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Old 01-23-2011, 06:21 PM
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Memories, Ghosts and Shadows

This thread will develop the game's backstory through stories of origins and flashbacks. At first the entries will focus on the game's main NPCs and provide backstory and character development. This will allow players to choose which aspects of the game they wish to entangle the history of their character with, or ignore.

Players are encourages to flesh out their character's past, and can begin to post entries focused on them. If you would like to do so, write it up and PM it to me for approval to make sure it fits into continuity.

Feel free to suggest possible ways that your hero has interacted with situations and NPCs in the game, and we will flesh it out here.
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Old 04-27-2011, 01:42 PM
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Mr. Suicide

Patient Notes for "John Doe"
Dr. Morris Young, Stoker Asylum for the Criminally Insane

My initial observations of the patient are not outside the realm of what I am used to encountering here at Stoker. Many of the patients I deal with on a day to day basis share similar disorders, but nonetheless I feel as though this particular case will be especially challenging.

This patient, hereafter referred to as "John", has a particularly unique superhuman ability. His cells divide at a staggering pace, giving his body astounding regenerative capabilities. This, combined with a simply miraculous metabolism and physiology has lead many to speculated that John is in fact immortal - the first human on earth who can escape death itself. Unfortunately, this amazing gift seems to also be John's most heavy burden.

What follows is the transcription of our introductory interview recorded on

May 9th, 1964.

MY: My name is Morris Young, I have been assigned as your doctor while you're here at Stoker.


MY: You've got quite a large file here, but it doesnt seem to include a name. Care to introduce yourself, for the record?

JD: If I told you my name was Jesus Christ, would you write it in your [expletive removed] file?

MY: Probably not. I understand you're angry, is that why you're wearing a mask?

JD: I understand you're a puppet, is that why you're wearing a costume?

MY: This really shouldn't be about me, but when you say costume, are you referring to my suit... my tie?


MY: Tell me what you're thinking.

JD: I don't like when people pretend to understand what it's like to be me.

MY: You don't think I can possibly understand anything about you?

JD: Don't ask me questions that you know the answer to, I'm not going to play your [expletive removed] [expletive removed] shirk games, do you understand?

MY: Have you always been rebellious toward authority?

JD: I don't remember.

MY: How many times have you been arrested for attempted suicide?

JD: Thirteen.

MY: Do you remember anything about your parents?

JD: No.

MY: How many people did you kill at the bank this morning?

JD: Eight. Five were wounded... three of them probably wont make it.

MY: Why did you kill those men?

JD: They were bad people.

MY: What made them bad?

JD: They hurt people - they killed people. I'm not a philosopher, go read a book if you're looking for some kind of insight.

MY: Does that make you a bad person?

JD: I don't know, I'm not a psychiatrist. I'm not in the business of playing God.

MY: Do you feel as though I'm judging you?

JD: You think you are, but all you're doing is trying to judge yourself.

MY: Interesting. [Pause] Have you noticed that you memory is selective?


MY: I only say so because you seem to be able to recall your crimes quite vividly, but the details of your past seem to be forgotten. Do you not find that curious?


JD: This is over.

MY: Okay, enough for today then. I look forward to our session next week.

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