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Old Feb 21st, 2012, 08:10 AM
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Room 13: Oblivion

Room 13

Thematic Music

Sing then the core of dark and absolute oblivion where the soul at last is lost in utter peace.

Room 13 is the cursed room of oblivion. Those that enter do not return.

This room can be used to:

Destroy a character on the part of a PC in order to clear out a character slot.

Ban a player. Any characters in their possession are destroyed.

Ban a GM. Any characters in their possession are destroyed.

Bans from the game last 3 months upon which point the former player or GM may appeal their situation in an effort to get the ban lifted and again participate in the game. They can then draft up a new PC.

How to steer clear of getting banned from Eternity's End:

Thou Shalt Not Engage in Player Versus Player Conflict:
The goal of Eternity's End is to provide an enjoyable experience for as many players as possible. Player vs. player conflict only sours things. While killing another character might seem like fun to you, it certainly won’t be for them. And while you may feel killing another character is “in character” for your PC at this particular moment, just figure out some other way for your character to express themselves.

In short, you can’t kill another PC—ever, if you try, the Golems of Eternity's End will send to room 13 faster than you can blink.

The only notable exception to this is the use of the Arena, at which point the intention is PVP combat.

Thou Shalt Not Engage in Treachery:
Some of you hopefully notmay be thinking: “I don’t have to kill another player’s character to ruin their good time!”

We’re all friends here and we’re all playing a game together with the singular purpose of (hopefully) having a wonderful time.

Do not “push” other players around just because your character can. Extreme forms of dysfunctional play will not be tolerated. A little fun banter between PCs can be great roleplaying, but when you find yourself doing everything in your power to make another character look like an idiot, or undo everything they are trying to accomplish in-game, you’ve probably lost sight of the purpose of Eternity's End and may be made to leave.

Playing your character is not an excuse for childish behavior. GMs and Players must work with the Head GM through room 0 to resolve any out-of-game conflicts. Extreme or repetitive cases should be resolved by asking the offender to leave the adventure, and if this results in a pattern of dysfunctional behavior the player the player will be banned from playing at Eternity's End.

Similarly, just in case you needed to be told, do not attempt to bully or harass GMs. This is a fast track to obtain a ticket for the bullet train to bantown.

Thou Shalt Not Cheat:

If you as a player, are caught intentionally cheating, you will be booted from Eternity's End forever. This includes grossly [sic] lying to a GM under any circumstances. Even if your motive can't be proven as "intentional cheating" any pattern of questionable behavior will be tracked and eventually result in a three month ban at the discretion of the Head GM. A second such ban will be permanent.

Thou Shalt Follow the Laws of Thy Lords:

All site rules apply at Eternity's End. Do not break them here. All violations will be reported to site staff as they are identified.

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