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Old Feb 28th, 2012, 06:56 AM
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Asking for Directions

Just Ask Fred


If the person at the reigns refuses to ask for directions, it is time for a new driver.

In various locations around Eternity's End are fixed suits of armor that decorate the halls. While they remain in place, if asked about a specific fixed location within Eternity's End they will slowly animate and silently point in the direction of the area in question. Because of some long forgotten joke that started in the taproom, most everyone collectively refers to the suits of armor as "Fred" and as the saying goes, "If you get turned around, which is easy to do in mutating hallways that extend forever, just stop and ask Fred."

If you are new, please head HERE

The Master List

The Entrance
The Front Door (contact Head GM)
The Front Lobby (Apply with Character)
The Front Desk (Rent Private Room)
The Suggestion Box (Suggest Ideas)
The Guestbook (Sign in for Altar)

The West Wing
The Item Mall
Morkwert's Emporium (Purchase gear)
Otiian's Tattoo Parlor (Character Tattoos)
Szaabo the Money Changer (Player Trades)

The East Wing
The Arcanium
The Enchanter (Purchase Gear from an Adventure)
The Summoner's Circle (Purchase Familiars, Bonded Objects, Eidolons, etc.)
The Obelisk of Power (Player and Character Unlocks)
The Library (Player and GM resources)
The Quote Wall (post quotes from games)

Other Areas
Your Private Chambers (Active Character Storage)
The Stables (Pet Storage)
The Taproom (Common IC Pub Area)
The Game Room (A gaming recreation area for characters)
The Altar (Attendance Bonuses)
Morthos the Story Teller (Freeform RPG)
The Hall of Fame (Player and GM Achievements)
The Arena (PVP/PVE Combat)
The Covenant Sanctum (Request an Arena Battle)
The Mausoleum (Character Archive)
Room 11: Mr. Gone (Hardcore Mode)
Room 13 (Ban list and sacrifice of character to open a slot)

Public Information Articles
New Member Guide (A must read for all new site members)
PBP Player's Guide (A must read for all PBP Players)
PBP GMs Guide (A must read for all PBP GMs)
Take The Tour! (Campaign Setting Introduction)
Eternity's End Glossaries (Common Jargon)
Eternity's End Player's Manual
Eternity's End Faction Manual
Eternity's End GM Manual
Official Eternity's End Expansions (Additional PT3 Options)
F.A.Q. (Check this area before entering the Help Area)
Quick Questions and Answers (Get a quick question answered)
Help (Confused? Head here.)
Into the Breach (Level 5 Respec Quest)
Head GM Announcements (Please Subscribe)
List of EE Staff
Taproom OOC
Arena OOC

Hint from WoLT: Bookmark this page at least until you get comfortable with the layout of the EE forums.

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