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Old Feb 21st, 2012, 11:58 AM
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How to use the Arena

Battle Master Gormyr

Thematic Music

'All honor to him who shall win the prize', The worlds have cried for countless years; but to him who tries and fails and dies, I give great honor and glory.

Gormyr is a solemn and ever serious yet somewhat surly Anumus that was battle-forged in the spirits of honor and glory.

He spent his early life eons ago as a slave in the gladiator pits of some long forgotten world, never knowing his creator until he fought his way to freedom... he was then approached by the then battlemaster of Eternity's End. Gormyr no longer remembers his name as he is long forgotten, but his master ingrained in him notions of honor, battle and glory, so much so that the concepts have never escaped Gormyr in all his time at Eternity's End.

Gormyr considers battle and his post to be sacred, the purest poetry of the flesh as he calls it. While most of Gormyr's history is bland and lost to time, the story of how he lost his eye in battle with his master to claim his post is a well known tale Gormyr refers to as his most bittersweet victory.

Join the Fight!: Teams Combat

A test of might: Character vs. Monster(s)

To request a battle head to the Covenant Sanctum.

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