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Old Feb 21st, 2012, 04:01 AM
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Room 23: Into the Breach (solo adventure, lv5 respec quest)

Into the Breach

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The travellor moved through the halls, lost and unable to find their way back to the pub, their private chamber or to any familiar path at all... They'd been warned about wandering aimlessly in the corridors... told of how some disappeared, never to return, or worse...

They knew then that something was wrong... something was out of place... the halls seem to shift, loop back on themselves in ways that made absolutely no sense, as if the halls themselves were alive, trying to trap them for some purpose...

Something was wrong and they could feel it in their bones... but then, at the end of the hall, a door flung itself open, pouring out an eruption of light, calling them with all the power of the voice of fate, and they obeyed...

They emerged after an incalculable time, changed, altered, different... their old memories twisted, history itself seemingly rewritten in their minds, and their former life was no more, as if it had been part of some tangent fantasy that had collapsed remaining only on the fringe of their mind... knowing it was there, but never quite able to resolve what it was that had changed...

Posting Requirement: Players that wish to take on this quest must begin at level 5 with the only exception being that your character started an adventure previous to reaching level five and finished the adventure at level 6 or higher, at which point the respec will revert them to level 5 minimum experience and WBL regardless.

Level of adventure and estimated rewards: The character receives a mechanical rebuild. This is useful if you don't like something about the way your character is built or didn't sufficiently plan ahead to take a prestige class.

Player Request: This is a solo adventure

Please note: The opening text is only a suggested path, the actual lead in to the adventure and the details of the adventure are entirely up to you (the player), creatively speaking.

This adventure may end up creating some sense of irresolution or paradox. Thankfully, however, PCs at Eternity's End aren't terribly unfamiliar with unresolved paradoxes or irregularities in the time stream, so it's no big deal.

Special Adventure Rules:

The player may not change:
The character's true (birth) name
The character's race
The character's class

If you wish to change those things you can send your character to room 13 and start over from level 1, or use any potential Gained from leveling or Player Tier Status as outlined in the Eternity's End Player's Manualadditional character slots to create a new character.

Any mechanical changes made should be reasonably explained within the story which will be posted by you in your private character thread or alternately, left a completely unresolved mystery. Again: This means you can use this suggested text or write a novel involving crazy time travel and tangent universes or a couple sentences about how you went to a room with a trainer who gave you new insights and ways of doing things.

The adventure must not affect or take place in the static setting Eternity's End, it must happen through the door. You can utilize tangent universe versions of Eternity's End but it must always lead to a cop-out (it was just a dream/hallucination/alternate reality/etc).

Feel free to take advantage of and have fun with this freeform writing opportunity.

All bonuses previously earned are forfeit and the character starts with minimum XP and WBL for level 5. When purchasing new equipment any previous equipment can be transferred at full price, but any new equipment of any kind must not exceed 1/3 the WBL as per Mingot's Emporium rules.

Anything else can be altered within the framework of the game's rules to include feats, archetypes, traits, ability scores, alignment, etc.

Respecs are handled in the front lobby by creating a new thread entitled "Into the Breach respec of [insert character name]". The player creates the thread and is sure to include a link to their character sheet and private thread. Creating sufficient text for this adventure DOES qualify for a storyteller bonus if you submit the article once the respec is complete to the story teller.

A GM then audits any changes to the sheet and applies them providing they are all legal changes. All alterations are then recorded in the character's private thread.

Standard adventure rules apply (ie you cannot respec while in another room of any kind).

This adventure may only be performed barring special exceptions dictated from the head GMonce per character.

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