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Old Feb 21st, 2012, 12:00 PM
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How to use Game Recruiting

Applying to a Game

Thematic Music

One path we shall never choose, that is the path of surrender, or submission.

Players should apply only to level appropriate games.

Players should not apply to an adventure they already took part in.

While some games may have special restrictions, games are expected to be first come, first serve and you may not hold a space for your friend.

While it is good to find other players you like to adventure with, forming groups that refuse to adventure apart is significantly frowned upon.

When the adventure is ready (enough players have posted interest), players wishing to apply to a game must do so IC and use correct post formatting as outlined in the front lobby.

Posting interest: Chime your interest for a game in the Game Recruiting Thread, noting the game is first come, first serve. When the game is ready to begin, just narrate your exit from the pub or other area you are participating in and your entrance into the game. This prevents you from being stuck in the room waiting for others, though you can also form the party in the recruiting thread and discuss things there IC.

Posting interest does not guarantee you a spot in the adventure, you must enter the room IC to be counted towards the adventure as an active PC, and the rule is still first come first serve, regardless of interest posted, barring any listed banned character types for the adventure.

Only post interest in one adventure at a time.

PVP vs. AoEs
AoE spell effects, bombs and other items may inadvertently hit players. This is not considered PvP combat unless it is done in a harassing manner to be determined by the presiding GM. Clear harassing use of AoE is reported to the head GM for review and possible removal of the character from the game at large.

As an option at adventure application a character may "Opt out" of being hit by AoE attacks in the adventure advertisement in an OOC fashion and all players will know this information. The opting player must put the information in bold and large font so it is not missed. Once this decision is made it cannot be changed for the duration of the adventure.

This does not prevent the player from being damaged, but instead, prevents the spell or bomb from working effectively (at all). Either the spell fails or the bomb or other AoE device is a dud through meta-plot devices. This choice will have significant tactical advantages and disadvantages to the party as a whole and the option must be weighed carefully.

While the players will have the information that a bomb or spell or other AoE effect will not work, the characters will not, however, it is perfectly acceptable to voice in character "Please be careful not to include me in your magic blasts" or similar, though the characters will still not know preemptively that a spell or bomb will fail, nor will there be any external method to determine that there is meta-plot devices at work unless the GM determines the tone of the game world and adventure should include such an event and highlights said event as a special mechanic for comedic value or other purpose.


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