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Old 07-26-2009, 06:44 PM
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The Big 3.
The Big 3 will have full class progression in blood lines. You can stop and continue with other classes at will, but while you are gaining experience in another class your blood lines will not continue to progress.

The other Olympians.
The other Olympians will use the blood line variant provided by the Unearthed Arcana. Each of our children will have a major blood line related to their parent deity.

These children only need to take 3 levels in Bloodline. The first must be taken by level 3, the second by level 6, and the third by level 12.

Hit die 1d8, skill points 2+Int per level. Class skills are, Climb, craft (electronics), Computer Use, Diplomacy, Knowledge (current events, streetwise, religion, tactics), Profession, Read/Write language, Repair, and Speak Language.

1 --1 ----1 --0 --0 --1 --0 --Talent
2 --2 ----2 --0 --0 --2 --0 --Feat
3 --3 ----2 --1 --1 --2 --1 --Talent
4 --4 ----2 --1 --1 --3 --1 --Feat
5 --5 ----3 --1 --1 --3 --1 --Talent
6 --6/1 --3 --2 --2 --3 --2 --Electric Resistance 10
7 --7/2 --4 --2 --2 --4 --2 --Talent
8 --8/3 --4 --2 --2 --4 --2 --Feat
9 --9/4 --4 --3 --3 --5 --3 --Talent
10 -10/5 5 --3 --3 --5 --3 --Electric Immunity


Energy Conduit talent tree

Electric Shock
The child of Zeus may now decide whether or not their shocking ability deals lethal or non-lethal damage.

Static Build Up
The child of Zeus may spend a number of rounds equal to her level, building up electricity in her body before discharging her shock. Add 1d6 electric damage die to her electric shock ability for every round that she spends building up energy.
The child of Zeus must be near some source of electricty in order to use this ability. Electric devices, power lines, thunder storms, or a shag carpet would do.
Prerequisites; Electric Shock

The child of zeus may expel any electric charge she has built up inside her. In effect this creates a 10 foot area around the child which is struck by a wave of electricity. Each target in this area takes half the damage they would take if the child of Zeus had targeted them with their Static Build Up ability. In additional all electronic devices in that radius, stop functioning and must be repaired in order to continue working.
Prerequisties; Electric Shock and Static Build Up

Leadership talent tree

Air of Royalty
Anyone who interacts with the child of Zeus perceives one catagory above their default state of friendliness, as if the child of Zeus had succeed in use of diplomacy. An Unfriendly become Indifferent, an Indifferent becomes Friendly, and a Friendly becomes Helpful. This ability has no affect on Hostile NPCs.

Grand Orator
A child of Zeus receives a bonus on her diplomacy skill equal to her level in Zeus' Bloodline.

Natural Leader
A child of Zeus can compel a creature to do her bidding as per the Charm Monster spell a number of times per a day equal to her Zeus' Bloodline level. Her caster level is that of her Bloodline level.
Prerequisites; Air of Royalty or Grand Orator

As the Charismatic Hero Talent
Prerequisites Grand Orator or Air of Royalty and Natural Leader

Leader of Men
The Child of Zeus obtains the Leadership feat, as of the 3.5 DnD
Prerequisites; Grand Orator or Air of Royalty, Natural Leader, and Favor.

Air Domain talent tree

Feather Fall
The child of Zeus has a continuous feather fall affect on her.

The child of Zeus has a continuous jump affect on her, her jump checks automatically succeed, and she can jump twice as far as under the normal benefits of the jump spell.

Air Affinity
A child of Zeus may speak with any creature who calls the air their home, she also receives a +2 bonus when dealing with these creatures in diplomatic situations.

A child of Zeus gains a flight speed of 30 feet and average maneuverability
Prerequisites; Feather Fall or Jump, and Air Affinity.

Advanced Flight
A child of Zeus' flight speed increases to 60 feet with superior maneuverability.
Prerequisites; Feather Fall or Jump, Air Affinity, and Flight.
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Old 07-26-2009, 07:19 PM
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1st: Craft +2
2nd: Builder
3rd: +1 Constitution
4th: Favored Enemy Constructs +2 + Greater Fortitude
5th: Affinity (construction, masons, laborers) +2
6th: Create Familiar
7th: Repair +2
8th: Fire resistance 10
9th: +1 Intelligence
10th: Remote: Control

Remote: Control; To use this ability your familiar must successfully make a touch attack against a construct type creature. If the familiar succeeds, you immediately make a repair check against a DC determined by the DM. If you succeed you gain control over the constructs actions for as long as your familiar remains attached to this construct.

1st: Treat Injury +2
2nd: Point Blank Shot
3rd: Dexterity +1
4th: Rapid Shot / Double Tap + Heal Domain
5th: Affinity musicians +2
6th: Bardic Music
7th: Perform +2
8th: Lay on Hands
9th: Charisma +1
10th: Improved Many Shot

Heal Domain
You can cast spells from the Healing Domain as a cleric of your character level.

Improved Many Shot; When using Many Shot, you can target a different opponent with each bullet/arrow being fired. You roll a separate attack roll for each target, and each projectile can score a critical on its own.

1st: Survival +2
2nd: Animal Companion
3rd: Dexterity +1
4th: Weapon Specialization: Longbow + Favored Enemy
5th: Affinity Hunters +2
6th: Wild Shape
7th: Spot +2
8th: Woodland Stride
9th: Wisdom +1
10th: Tree Walk

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Old 07-27-2009, 11:16 AM
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Hades blood line:
+2 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom, -2 Constitution
Children of Hades are naturally cunning and adept, however they are often sickly and frail.

Undead Subtype (Ex)
Children of Hades are considered Undead for all affects that they deem. Despite having the undead subtype, they retain a constitution score.

Rebuke Undead (Su)
Children of Hades can Rebuke undead as that of a cleric equal to their BL.

Unnatural Aura (Su)
Animals, whether wild or domesticated, can sense the unnatural presence of a Child of Hades at a distance of 30 feet. They will not willingly approach nearer than that and panic if forced to do so; they remain panicked as long as they are within that range.

Lifesense (Su)
A Child of Hades notices and locates living creatures within 60 feet, just as if it possessed the blindsight ability. It also senses the strength of their life force automatically, as if it had cast deathwatch


Ability: Wisdom
Hit die: d6
Class Skills: Class Skills: The Dedicated hero’s class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are: Craft (pharmaceutical) (Int), Gamble (Wis), Gather Information (Cha), Hide (Dex), Intimidate (Cha), Investigate (Int), Knowledge (arcane lore, art, behavioral sciences, business, civics, current events, earth and life sciences, history, physical sciences, popular culture, streetwise, tactics, technology, theology and philosophy) (Int), Listen (Wis), Move Silently (Dex), Profession (Wis), Read/Write Language (none), Sense Motive (Wis), Speak Language (none), Spot (Wis), Survival (Wis), and Treat Injury (Wis).
Also, the starting occupation selected can provide additional class skills to choose from.
Skill Points at 1st Level: (5 + Int modifier) x4.
Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 5 + Int modifier.
Starting Feats: In addition to the two feats all characters get at 1st level, a Dedicated hero begins play with the Simple Weapons Proficiency feat.
1 --0 ---1 --0 --1 --1 --1 --Talent
2 --1 ---2 --0 --2 --2 --1 --Ghost Familiar
3 --2 ---2 --1 --2 --2 --1 --Talent
4 --2 ---2 --1 --2 --3 --2 --Feat
5 --3 ---3 --1 --3 --3 --2 --Talent
6 --3 ---3 --2 --3 --3 --2 --Animate Undead
7 --4 ---4 --2 --4 --4 --3 --Talent
8 --5 ---4 --2 --4 --4 --3 --Feat
9 --6/1 -4 --3 --3 --5 --3 --Talent
10 -6/1 -5 --3 --5 --5 --4 --Hide Life
Ghost Familiar Someone who was once close to you, may be summoned as a familiar. As long as this person is around you gain alertness as the feat. You also gain 3 hit points as long as they remain your familiar. They are a ghost and have no physical ability in the world. They cannot be seen or heard by anyone but you.

Animate Dead
This ability functions like the Animate Dead spell. You may use this ability any number of times per a day, however you cannot exceed the limits of 4HD per Hades Blood Level.

Hide Life
This ability allows you to choose a small spot on your person to hide all your life force. This portion is then usually removed causing you to loose 2 points of constitution permanently. However as long as this life force remains in tact you cannot be killed by normal means. If you are dropped to below -10 hit points your body merely "acts" dead. In truth you have automatically stabilized and will recover the normal amount of hit points per a day until you regain consciousness at 0 hit points. Should your life force ever be destroyed you must succeed a Fortitude save DC 15 + Years without or be slain without hope for resurrection.


Undead Mastery talent tree

Speak with Dead
A number of times a day equal to your blood line level, you may speak with corpse. You must either have their corpse, or be able to recall them clearly in your head and know their full name. To summon them in this way you must make a will check, adding your Hades Bloodline levels to it, against DC 10+ 1/10 years they've been deceased

Augment Undead
The undead you create or control are stronger than others, they gain a +4 enhancement bonus to their strength, and +2 Hitpoints per a level of HadesBloodline you have.
Prerequisite; Speak with Dead

Undead Familiar
Your Ghost familiar, is replaced by an Undead familiar. This undead must be one that you have successfully rebuked and have controlled for at least a day by some means.
Prerequisite; Speak with Dead and Augment Undead

Mastery over Death
You may stop 1 person from dying when they would normally do so. Doing this takes a standard action, and requires your full concentration. Anyone who was dying becomes stabilized. You must have a line of sight in order to use this ability. You can stop one person from dying in such a manner each day. -This ability cannot stop someone dying from natural means, old age, heart failure, natural diseases.
Prerequisite; Speak with Dead and Augment Undead

Son of Hades
Any creature with the undead subtype must overcome a will save DC 10+ your hades bloodline levels, to target you with an attack. This does not prevent them from targeting area spells in an area that would affect you, such as throwing a grenade 5 feet in front of you.
Prerequisites; Speak with Dead, Augment Undead, and Mastery over Death.

Darkness Talent Tree

At Home in the Dark
You gain darkvision 60ft, as well as being granted a +4 blood line bonus to your hide and spot checks in areas of darkness. You are also not affected by supernatural darkness in the same means as others. To you it just a normal darkness.

Your speed increases by 20 feet when in darkness, you also gain the ability to hide in plain sight when shadowy illumination.
Prerequisite; At Home in the Dark

Creatures of the Night
You gain an affinity bonus equal to your Hades Bloodline levels when dealing with "creatures of the night" this is essentially acts like the favored enemy skill of the ranger. Giving you a +2 bonus on damage rolls, and the use of Bluff, Diplomacy, Listen, Sense Motive, and Spot checks. Creatures of the Night include anything that is usually found prowling the night, "Owls, Bats, Rats, Possums, Racoons, Creepy Old Men, Thieves" However you only gain this benefit when confronting them at night.
Prerequisites; At Home in the Dark, Nightcrawler

Shadow Walk
You gain the ability to walk from one shadow to another.You and any creature you touch are then transported along a coiling path of shadowstuff to the edge of the Material Plane where it borders the Plane of Shadow. The effect is largely illusory, but the path is quasi-real. You can take more than one creature along with you (subject to your level limit), but all must be touching each other.

In the region of shadow, you move at a rate of 50 miles per hour, moving normally on the borders of the Plane of Shadow but much more rapidly relative to the Material Plane. Thus, you can use this spell to travel rapidly by stepping onto the Plane of Shadow, moving the desired distance, and then stepping back onto the Material Plane.
-You may travel like this a total amount of hours per a day equal to 1/Hades bloodline level.
-After you have completed this travel you must succeed a Fortitude save DC 15+ 1/50 miles traveled, or become fatigued. Failing another such save exhausts you and you cannot travel by this means until you have recovered your strength.
Prerequisites; At Home in the Dark and Night Crawler

Unholy Talent Tree

Aura of Fear
Your Unnatural Aura becomes an Aura of Fear. Anyone who approaches within 30 feet of you must succeed a will save vs DC 10 + wisdom modifier + Hades Bloodline level, or become frightened. Those who save against the aura are not subject to it again for a number of days equal to their HD. You may suppress this ability at will, in place you retain your Unnatural Aura.

The Bully
You are not above using your frightful presence to get what you want.
You add your Hades Blood Line level to your Intimidate skill checks. In addition, anyone who has become frightened by your Aura of Fear, can be manipulated as if you had Intimidated them.
Prerequisite; Aura of fear

You gain the ability to unhallow any ground you touch. This action takes a minute worth of concentration, but the affect lasts a number of days equal to your Hades BloodLine level. Any shrine to Hades locates or created in this unhallowed ground makes the affect permanent. You can do this a number of times a day equal to your Hades Bloodline Level + Your Wisdom modifier, however you can only have that same number total of unhallowed places. Unhallowed places that have become permanent, do not count against your total.
Prerequisite; Aura of Fear

Smite Living
You gain the ability to Smite, as a Paladin of your Bloodline level. You add your wisdom modifier in place of your charisma modifier, and your smite affects any living creature.
Prerequisites; Aura of Fear and Unhallow

The Dark One
You have mastered intimidation
You can take 20 on an intimidation attempt. A normal intimidation attempt is only a move action for you. You can also attempt to intimidate large crowds at once, making one check against all of the attempted target.
Prerequisites; Aura of Fear and The Bully
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Some info about Camp Half-Blood.

Map of Camp Half Blood

Sample Activity Schedule
The activities at Camp Half Blood are numerous and change daily. Below is only a sample of what a typical day might look like.
8:00 Breakfast & Cabin Inspection
9:00-10:00 Sword & Shield w/Clarisse – Cabin Challenge, full combat armor required.
10:00-11:00 Archery w/Chiron – target practice: proper use of flaming arrows.
11:00-1:00 Winged Horseback Riding w/Demeter Cabin – first hour trail, picnic lunch, second hour aerial combat
1:00-2:00 Monster Assault Techniques w/Hermes Cabin – Ethiopian Dracones: Their Teeth, Claws, and Feeding Habits
2:00-4:00 FREE CHOICE
Arts & Crafts w/Hephaestus Cabin – Make your own Bronze Weapon
*or* Canoe Races w/Naiads – 1st Place Prize: 20 drachma credit at the Camp Store
*or* Climbing Wall w/satyrs – “The Clashing Rocks”
4:00-5:00 Swim & Beach Time w/the Nereids — bring sunscreen, discus, javelin, etc.
5:00-6:00 Free Time, Volleyball, Cabin Clean-up
6:00 Dinner & Announcements
7:00-9:00 Capture the Flag – combat gear required, all magical items allowed.
9:00-10:00 Sing-a-long and bonfire w/Apollo Cabin
10:00 Prepare for bed – Lights out by 11:00
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A centaur acting as camp activities advisor.
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If.... this isn't revived..... can I just.... use these ideas for my own respects.? These are rather awesome.
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