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Old 08-06-2012, 08:12 PM
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Black Book

Sheets here please as well as your background (in spoiler tags).

Also include a basic description, a list of friends and family (names and a brief summary) and your goals for being in town.

If you could also make a note where you want to take your characters powers, I would appreciate it.

Put as much or as little as you want in secret tags.
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Old 08-07-2012, 01:59 AM
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Old 08-09-2012, 07:35 PM
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Name: Alexandra Catherine Hayle
Race: Human
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Concept: Witch
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Wealth: 18

DEX 18
CON 18
INT 14
WIS 18
CHA 10

Fort: +10
Reflex: +10
Will: +10

Tough +4
Attack: +3
Defense: +9
Grapple: +1
Init: +1

Concentration 10
Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 8
Sense Motive: 8
Stealth: 8
Profession: Journalism: 6

Attack Specialization (Magic): +5
Benefit: Wealth 2
Imp. Critical: Disintegration (5)

Rank 20
Effect: Various
Action: Standard
Range: Ranged
Duration: Instant
Feats: Alternate Powers (6)
Cost: 46

Command Fate: Telekinesis 8, Damaging, Perception, Precise, Subtle
Tool to Hand: Create Object 4, Precise, Subtle
Opps: Nullify 10 (Magic), Power Resistance
Tie the Threads Together: Emotion Control 10, Subtle
Break the Scissors: Healing 17 Persistent, Regrowth, Subtle
False Fate: Illusions: 10, Sound and Sight, Subtle
Right Place, Right Time: Teleport 18, Subtle, 1/day

Protection: 6, Impervious, Subtle
Super Senses 4, Magical Senses, Acute, Extended, Radius

“Darling Alix, how have you been?” Conventional words, superficially warm, ice underneath.
“Well.” Alix, more formally known as Alexandra Catherine Hayle, didn’t bother to infuse her voice with any spurious warmth. She didn’t look up from the article on summer colors she was drafting either. All nonsense, but it was something to do and women’s magazines paid well enough for such nonsense that she was able to afford extravagances that her moderate trust fund would not have provided.
“Are you not going to ask how I have been?” This time the voice was pouty, though no less cold underneath.
“No.” Alix answered. She had long ago decided that there was no point at all in playing her older sister’s games. She did look up though, she’d finished the paragraph and Tiffany would not go away until she’d gotten what she wanted. The two of them made a charming picture, a pair of slim blondes, carefully dressed and made up, their fine features marked with a decided family resemblance. The extra years on Tiffany’s side hardly showed at all, even in the direct sunlight where Alix sat. “Why are you here?” She asked her sister directly.
“I am here as the leader of the coven. You should show more respect.” Tiffany sat down across from Alix, mouth tight.
“Put it to the challenge.” Alix suggested, unimpressed. She’d come into the world four years after Tiffany and she’s quickly learned that she had to claw for anything she wanted. It was Tiffany who had learned it first from their mother, however, and Tiffany had learned far, far better than Alix how to handle people. If Alix had learned instead the ability to feel some small amounts of pity and compassion, well, it hadn’t been of any practical use to her. Despite magical powers so evenly matched that even those with the ability to see the future could not predict the outcome of a duel between the two, Tiffany had been the clear choice to succed their mother as head of the coven. It was a source of cold amusement if not of consolation that some of the coven members who had supported Tiffany were now living to regret it.
“I wouldn’t want to deplete your powers. You’ll need them.” Tiffany cooed. She stopped then, only continuing when it became abundantly clear that Alix wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction of even raising an eyebrow by way of inquiry. “I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors of what’s going on down in New Orleans, dear sister. A Vampire Lord and a Black Mage at war with one another…. Could get very messy. We wouldn’t want the mundanes seeing what they shouldn’t. We wouldn’t want to see New Orleans turn into a town of the dead. Black Magicians can be so… crude.” Tiffany’s nose was wrinkled in distaste and for a moment the two sisters were in sympathy with each other.
If the Twisted Threads coven had ever engaged in such crude magics as calling upon spirits, conjuring lightning or raising the dead, they’d given it up generations ago. Why do something so obvious as strike someone down with a bolt of lightning out of the clear blue sky when you could simply arrange for a power line to slip loose and fall on them? Why vanish in a flash and a bang of smoke, reappearing the same way, when you could quietly arrange that instead of –here-, you were over –there-, which was where fate knew you ought to be anyway? There was always a chance, no matter how infinitesimal of what you wanted to happen being what was going to happen. The trick was all in playing with that chance.
“So you’ve hit upon this as a method of getting me out of the way.” Alix spoke and the sympathy between them was gone. Tiffany’s lower lip slid out in another pout.
“You have no heart, Alix.” She complained.
“Certainly there’s only one heart between the two of us.” Alix agreed. She was thinking. Apart from the fact that this involved going to the godforsaken, uncivilized wilderness known as New Orleans, the idea of leaving was actually attractive. It would get her away from Tiffany’s machinations and distance her from the rest of the coven. She suspected that her sister’s methods of rule would provoke a coup sooner or later. Lacking sympathy with either side, she preferred to be out of the way until the laws of chance stopped spinning. It was also entirely possible that if she managed to stay out of it, the winner of such a conflict would be weakened enough to allow –her- to step in and take over.
The situation down in New Orleans didn’t worry her. The Black Magician, a yokel from the countryside, according to her information, would most likely get himself killed in short order. She might be put to some trouble cleaning up his messes before then and in persuading the Vampire Lord to play nice after the event. Even both of them together would likely prove less trouble than her sister, however. There was also the fact that a ready agreement would dismay and confused that sister. Alix never gave in easily to Tiffany
“In any case, I’ll begin packing.” She said with a small shrug, enjoying the look on her sister’s face as she hit save and closed up her laptop. One had to take one’s small pleasures where one could.

Twisted Threads Coven
“You new in town, huh? You been hearin’ ‘bout the ones what’s on top of our little world, here in this city and you askin’ me ‘bout them? That be the Twisted Threads, brother. Fine buncha ladies, wouldn’t hear –nothin’- against them.
….Ah, I see you smilin’, brother. You not gettin’ it. You thinkin’ you can do whatever you want here. Not with the Twisted Threads ‘round here. You makin’ too much noise, they make you quiet –real- permanent like.
….Ahright, ahright. You comin’ on over here. Talk quietly. They might be listenin’ and when they might, that usually mean they are. They got Fate and Chance all tied up and leashed like them little fancy dogs rich folk keep in them silly purses. They ain’t predators like you’n me, but they sure ain’t nice. Got all the mercy of an oncoming double-decker bus. Got all the patience of a taxi-man at rush hour. Got all the warmth and power of them killer ice storms what be the only thing that shut down this city. You takin’ my advice, you keepin’ your head low. They don’t be carin’ much what happens at the bottom of the city, so long as it doesn’t get big.
….You still not listenin’ to me. Well, you be learnin’ the hard way. Not gonna be gettin’ much use from that lesson where you be. But you be learnin’.”
-One-sided transcript of the words spoken to a vampire recently arrived in New York city, before he was impaled by the crossbeam of a telephone pole knocked over by a car.
"Your issues are not your teddy bear. Stop cuddling them to your chest and throwing a fit when people try to take them away."

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Old 08-10-2012, 06:39 PM
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