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Old 10-04-2011, 02:28 PM
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About Aethera

There doesn't seem to be a convenient way to introduce oneself on this site (barring the New Member introductions) without creating a post in a game. So, here it is, a post in this game. I'll try to remember it's here and update it with new information.

RPGX Chatroom!I spend a lot of time hanging out in the unofficial RPGX chatroom! This has been located at Chatzy for awhile now (the password is rpgx, all lowercase like that), but due to a discussion about the merits of Discord vs. Chatzy, we've moved over to the Discord server for a trial run. We're a crazy and often rowdy lot, but we're a lot of fun, if I do say so myself. (Think of it like a tavern. There'll be a range of personalities and people, some may be intoxicated, but the overall feeling is one of revelry.) C'mon over to the chatroom and introduce yourself!
The OathI have taken The Oath of Sangus to never disappear from a game without notice, however brief. I recommend this to everyone! My notice is usually in my signature if I do not get a chance to visit every OOC thread.

Anyway, my name is Aethera (eth-eer-uh). This is not a given name, but a chosen one. It has more meaning to me than a username (I use it here and there as such), though very few people I interact with actually use it in conversation. That may change, but it doesn't really matter to me what people call me as long as I'm aware they mean me. Aethera is a promise I made to myself, a goal for life, and if I'm the only one who uses it, that's all that matters.

I'm disabled, and I fill my time with multiple games on this forum, my deviantART gallery and community (though I've been inactive there of late), and I've posted a few of my poems here as well. It's harder to post longer pieces, or I'd try to post those. If I have any hope of a publishing contract, though, I can't make public any of the manuscript(s) I hope to publish. It is what it is. (I've got one finished manuscript, but chapter one needs hack'n'slash revision before I can try to find an agent or progress further. And yes, if you ask me about novel writing I'll gush and go all 'fangirl' on you. )

As a gamer or storyteller I consider myself fairly skilled, but it should be noted that about every three months I've disappeared for a week or so, outside my control. I get migraines that make me too sick to keep my regular medications down, which then means I hit really nasty withdrawal. This will likely happen in the future as well, there's nothing I can do to prevent it, just minimize it. This last time it wasn't a week, and I didn't truly leave, but my posts dropped to next to nothing in-game. I hope this means progress.

My Games:
  • RIP The Folding of Screamhaunt Castle (13th Age)
    Forced to take refuge from a storm in the supposedly haunted Scrimhunt Castle, the group of strangers will suddenly need to work together as the castle's sordid past makes a gory and explosive return!

  • RIP Wyrd of the Wild Wood (13th Age)
    Darkskye Island is a floating prison for the dangerous criminals of the Dragon Empire, where the prisoners live out their remaining days mining the magical crystals that form the heart of the island. Unfortunately for our party of misfits, the island won't be floating for much longer!

My Characters:
  • Margherita ("Rita") Carrara, in Kapera's Portage: Rising from the Ashes (Vampire: the Masquerade)
    Margherita has had a rather comfortable life since she was Embraced to the vampiric kindred in the early 40s, and her time in Portage over the last fifty years was no different... until she started having the dreams. Vague and often hard to recall, she was certain there was some portent involved, especially since she has been training that particular one of her talents of late. Then came the night of the wild thunderstorm where the vision was clear as a bell; she woke with the echo of the words "we failed" ringing in her ears and the discomfiting feeling that her heart, still for over seventy years, had just pounded in her chest. This time, when she urged her sire to listen to her, he heard her out, and the general discomfort of her peers (as well as her sire himself) did not help reassure her. And then the news of the death of her friend and business partner--the first final death of an acquaintance she had ever experienced. The night has just begun yet Margherita's world has crumbled to ash already...
    >> abbreviated version of Rita

  • Viola d'Affinalais, née Cesario, in Insacrum's Age of Worms (Pathfinder)
    Viola had followed the wake of her missing brother's misdeeds and troubles from her home in Dorseilles to Diamond Lake, a mining town with little else to show for itself besides corruption. But it seemed she would be stymied here as her money for food and shelter (not to mention bribes for information on her brother) was draining out of her purse like water through one's fingers. It was only when a gentleman offered her some money to assist in an endeavor of his as healer that she thought she might yet have a chance. He had not mentioned they would be trespassing in one of the area's cairns, however.
    >> dramatis personae post

  • Rozalina Dzosi, in Sassafrass' Funk of Forty-Thousand Years (aka Curse of Strahd, D&D 5e)
    The half-Vistani warlock has just been added to the group of adventurers who are hoping to defeat Count Strahd, the ruler of Barovia and the darklord who controls the Mist-ridden borders of his realm. Her purpose at first is to bring them to Madame Eva, the seer in the Vistani camp nearby, as the wise woman wants to offer them some aid. Whether ordered to by Madame Eva or growing to like them on her own, Roza will be traveling (and fighting) with them.
    >> character write-up

  • Puma, in Sassafrass' Tyranny of Dragons (D&D 5e)
    The druid who is far more comfortable wandering around in beast form was sent to investigate the upheaval in the natural forces in the area by the Emerald Enclave. They know something is wrong, but not the details, so Puma (as a black cat) wandered around the town of Greenest and found an adventuring party that was going to return to the raiders' camp and try to fight them off again. He offered to go, too.
    >> Defenders of Greenest listing

  • other character ideas archived

My Projects:
  • Site Moderation
    In June 2016, the admins invited me to join the site moderation staff (otherwise known as "the reds"). My duties change periodically, but mostly I keep track of The Library, pinch hit with the multiple Advertisements subforums (including the game approval process), help out with Outplay annually as much as I can, and now I help Nimlos with the Hall of Fame nomination/voting process. Feel free to contact me for anything you need, though, whether it falls into those categories or not! I'm happy to help with whatever I can.

  • Short Story Competition (monthly)
    Every month I post a theme and a few challenge elements for anyone to write a short (500- to 3K-word) piece. At the end of the month, popular vote determines the winner. For 2013, I'll be giving away quarterly 3-month subscriptions to the site. I dropped the ball for October, so your next chance to enter is November.
    • Writing Prompts and Critique
      In the interests of encouraging writing outside of gaming, I've posted two challenges so far to prompt people to write; a 100 Themes Challenge, with (yes) a hundred prompts to respond to, and a Zodiac Cycle Challenge, which challenges a writer to use aspects of the Greek Zodiac to write several pieces of a longer story (for the novelists among us).

  • Hall of Fame! (yearly)
    I've agreed to help out Nimlos with this year's Hall of Fame process. Mostly you all go and nominate the best games and then we check through them to make sure each fits the criteria, and so forth. Then nominations become a public poll and there's oversight required to keep it on course. Finally the Community Supporters vote on the favorites from the public poll. For now I'll just shadow Nimlos, do what he tells me to, but I get to see how it works.

  • 13th Age Resources
    I'm a big fan of the new (2013) 13th Age game system. It's streamlined and story-oriented, with just enough mechanics to get by, without getting hung up on minutiae. hippo started collecting resources in one place to try and fuel more community members getting involved. I signed on to help with the resources, as I'd love to see a bigger 13th Age footprint on this site. Likewise, when Outplay could run it, I jumped on the chance.
  • Outplay (every summer)
    Outplay is an annual player-focused competition that pits groups of players in a double-elimination-style tournament together against common sorts of challenges a player might face. I'm not up to the speed of the competition as a player, so I'd rather help organize it. Starting in 2012 or so I helped write content beforehand, then as of 2016 I went bonkers and decided to try and organize it, as well as GM the 13th Age bracket. Pray for my soul, ye faithful, as I fear it slipping away. This year Bhelogan took it on, but I'll still help him with whatever he needs.
    • Outplay 2016 (13th Age)
      So much for my 'minor role' in Outplay, I went bonkers this year and decided to try and organize it, as well as GM the 13th Age bracket. Pray for my soul, ye faithful, as I fear it slipping away.

  • Game Tutorials
    We already have New Player Solo Games, which introduce new site members to the play-by-post format. What about those people who want to learn a new game system but haven't the opportunity (either in real life, Games Seeking, or other venue)? I posit that there ought to be a similar tutorial style game for existing members (eg. no site how-to involved, unless there are dice roller codes or advanced BBcode that will enhance the game) to dip their toes into a new game. This would require volunteer game masters to run simple/beginner adventures, whether published Adventure Paths (APs) or newly created adventures.

    Note: due to site hiatus (October through December 2016), my activity on this project ended abruptly. I'll return to this as soon as I am able. In the meantime, there's a thread in General Discussion for "If someone was offering to teach it, what game system(s) would you want to learn?" with a lot of discussion on the subject.

My Poetry:

If I think of anything worth telling you all, I'll update this.

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