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Character Creation, Descriptions, Development

Please post here your chars' description (copied from the application thread).
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What kind of characters I'm are looking for?
  • I favour role-play over roll-play, e.g. I aim at a combat-to-roleplay-ratio of 20:80. Thus, I like the game being fast and simple without extra-rules and special-extra-rules, focusing on the plot and the roleplay, not on rule-playing.

  • The characters will travel around the world, meet many people and have different kind of adventures, quests and encounters. Please make steady and flexible characters, no one-trick-ponies and chars with 16-20-18-8-8-10 or so. I’ll support you in-game with suitable items and several extras.

  • There won’t be XPs, you’ll gain levels after finishing the quests. This makes it easier for me and rewards non-combat roleplay. If you need XPs for items or spells, then I’ll calculate your XPs.

  • Gods and religions will take an important role in the game because I think they are often neglected – just thinks about all the good and bad things which were done in our world where we believe in gods. In DnD people know about their existence.
    This means, good and bad behaviour will be rewarded respectively punished by the gods.
    Characters may pray together or alone to his/her/their god(s) by using knowledge religion. Middle results may give you temporary hitpoints or re-rolls, while good results give you bonuses or even a mysterious hint for the quest.

  • Please make the background that your character and the group can start in the “Wild boar”.

How to create the character
  • we play with PHB1 and DMG1, i.e. only races, classes, skills, feats , weapons, items etc. of the PHB 1.

  • use the 28 point buy character system, no attribute above 16 without race benefits.

  • start with level 3

  • Hitpoints: as normal you get the maximum hit points for level 1. For level 2 and 3, you get at least half of the possible hit points e.g. if you throw with D10 = 3, you get 5 HP (plus bonus from CON if any). In addition, you get hit points at the amount of your half CON (round up).

  • 2.700 gold pieces, no item worth more than 1.350 gp; items only from the PHB 1 and the DMG 1.

  • at level 1, you gain 1 extra feat + 15 extra skill points, you may use them for cross-class-skills by applying the rules for class skills.

  • feel free to speak more than “standard common”. There’s also a northern (Scandinavian), southern (Arabic), eastern (Asian) and western (Latin) common language.

  • a hint for rangers: may enemies will belong to the races of humans, orcs, gnolls and hobgoblins.

  • alignment: the campaign favours good characters in both items and divine benefits. If you’re neutral or evil, the character will have half to no fun. (However, if you insist on playing a neutral char, that's o.k.).
    Yes, if you ever wanted to play a paladin, this is your chance!

  • Paladins may have an alignment of both lawful-good and neutral-good. In these times, only the results are important.

Application requirements:
Deity (incl. the times you pray): you can choose a deity of the PHB1 or make your own basing on a deity of PHB1 by changing name, background, favoured weapon and alignment. Please don't change the domains.
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Name: Synnia Drak'el
Race: Human
Class: Wizard
Age: 18
Alignment: Chaotic Good


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Thalia - the BasicsName:Thalia Wistlethorn & Thalis
Race: Halfling
Class: Ranger
Age: 27
Alignment: natural good

Thalia - the WorshipperThalia is a follower of Elhona since her early youth. Over the past years a strong and intuitive bond to her patron has formed and made it's way into Thalia's life.

Around dawn she leaves the her resting place to find a spot untouched from civilization, if possible, or at least a spot of living nature within settlements. She will pray for good luck, guidance and the needs of the day in the then.

When ever she passed a stretch dangerous nature safely, overcame a threat to the balance of life or even faced an undead peril roaming through the stretch of nature to which Thalia has dedicated herself to protect, she gives special offerings to Ehlonna of the Forest.

Tahia - the PersonThalia's dark brown, curly hair is her very trademark. The rather short curls dance around head - never close to touching the her shoulders - when she moves. Her skin is weather-beaten and has a healthy tan, which makes her appear some years older than she really is.

People taking the time to talk to lively halfling will look into curious, emerald-green eyes and a smiling, but somehow absent face. Civilized people and their needs are a constant enigma to Thalia, but she has learned that a friendly, reserved smile is the safest way out of civilization. Civilization, she has learned, plays other rules than nature, she has learned - she has learned that, accepted that, no need to like that.

If Ehlonna, however, entrusts her with civilized people or their belongings, Thalia accepts this, not without reservations, as a matter of her patron that has highest priority, which puts then far above her own likes or dislikes.

The Balance of Life and Freedom are the constant impetus for Thalia's actions, two scales she uses to measure the things that happen around her.

Even with the good intentions in heart she has a leet, utterly halfling-ish relation to unattended possessions of others... If they really cared, they would not leave it unattended, would they?

Thalia - the PastThalia was born into small tribe of nomadic halflings, that roams the vast graslands of southern Magyar - a life lacking both the commodities and constraints of civilized settlements, a life both demanding it all and giving with both hands. Being the seventh of about a dozen children, Thalia's childhood was full of privations. She had to fight every bit of attention, food and freedom. Despite or maybe because of this she has grown to be a robust and self-reliant woman.

With the age of fourteen Thalia began to realize the burden, that she and her siblings were to their parents and the idea to ease this burden by standing on her own feet started to grow. When fall started to spread over country and the tribe had accumulated and traded a good amount of supplies for the winter, she approached her parents with her plan to leave. The open and tearful discussion extended over two nights and ended with a warm good-bye of proud and heart-broken parents. As they could not afford to give her a pony or riding dog, they entrusted her one of the few family heirlooms: a bare, three feet long staff made of rare darkwood.

Leaving the tribe behind, Thalia headed north to Magyar to live their and and earn her living as a day laborer. Driven by wanderlust she hardly kept a job longer than a few weeks, before she grabbed her few personal belonging to move on... from one hamlet to another... from one shire to the next... in her sixteenth summer she came to cross an old wood in which she almost fell victim to a rutting boar gone wild. Only the intervention of Emikat, a half-elven cleric, saved her from being trampled by the boar's feet. Emikat, a faithful follower of Ehlonna, did not only save her but also took Thalia under his wings and introduced the halfing girl to the belief of Elhonna and later to the Keepers of Balance, an order of followers of the Lady of the Forrest.

After living almost half a decade with Emikat, learning the ways of Elhonna, Thalia has left towards the bailwick Kellstone. Here she travelled to the village of Fewarn, a place that was revealed to her during her last common time of worship with Emikat... except for the place, Thalia has no idea of Ehlonna's plan for her...

LVLClassHit PointsSkillPointsFavoredClassBonusAbilityHP_totalSkillPoint_total
1Ranger(Hooded Champion)10+2+14/26+1SP12/16/14/12/14/101916
2Ranger(Hooded Champion)
Dice lvl2:
1d10 10
3Ranger(Hooded Champion)
Dice lvl2:
1d10 8
4Ranger(Hooded Champion)
Dice lvl2:
1d10 8
6+1SP +STR(1)5140
5Ranger(Hooded Champion)
Dice lvl2:
1d10 7
6Ranger(Hooded Champion)
Dice lvl2:
1d10 1
(1) -> 5+2
7Ranger(Hooded Champion)
Dice lvl2:
1d10 1
(1) -> 5+2
8Ranger(Hooded Champion)
Dice lvl2:
1d10 6
9Ranger(Hooded Champion)
Dice lvl9:
1d10 9
10Ranger(Hooded Champion)
Dice lvl10:
1d10 5

LVLClassHit PointsSkillPointsFavoredClassBonusAbilityHP_totalSkillPoint_total
1Animal Companion8+3+16/21---see Bestiary2191
2Animal Companion
Dice lvl2:
1d8 8
3Animal Companion
Dice lvl3:
1d8 2
4Animal Companion
Dice lvl4:
1d8 7
1--- +STR(1)474
5Animal Companion
Dice lvl5:
1d8 2
6Animal Companion
Dice lvl6:
1d8 6

Wealth Trackingtracked in GP
wealthchange trade
4350 - morning after rescue of Avernus
- - 300 spend: identify items (dagger, brooch, ring) @ 90% price, potions and scroll were identified earlier
- - 1800 buy: efficient quiver
- + 6225 sell: shocking dagger +1 @ 75% of market price
- + 6000 sell: ring of protection +2 @ 75% of market price
- - 500 buy: clasp of energy / stays with Klug
- - 750 buy: wand of CLW / stays with Dorin
- - 2500 buy: ring of sustenance
- - 3300 buy: survival pouch
- - 1000 buy: replenishing skin
- - 4000 buy: cloak of resistance +2
- - 250 buy: scroll of identify
7980 - after trading @ at Boccob Temple
- -5 donate: mass for voyage
7975 - arriving in Mehab'ab
- - 720 6 arrows of evil bane
- - 25 scroll of doom
- - 25 scroll of bless
- - 25 scroll of divine favor
- - 200 feather token (fan)
6980 - compensate Yassins father for the items
- +3200 from Klug - money from sold gems/blossoms
10180 - status: breakfast in the embassy
- +12500 selling of chariot
- + 1443 selling dark wood spear +1
- + 221 selling MC Longsword
- - 2714 buying +1 Elysian Bronze Longsword
- + 770 selling Mithril Chainshirt
- - 7389 buying Agile Breast Plate +2
- +5880 selling Flaming Longbow +1 / Mighty +3
- - 14787 buying Holy Darkwood Longbow +1 / Mighty +3
- + 2800 selling Ring of Protection from Good
- +2250 buying Golembane Scarab
6444 - status after buying for Thalia
- + 890 gold found on galley

Warning: rolls have been deleted from this post.
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Deity (incl. the times you pray): Rao the Calm God, greater god of peace, reason and serenity. Also known as the Mediator. Ezra prays every morning, in times of great need, and when his patience is sorely tested. Domains: Good, Knowledge, Law

Description: Ezra is of medium height at roughly 5'6" and, while solidly built, has a lean frame and fair features evident of his elven heritage. His ebon hair is cut short, the ends slightly frayed as if by a knife, his hazel eyes clear of any stray strands. His complexion is a nut-brown, slightly tanned from the amount of time he spends outdoors. He sports a well-worn grey travel tunic and pants, the sleeves of the shirt also removed and frayed at the shoulder. A blue coth vest trimmed with rests loosely on his torso, a and a pair of leather armguards are strapped to either arm. His feet are bare save for a simple pair of sandals, hardy yet well-worn from the many acres of ground they have covered. He carries a sturdy quarterstaff with a practiced grip and a satchel containing various supplies and rations is slung about his shoulders.

Background: Ezra hails from Veramere, a village nestled in the eastern forests, where he was raised by his human mother for the majority of his early years, his father unknown t him. He spent his early childhood exploring the forests and enjoying the quiet solitude under the trees. He got along rather well with his vilagers, althouh they never understood how he could spend hours upon end "getting lost in the woods," as they put it. As he grew older his wanderlust only grew stronger until the confines of the village were too much for him. It wasn't until a Raoan priest came to preach to the village that he saw his way out. The very next night he set off with the priest, along with several other followers traveling with him, to be studied in the ways of Rao so that he may spread his word.

Ezra took to his studies wih a great eagerness, always trying to ind way to adapt Rao's teachings to his own life and style of living. His restless spirit never died down however and again he found himself wishing to escape the confines of the temple. His teachers, having seen the desire beginning to well up inside him, had already arranged for him to be sent off to be trained in the ways of combat that incorporated Rao's teachings. Here was where Ezra found his calling, where he finally found his true purpose for living. As soon as he finished his training he set off to explore the world and attain true peace of body and spirit. His travels have brought him to to the village of Fewarn, where he seeks a warm bed and human contact at the Wild Boar after the solitude of nature.
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Zook Tallywak Garrick

Names: (Common Zook) (Clan Garrick) (Nickname Tallywak)

Race: Gnome

Class: Sorcerer (3)

Age: 42 Years

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Deity: Garl Glittergold

Description: Zook is 3'2" tall, though assuredly his growth is not quite yet finished entirely. He keeps his dirty blonde hair trimmed short, except for the rat tail in the back that extends down to the middle of his back. His pale blue eyes are large, even for those of a gnome. He speaks with a slightly beady voice which seems to remind you of a whining rat. When wearing his casual clothes, he usually chooses a tunic dyed dark green from various grasses and leaves. He then ties brown straps around his waist, both sholders, and knees. He prefers to go barefoot when the environment suits it. Quick to show newcomers, Zook prizes his many rings which clutter the fingers of both his hands... red, blue, white, and green stones.

Background: Ever since Zook could remember, he has been with his mother, father, and uncle. He had grown up with them as they traveled to the many different villages and cities in the lands selling their goods... especially their prized possessions, jewelry. His mother had always had what his family calls The Talent. He was blessed (or cursed) to have acquired the Talent as well. It began when he was 35 years old. Odd things happening around him, which his mother quickly identified. Thank the gods she did! Without her mentor-ship, the energies at play could have caused great harm. But she was there... ever so slowly teaching him to sense the surging source... to shape it.... to not let it make strange things happen, but to use it to his advantage. Their family had left their gnomish clan many generations ago. All that Zook knew of his distant relatives was that of their name... the Garricks. It often probes his mind where they are and what they are up to. Ah... but that is of no concern, as there is much to do today. He must set up his family's wares in the new town they have settled in.... Fewarn. He leaves his family asleep in the room as he drags a small collapsible table out of the Wild Boar and into an area set up by the inn. He arranges an array of fine jewelry onto the table just as his uncle meets him outside....................
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Name: Amola Bezro
Race: Human: Male
Class: Cleric 3 - Travel Domain
Age: 32
Alignment: Lawful Good
Deity: Amola worships Saint Mathias and recites a quick prayer to him before eating. Amola also spends around an hours time before resting conversing with his deity about how his day went.
Description: Short curly black hair, Dark blue eyes. Has a pale ragged scar running along the left side of his face down to his chin. He is somewhat short but very stout due to daily exercise. He Likes to wear dull darker colors and avoids bright flashy clothes. His knuckles are horribly scarred and raised due to anger issues when he was an adolescent. Due to this he normally wears gloves.

Background: Amola grew up on the coastal city of Bluerock and was a very rebellious child. When he was an adolescent Amola left his family and started a small gang (The Warblades) with his childhood friend Vazgo Ithura. However a run in with a larger rival gang left him mortally wounded and all of his friends abandoned him. Luckily for him a kind soul found his crippled body and dragged it to the nearby Bluerock Clergy of Saint Cuthbert. After being being brought back from near death by the Clerics and Priests, he remained at the temple helping out as best as he could. Eventually Amola joined the order and became a cleric himself.

15 years have passed sense Amola's life changing experience, when Amola is spotted in the marketplace by his old friend, Vazgo Ithura. The two quickly catch up with each other and the meeting is a happy one at first. Vazgo had thought Amola had died all those years back, and had blamed himself for his death. Vazgo then brought the Warblades up to the top of the underworld of Bluerock, through his careful planning and cunning. He then Invited Amola back to the Warblades so he could then spread his organization out to neighboring towns. Amola explained at how he was glad at how things turned out and that without his near-death experience he would have never been able to turn his life around. The conversation then started to escalate, and both men left with bitterness in their hearts.

The next morning Amola woke up in a sweat as smoke filled his lungs and fire filled his room. Quickly grabbing what little of his things that he could he started making his way out of the Clergy. Amola also made sure to grab the Tithe box on his way out, as there was no way he was going to let that Hooligan Vazgo Ithura have it! (this is where his starting 2,700 gp comes from)
Amola then fled the town of Bluerock blindly traveling along the roads, until that one fateful day he wandered into the small town of Fewarn.

Goals: Amola wishes to rebuild the Bluerock Clergy of Saint Cuthbert, and to take down the Warblades of Bluerock.

Saint Mathias
Alignment: Lawful Good
Domains: Good, Healing, Strength, Travel
Values: Humility, Charity, Honesty, Truth, Wisdom

Saint Mathias is a very humble and young Diety. (only a couple thousand years of age)
Mathias was once a man who traveled the world and eventually ascended into Godhood through his great actions and Virtues. He resides with Saint Cuthbert in the Peaceable Kingdoms of Arcadia.
Due to Saint Mathias humble nature he doesn't have many followers, and enjoys to developing close relationships with the few who learn of him and devote their life to his cause.
He is a very strong ally with Saint Cuthbert, and shares many of the same Allies and Enemies that Cuthbert does.

Amola was drawn to worship Saint Mathias after reading all he could find on Mathias's human life.
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Application (Complete)
Name: Rayka Tomlin
Race: Human / Female
Class: Bard
Age: 21
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Description: Bright pieces of stray fabric and cloth whirl outwards from the young, eye-catching figure dancing atop the wooden table.

Background: Rayka’s past exhibits an unrelenting passion for freedom, once caged by the conformity of security, in an effort to stretch its wings.

Personality: Rayka is defined by her insatiable lust for movement and freedom.

Deity: Metanya, minor goddess of wanderers.

Character Sheet: 100% Complete
Rayka Tomlin

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Name: Sebastian Telfair
Race: Human
Class(es): Fighter (Working toward duelist prestige class)
Age: 24
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Deity: Aquarius. Everytime he sets foot in any body of water, Sebastian silently prays to his god for good fortune.
Character Sheet

Description: Sebastian stands as tall as an average orc, with a lean and muscular frame resembling a half-elf. His short cut but wildly curly brown locks are speckled with blond bits, a result of his long tenured trips on the ocean. Although often solemn and tightlipped, his warm smile and deep blue eyes have often misled humans and sentient beings alike to underestimate his physical prowess. He is often seen by the water with his massive trident and unique fishing/fighting style net, although if a fight is imminenet, Sebastian rarely is seen without his majestic, emerald hilted rapier.

Background: Growing up in a small township in Frydenfurt, Sebastian has seen little of the world that the beach has to offer. There was nothing more mysterious than the depths of the ocean, and in addition to the unpredictable weather provided by his god Aquarius, excitement was never lacking in Emerald Harbor. Most of the citizens were born and bred, and while they accepted the customs of travellers and new inhabitants alike, the Emerald Harbor folks were a proud and distinct people. Seb spent his earlier years inseperable from his brother and his close-knit neighborhood friends. The aspirations of those in Emerald Harbor were to be the champion of the sea, and Sebastian was no exception. The "School" for young men challenged individuals in sea-faring, fishing, lore of the ocean, and melee combat. As soon as a young man reached age 16, he was eligible to service merchant boats and pirate ships alike, and deciding whether to be a pawn of the Magyars was frightening to Sebastian. He elected to serve smaller tasks, where his protection was not always guarenteed. The jobs mostly consisted of providing protection, knowledge, and good fortune from the ocean god Aquarius to miscellaneous merchants, the deeper the pocket the better. Sebastian finds himself escorting a merchant of questionable morale, withstanding any information of the delivery. Almost better this way, Sebastian thought, The less I know, the less liable I am to safe delivery. This escort was different though. Typically, there would be a caravan awaiting the shipment, but this merchant, a plump, pompous man practically ordered Sebastian and his younger brother Mathieu not only to rent and load the caravan, but to accompany him throughout the western trade route to Fewarn. "Remember brother, Mathieu would always note, "The higher the risk, the higher the reward."
And so it was. With his coin purse as full as his belly, Sebastian found himself wandering the streets of Fewarn with his younger sibling, wild-eyed with excitement and anxious about the unknown streets he had avoided for so long.

It was the noise that brought the pair of travelling siblings to the Wild Boar. Sebastian found himself entranced in the architectural structure of these buildings, particularly the churches, which stood directly on top of the ground. How unfortunate, he thought one tidal wave and thousands of gold would go to waste repairing these shrines. He laughed at his own thought though, he hadn't seen a single body of water in what had seemed like days. Turning to his younger brother, he held his remark of architectural differences of his native land to himself when he saw where his brothers attention laid. A stunningly beautiful woman was serenading the bar with an enchanting tune, and moving her body in a way that Sebastian had never seen in his 24 years. "Certainly not home brother, but I think I could stay here a while." Mathieu didn't know he was still in the room, nevermind speaking to him. They occupied a table and Sebastian made his way to the barkeep, with a smile as genuine as they come.

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Aranduriel Quynit

Race: Half-Elf
Gender: Female
Class: Paladin
Age: 31
Height: 5'5"
Deity: Correlon Larethian - prays at night, preferably in moon light
Looks: auburn hair, green-brown-ish eyes, stocky and muscular, rather than delicate.
Horse: Cidim - light brown coat, whitish mane/tail
Nickname: Aran

Learn something about Aran:

The rider with the light brown hair looked down from the sturdy and well-trained horse, mustering each person she passed and return all of the stares with little interest. Everything about her was silvery - except for her hair and eyes, which were green-brownish. She was asking for directions to the best inn in town - of course. Being as she was a paladin - probably worshipping Corellon Larethian - she would not settle for less.
The inn keeper greeted her as befited her status, showing her all the curtesy he felt he was obliged to. She took little notice of this, handing the horse to one of the stable boys and letting herself being shown into the common room. Her gaze showed the same arrogance as before. The room seemed to be barely acceptable for her. She settled down for a meal before asking for a bath in one of the rooms. She spent the evening cleaning her gear, checking her horse and having dinner. She took notice of everything that happened around her. So it was not surprising for her, when someone approached her, handing her an unaddressed letter. She opened it and and showed the first emotion ever since arriving in the town: it was written in the Elvish script. She decided to follow the road, the letter showed her.

Learn something about Arans past:

Aranduriel Quynit was born to an elven warrior, who was captured during the Magyar Wars by the Royalists, where she was tortured and raped. After months it was possible to free her, but by then it was too late. She had been driven mad by what she had to endure and she died a few years after Aran was born. She was raised by her grandparents, who loved her as a granddaughter, but who also had difficulties with her. Most of the time she spent alone, as also her peers would not and could not forget that she was no real elf. A paladin passing through the village told her of his order, which she found intriguing.
She managed to find one of the hidden temples and was accepted as a paladin-to-be. She learned to use the sacred weapon - the greatsword. It was the first time, she felt like the human side of her was actually helping her - it gave her the strength to handle the mighty sword. She excelled in her studies - both theoretical and practical - because she felt, it was the only way she could show her value. According to the rules of her order, she had to leave after her initial education and wander the world. This she had been doing the past two years.

If you want to know more, try asking her.
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Current Look:

Name: Reza Meing
Race: Human
Class: Sorcerer
Age: 23
Alignment: Neutral Good

Deity: Kassam, the god of secrets, knowledge, and magic, and is considered neutral good. He was known as the lieutenant of a neutral evil god, but had betrayed him in an epic battle. The reasons are unknown, but many believe that Kassam disagreed with the evil essence of secrets. Some secrets could protect or help if given to the right people. His favored weapon is the Punching Dagger (Katar) that in one swipe he used to severe his old master's hand. Reza prays to Kassam in times when he cannot understand a puzzle or before going to sleep so that knowledge can be revealed to him while he sleeps.

Description: This human stands at 5'7 and with an average build. With raven black hair that comes down to the neck and icy grey eyes that seem to pierce through steel. He wears a white long sleeve tunic, with a black sleeveless leather vest on top of it. His long pants are baggy and made out of a material that flows and moves comfortably and at the bottom they are tucked into some black riding boots. On his right hip a punching dagger hangs ready to be drawn quickly. He leans on a spear that has been decorated with runes and feathers. On his left shoulder a raven is perched.


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Name: Shartan Geoul

Race: Half-elf
Class: Sorcerer 4
Age: 26
Alignment: LG
Deity (incl. the times you pray): Heironeous, once nightly.





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Name: Klug
Race: Half-Orc
Age: 28
Alignment: C/G
Deity (incl. the times you pray): Kord , evenings at bed time.
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Name: Yerzhan Gar-Bohl
Race: Half-Orc
Class: Cleric (fluffed as a Shaman)
Age: 26
Alignment: Chaotic Good




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Name: Prefers going by Morganna unless her 'sillier' name (Hope Farmer) seems like it will be beneficial.Hope Morganna Farmer
Race: Half-elf
Class(es): Scorcerer
Age: 24
Alignment: Neutral Good
Deity (incl. the times you pray): Baccob (once in the morning (eventually briefly before performing 7+ level spellsgreat works)); Fharlanghn (just leaving a small 'gift'briefly whenever she passes a shrine)
Description: Morganna, true to her mixed heritage, stands almost 5'6” and has a slim build. She usually keeps her long, chocolate colored hair in a braid to keep it from her emerald green eyes. Her skin is flawless and lightly tanned from her recent travels. Comfortable and durable clothing, like that worn by monks or explorers, is her preferred type of clothing. That doesn't mean that she doesn't have a nice outfit or two for when she has to socialize with powerful merchants, mages, nobles and others of similar social status. Most of her clothing is in shades of green or blue with some brown and black accents. She has a small, sturdy horse and is almost never seen without Kaitae, her familiar.

An short example of your playing style:
"When people say a knight's job is all glory, I laugh, and laugh, and laugh. Often I can stop laughing before they edge away and talk about soothing drinks." ~Lord Raoul in Squire
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