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Old 04-02-2013, 09:37 PM
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Shaimus and Goldani aim for the leftmost skeleton and bring it down with several well-placed shots. It crumbles into dust as it leaps through the air towards the magician with its axe raised. The sooty dust covers Goldani's face and shoulders, and with a *clang!* the axe falls to the ground at his feet.

Olaf fires at the other skeleton that is near him, but the shot is not enough to stop the zombie warrior from barreling into him. It swings its axe wildly, cutting through Olaf's uniform and leaving a gash on his arm.

Olaf takes 5 damage.
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Old 04-06-2013, 02:57 PM
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In full honesty, there is one thing "John Goldani" was kind of having doubts with. He was glad to help, sure - but Stage Magic versus Real Magic? Against the unknown, its completely natural to have doubts.

But then again, some things cross all boundaries. Real Magic might be about bending the Universe or whatever but Stage Magic dealt in Perceptions. That he could do.

Of course, last time he did this particular trick the powder was flammable and not just the dust of his dead comrade, the undead axe-guy was that time a button man, Olaf was instead some mafia guy named "Lucky", but this time he actually wants to save the guy's life. Johann never did find out why Lucky was even in the Audience - rumor had it that Lucky had a bastard kid who was into magicians who he was visiting, so "John Goldani" had acted so that some kid didn't have to watch his pop get whacked, but that was just a rumor.

Either way, then as it was now, the thing about Stage Magic - the more the target has expectations of control over what they see, the easier it is to fool them.

In a world of Real Magic, Words of Power couldn't of been a new concept. Add the use of the soot that fell onto Johann to add the effect of a big and flashy dust cloud - a good Distraction is all anyone needs.

"Abra Kadabera!" sounds as the cloud springs up in the things vision if kind of off to a side.

The gunshot from behind the cloud helps. He's a Magician, not an Idiot.

ActionsThe basic idea is a quick-and-dirty illusion using the sooty dust to Feint then an Action Point to get an attack anyway. The hope is to set the guy up for some sort of sneak attack of catching him flatfooted.

Dice Bluff:
1d20+11 (13)+11 Total = 24

Dice Attack:
1d20+5 (17)+5 Total = 22

Dice Damage:
2d6 5, 3 Total = 8
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