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Old Feb 21st, 2012, 06:28 AM
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How to use the Tattoo Parlor

Otiian's Parlor

Thematic Music

Tattoos are stories, symbols of the important moments in your life.

Otiian's parlor is a sole proprietorship within Morkwert's Emporium run by Otiian, an Elan master tattooist. Originally he was stationed in the arcanium but moved shop suddenly, rumors were there was some sort of dispute behind closed doors that most can only speculate about.

While Otiian can tattoo any style of art, most of his clients are interested in Thassilonian Runes, Varisian Tattoos and Psionic Tattoos.

Ottian is a rugged and silent type and prefers to keep his personal life very private.

Purchasing a tattoo from Otiian is done similar to purchasing items at Morkwert's Emporium.

Firstly, any regular tattoo is considered negligible cost to a PC and is a feature they receive for free as part of free costume changes to their character, though on camera they will be expected to pay a decent sum and tip as well. If the PC wishes, they may then use image editing software to add the tattoo to their character pic and request the pic be updated in their private thread through the help area. This can only be done while the PC is at Eternity's End and the help thread will be linked back to when the GM updates the post and notes the costume change in their private thread.

Other tattoos of the more psionic and arcane nature can only be applied to those that meet the qualifications to utilize the ability in question. These can be purchased at the beginning or end of an adventure at the standard purchasing times. The tattoo may not exceed 1/2 the WBL of the PC. These tattoos can also prompt a costume change pic alteration to be performed by the player, but in this instance the updating will be performed by the adventure GM, not through the help board.

These purchases do not need to be rolled for and do not count against any of the three rolls at Morkwert's, but they also cannot be sold back for value. Once a tattoo is done it is done. In the case that the tattoo has a fixed limited use it will fade after the tattoo has been reduced to zero uses and that area may be tattooed again. Other Tattoos are permanent and cannot be changed short of a miracle, wish, or a mage’s disjunction spell purchase for [[insert cost]] which can only be performed by Otiian, though he is never happy to have to redo his own work and will certainly view the client with disdain from then on. This process can be done only during item purchase at the beginning or end of an adventure.

Performing a miracle, wish, or a mage’s disjunction during an adventure on the tattoo will remove the tattoo for the duration of the adventure, (and it can even be replaced during the adventure) but Otiian's tattoo will return once the PC returns to Eternity's End (threby replacing any potential replacement gained on the adventure.

A notable exception: The new tattoo is made permanent by the Enchanter at the end of the adventure, in which case, Otiian's tattoo will have been replaced. This will also fill him with disdain for the client).

RP Notes:

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