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Old Apr 29th, 2012, 12:51 AM
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Eternity's End Staff Listings

When needed, the Head GM is always the final arbiter of all circumstances...

... and there will be cake.

*The Current Head GM is: WoLT, this position is worth 0xp per month.

*The XO (Executive Officer, acts in case of unexpected absence of the head GM) is: Insacrum

This position is worth 0xp per month. This position cannot be applied for. It is chosen by the head GM and may be reassigned at any time for any reason including no reason. In the event the Head GM steps down this person will become the head GM and will need to name their own supplementary XO. They also serve as the acting Head GM in the event the Head GM is missing (similar to an apprentice) and are afforded the same privileges and responsibilities as the Head GM in the absence of the head GM. Only the XO and Head GM may reward through the GM Altar.


Founders are considered well versed in the overall grand design and intentions of the project and are given noted respect for their influence and dedication to the project's grand design as well as PF system expertise. This position is honorary and worth 0xp per month.

*Council Members:
William Imm

Council Members are GM's that make recognized exceptional efforts and contributions to the game above and beyond expectation and will be asked to vote. All DnDOG site admins and moderators are considered honorary council members. Council members are appointed by the Head GM only as needed based on population growth and they may step down at any time for any reason. This position is worth 0xp per month.

*GMs: The GM pool is exactly what keeps the game moving and is always afforded proper respects. Every GM has a voice in discussion and is expected to contribute as they are able. All other GM's automatically fall into this category. This position is worth half of all adventure xp the GM hands out to be applied by another GM in accordance with GM rewards.

Meta Staff:


These officials are allowed to modify any existing source material such as adding new final drafted rules and making spelling and other corrections. If you encounter a typo, please bring it to their attention.This position is worth 1 xp per month.

Character Audit Official:
These Officials are in charge of audits and are considered experts in character crafting. They are entrusted with the responsibility of conducting all audits needed in a timely manner to ensure that the game runs smoothly and that all characters are legal for play.
This position is worth 1 xp per successful audit.
William Imm

Arena Battle Masters: These Officials run all PVP arenas and are in charge of making any rulings needed and conducting all procedures necessary.
This position is worth 1 xp per battle run.

Official Help Board Monitor: These officials are player support representatives that help players by answering simple questions (often with links to answers), helping them create characters and perform other simple tasks. These officials also take ideas from the players in the suggestion box and bring them to policy discussion if an idea is merrited. This position is worth 1 xp per month.

Official Specialty Rooms Monitor: This representative runs all specialty room operations and is a position is worth 2 xp per month.

Pub Monitors: These officials are in charge of maintaining a regular Pub NPC to interact with members especially when the pub is slow moving. They are also in charge of using the only when absolutely necessaryvoid wraiths to maintain order. This position is worth 1 xp per month.

Altar & Obelisk Monitor: This representative runs the altar and obelisk, a position that is worth 4 xp per month.
William Imm

GM Academy Instructor: These officials have not only graduated from the PBP GM Academy but have demonstrated expert GM skills and are hand selected to teach and coach apprentice GMs. Each apprenticeship completed at Phase 4 is worth 5 GMXP.

xp values may be subject to change depending upon workload accrued.

All GM XP accrued can be claimed through the GM Altar.

Please note that while this is a chain of command all GMs are expected to treat each other and each other's ideas with proper respect. The chain only exists for practicality's sake as getting 30 or more GMs to vote on something would likely prove impossible.

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