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Old 09-25-2014, 07:13 PM
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The tiefling merely smiled at the elf woman's comments about his boasting. It was a wicked, toothy grin he gave her, saying sweetly, "Tis but an aspiration, to be 'Excellent', and if I am my aspiration, then am I not one step closer to achieving it?"

After giving their employer a nod of farewell, Amnon hefted his heavy pack and journeyed with the other sellswords on the trek towards Khel before they turned southwards towards Everlund. His eyes were peeled for signs of these bandits, but the city-born tiefling was unaccustomed to the strange wilderness, and had little clue what to truly look for. All he had to go on were the stories the women in the House had told him about bandits, and their stories didn't quite tell him what to look for. Still, he tried to make do as best as he could.

Noting the creatures after they had journeyed for quite a while, Amnon winced under his breath, a little panic catching him quick. He had never encountered creatures like these before, and he wasn't sure what to do. His first instinct was to run - that was what he did when he got in trouble as a child, and it was what he first thought to do. But then he realized that flying insect creatures with strange appaearances were likely dangerous and likely faster than him - they didn't have to worry about tripping and falling over some loose stone or misplaced root or the like, and could quickly catch him...

He barely realized that the elf had taken the lead already, and ducked into cover of shadows. Amnon followed suit, muttering under his breath, "Your guess is as good as mine." He realized that avoiding these creatures was likely for the best. Sure, it would take time to make the detour around under cover of the shadows, but that was preferable to angering strange creatures he was unfamiliar with and getting into trouble.
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Old 09-25-2014, 08:45 PM
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Kriv silently observed the other as they talked amongst themselves, until Dro declares that they will "deal no death". "That's a nice, noble commitment you got there", the draconian rogue said in response to the human barbarian. "But if these bandits prove to be hostile, they won't exactly give us much of a choice, now will they?"

As the group made their goodbyes to Eladara, and set out on their journey, Kriv could feel his black clothing heating up ever so slightly under the rising sun. Being mostly reptilian, this suited the dragonborn just fine as he observed his surroundings with the typical care of one who was accustomed to the sneaking life. Upon encountering the strange, mosquito-like creatures however, Kriv followed suit after Sibrii, seeking to hide in the shade as well.

"Probably for the best, if we can help it", he replies the the hooded female. "Those giant bugs look really weird, and if these act the same way as regular mosquito's, then I 'aint exactly in the mood to have my blood sucked out of me this early in the morning."

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Old 09-26-2014, 10:19 AM
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He would say no more to his companions, he wished to merely accomplish this task and get paid. Then he could retreat back to the world from whence he came, back to the life of solitude he yearned for. When they departed he would keep up the silent demeanor, letting his eyes wash over the surroundings as they walked. He become rather cautious over the years, a sentiment that was exacerbated by the fact that they were heading towards a group of bandits and it was quite possible that they would stumble into an ambush.

When they winged creatures were spotted he would narrow his eyes, racking his brain for any information that lay dormant in it about what these beasts were. Perhaps they were the cretins he had heard so much about? Not waiting he would sling the greatsword from his back, sliding the weapon from its sheath before donning the strap to the scabbard once more. If a battle was soon to take place he did not want to go through the task of drawing his blade then.

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Old 09-27-2014, 02:42 AM
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The halfling walked quickly and quietly alongside her companions throughout the morning, chatting breezily. She has a way about her which helps distract others from their cares - and incidentally from prying to closely into her affairs.

Varliegh wasn't the first to spot the flyers -but she was fairly quick to respond. She
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stepped back into the shadows and whispered to Dro. "Come back to the trees and perhaps they'll pass by." She then cleared her mind and reached into that disturbing netherworld from which she draws power, and
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readied herself.
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