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Ya'll are going to have so much fun! Enjoy the adventure, make it worth the artistry. I'll be watching from afar cheering on the good times.
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Name: Willow the worthless wizard AKA Weeping Willow

Race: Human Male

Class: Wizard Illusionist

Background: Sage

Traits: I am horribly, horribly awkward in social situations. Willow has Aspergers syndrome, and as such he has a great deal of difficulty reading social ques and often says inappropriate things without meaning to.

Ideal: Self-Improvement. The goal of a life of study is the betterment of oneself. Willow has no physical ability, and is past his prime. All he has is his knowledge, and so he throws everything he has into acquiring more hoping to accomplish something to prove he didn’t waste his life.

Bond: I have an ancient text that holds terrible secrets that must not fall into the wrong hands. Willow’s god Torque entrusted him with a Book written in a language he doesn’t understand with arcane diagrams of a spell he doesn’t recognize. Torque tasked Willow to uncover its secrets while keeping out of evil hands.

Flaws: I speak without really thinking through my words, invariably insulting others. As a result of Willow’s Asperger’s syndrome and years sequestered away in academic study instead of socializing, Willow is very outspoken and blunt.

Appearance: I am a disheveled forty year old gentlemen with a unkempt beard, shabby robes, an eye patch, and I don’t bathe too often, so I’m often covered in dirt. My hair hasn’t been cut in some time, and my clothes need washing.

Personality: I am a very gloomy and depressed downtrodden individual with low self-esteem. I always expect the worst and I am rarely disappointed. My failures weigh heavily on my and I try to drink my despair away which is where I spend most of my gold. I am not judgmental of others, because who am I to judge, so I can tolerate a lot of questionable behavior from others. Despite all of this, I keep trying and never give up.

Backstory: Willow was born to a merchant in Handelsnabe. One day a spell book came into their position and Willow saw it as an opportunity to become a wizard and make something of himself. He studied it for over a month to learn a single cantrip, and after showing his parents, they agreed to send him to a wizard college.

Unfortunately things did not go well for Willow. He was the slowest student in the college, constantly bumbled things. He was endlessly teased, both by his fellow students and his impatient instructors. His parents both passed away during the decades he spent studying, and he ran out of money. No longer able to afford tuition, he was kicked out and left destitute. With nowhere else to go, he turned to adventuring hoping to salvage his life and dignity in some small way.

RP Sample: Willow focused his mind. His right hand waved through the air tracing an arcane pattern while his left held rose petals pinched between his fingers. He spoke softly spoke the words he’d practiced with conviction. A younger man stood across from him ten feet away, arms crossed and a smirk slanted across his face. Willow finished the words of the spell as he finished tracing the pattern. The rose petals were consumed in a small blue flame, and the spell was complete. The man seemed unaffected. Then he let out a yawn, but started laughing. “You know, Weeping Willow, watching you take so long to cast a sleep spell made me drowsier than your magic,” The man said, and the rest of the class that had been watching erupted into laughter.

Willow looked about in distress. He didn't understand what he'd done wrong. He'd done the research, said the words right, and used the materials. Why didn't it work? As his fellow wizards continued their mocking laughter, Willow's wounded pride made him speak up. "Let's see you cast it then, Joram, if you're so great!" Willow regretted his words as soon as they left his mouth. Joram was the top of his class. Joram pulled out a pinch of sand, and cast the spell in half the time it had taken Willow. When Willow woke up, he was outside in the lake, and naked.

right-aligned image

Deity: Torque the tinkerer
Tenants: Orc God of knowledge, perseverance, innovation, and outcasts. He isn’t very popular among the orcs, so he recruits the downtrodden and the desperate of all races.
Symbol: A gear
RP Sample:

I'm not intellectually arrogant, I'm just right all the time
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