer. Then came Z3R0. Z3R0 is confident, brash and ready to face the world. Not afraid to face his audience and fight his corner. Z3R0 and Nathan are both intelligent computer hackers. But Z3R0 exists only in the virtual space, an alter-ego to hide behind.

Family: Nathan has parents somewhere, but he neither knows nor cares to know. They were completely different personalities to him so they left him to his own devices during his developing years. Food, beverages and clean clothes were appreciated but that was the limit of their interactions. Not long after leaving school, Nathan outgrew his bedroom and moved into his own place. That was the last time he saw them.

History: Quiet and reserved, Nathan grew up in a world full of technology, and discovered that in the virtual world he could leave his inadequacies behind and become a new person; a confident, outgoing, charismatic person. He created the online persona 'Z3R0' and from behind the safety of his new life began to grow; making new friends and social media followers; gaining respect from exposing the truth behind the lies of the world; and securing his name in history.

But it wasn't enough. The fame. The respect. The recognition. It all paled in comparison to the infamy of his skills as a computer hacker. That's who Z3R0 really was. And that's why he always needed a new challenge. So he got cocky. He started to hack commercial businesses, growing bolder as he did so. Then he moved on to banks and financial institutions. He wasn't a malicious hacker necessarily; he left little notes of his conquests for his victims to find so that they could do better next time he came calling. But then there was the big score: Military Intelligence! Was the Secret Service so secret? He was going to find out.

It would have been the hack of a lifetime... except he got noticed. Within minutes of breaking the first level of encryption on the MI6 network, black-windowed cars surrounded his apartment block and men in suits knocked down his door. With nowhere to run, Z3R0 was at the mercy of MI6! Z3R0 tried to escape, but was shutdown by greater minds than his own... Nathan on the other hand... was offered a job!

Profession: Criminal (Computers)

Speciality: Computer hacker, code-breaker, and general technology expert. Probably also given some basic weapons and hand-to-hand combat training with the agency.

Other: The online persona Z3R0 has been inactive since Nathan joined MI6, but the lure of the freedom and power he had under that name still exists within him. Anyone mentioning/praising the online hacker name would probably entice a more positive response from Nathan.


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Old Feb 14th, 2022, 09:32 AM
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character app
left-aligned image
Name: Frankie Fry
Age: 25+
Nationality: Born Canadian but UK citizen now

Personality: Frankie is your typical risk taking action junkie, who loves to be doing something crazy as fast as humanly possible when he is off the clock. When not working or tweaking some project vehicle or another, he spends a great deal of time doing something outdoorsy such as sky diving, para gliding, scuba diving or the like and less likely to be inside watching a show. He works well with others, and typically one of the first to volunteer to go take care of something, which others often attributed to his need to be doing something. He has some trouble forming long term relationships largely because he was used to moving around regularly in his youth, but the type that has a lot of friends that he easily integrates with when he is with them.

Family: No biological family that he knows of, as he grew up in foster care he does have a few "brothers" or "sisters" that he maintains contact with over the years but never really felt any real parental connections at any of the homes he grew up in.

History: He was born in Toronto, Canada but was surrendered shortly after birth and then spent his youth bouncing around the foster care system, rarely lasting more than two or three years in the families he wound up being placed with. When he turned nineteen he was done with that chapter of his life and was ready to see the world and do the things that he wanted to do, and with his limited options in the way of money or family support chose to apply to and join the United Kingdom military forces. He spent the majority of that time with the Army Air Corps, flying Apache and Wildcats, but also took every opportunity to learn the mechanics of and getting certified on numerous military vehicles during the same period.

It wasn't long after his sixth year of service with the army that he was scouted by MI6 as a potential agent, liking what they saw he was formally invited to attend a boot camp style session of training with a small pool of some other candidates. In the end he was offered a spot in their formal training program, where he exceled in a variety of fields meeting many of the requirements to become a rookie field agent.

Profession: Military

Speciality: Field mechanical engineering, military science, with skills for boating, driving, piloting etcTransportation / Gear Head, sure he has some of the basic hand to hand, fire combat, and such but his real talents lie pretty much on being able to drive or pilot just about any vehicle you can think of.

Other: WIP

mechanical crunch

Posting Status: Back from vacation, caught up on things and posting as normal

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Old Feb 16th, 2022, 02:24 PM
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Jonas Sanders
right-aligned image

Name: Jonas Sanders
Age: 25 (+ something)
Nationality: American (see history for reason why. I'm not ties to being American, I just don't know a ton about England, but I'm happy to change.)
Personality: When off the clock, he's pretty sociable and out going. Affable and easy to get along with. On the clock, he's very serious and willing to risk a lot of himself to get the job done and get results.

Likes reading and movies where people talk a lot.

Family:He's got a pretty good family by all accounts. Mom and dad who love him. An older sister who was kind of aloof but always looked out for him. The sister has a husband and a few kids.

Jonas has no spouse or significant other right now, his adventures and training don't allow for it.

History: Jonas lived a relatively average life except for one thing; his family moved constantly. Mom had a job working in different labs all over the world and spent a lot of time in Europe and England, meaning Sanders picked up and moved seemingly every year. This provided an opportunity for him to get to know the country of England and the people of it, from tip to tip and fall in love with it and want to protect it, even if from itself.

Jonas spent years reading and learning the craft of investigation and and taking action. He joined the reserves to pick up some weapons skills and physical fitness, dropped off the grid for a little while to pick up demolitions and other tricks taught best on the mean streets. Then when he learned most of what he could without government oversight, he went about trying to get the attention of MI6.

They saw the fire in him and have trained him to go the rest of the way for being their go to guy when violence may be called for and.

Profession: Freelancer
Specialty: Jonas is on his way to being a top shelf "Man on the Ground". He's got some training in a lot of different areas, but especially those of rough trade. If there's a dangerous job to do and you need someone to do it, it'll probably be him.

Other: I think of there is a need for any of the three roles above, I'd be happy to rewrite this and make Jonas fit in a little better.


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