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Old 12-04-2013, 02:06 AM
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Tug Of War - Scoreboard

Tug Of War Winners
For purposes of this thread, those that lowered the count to zero will be known as Downers.
Those that raised the count to 1000 will be known as Uppers.

The Original match was started on October 24, 2007 by TheJackOfSpades back when the site was called

Dates are given in Month/Day/Year format.

The eternal struggle between Uppers and Downers, wages on today with the current Lifetime record at:

WinsLongest StreakFastest Win (Posts)Slowest Win (Posts)
Game TitleStartEndDaysPostsWinnerFinal PosterMVPMVP Posts
Tug of War I.I10/24/200712/19/2007561953DownersAldra  
Tug of War I.II03/01/200804/09/2008391235UppersTheKeck  
Tug of War I.III04/09/200804/17/200881409UppersTheKeck  
Tug of War I.IV04/17/200805/02/2008151099UppersTheKeck  
Tug of War I.V05/02/200805/27/2008251411UppersFink  
Tug of War I.VI05/27/200806/27/2008311188DownersSayyadinaAtreides  
Tug of War I.VII06/27/200809/30/2008952904UppersZhefonyll  
Tug of War I.VIII09/30/200811/30/2008611291DownersDeathRevived  
Tug of War I.IX12/01/200801/5/200935731UppersUchiha Shishimaru  
Tug of War I.X01/06/200903/26/2009792437UppersArucard  
Tug of War I.XI03/29/200906/16/2009792068DownersTheophilus  
Tug of War II.I*06/16/200909/28/20091044403UppersNaresh  
Tug of War II.II09/28/200910/22/2009241435UppersKitsuneOfTheRose  
Tug of War II.III10/23/200912/08/2009461216DownersAmos  
Tug of War II.IV12/08/200902/23/2010771944DownersJaggedblade421   
Tug of War II.V02/23/201004/05/20114063453UppersTrollking  
Tug of War II.VI04/06/201105/26/2011501933DownersDraconigenaArma  
Tug of War II.VII - 0 to 50005/26/201107/31/2011662979UppersArucard  
Tug of War II.VIII07/31/201109/21/2011521400DownersCoracodon  
Tug of War 3: The Battle Starts Again01/09/201204/10/2012921224UppersPyrate  
Tug of War 4: Can the score be evened up?05/05/201211/13/20121929633DownersArucard  
Tug of War 5: The Battle Rages11/13/201212/10/2012271569UppersQuori  
Tug of War 6: The Terror Continues12/19/201205/03/20131358135UppersEmbrodak  
Tug of War 7: The Battle Wages On.05/04/201305/09/201351755DownersRenen  
Tug of War 8: Rise of the Uppers.05/09/201305/09/20131678DownersShadow0136  
Tug of War 9: Fall of the Downers.05/10/201306/03/2013243125DownersRevolutionist  
Tug of War 10: Equilibrium06/05/201307/01/2013272323Downersprometheous100  
Tug of War 11: Balance07/06/201307/18/2013121194DownersShadow0136  
Tug of War 12: The Fall07/18/201307/25/20137650DownersShadow0136  
Tug of War 13: Skyfall07/25/201308/02/20139640Downers Given by Shadow0136Revolutionist   
Tug of War 14: Conquest of Numbers08/02/201308/07/20135555UppersShadow0136  
Tug of War 15: Raising the Bar08/08/201308/14/20137555Uppersprometheous100  
Tug of War 16: What goes up?08/14/201309/07/201324789DownersRevolutionist  
Tug of War 17: There Must Always Be A TOW10/13/201312/23/2013731202UppersYtterbium  
Tug of War 18: Return of the Revenge of The Bride of TOW12/28/201301/05/201491279UppersShadow0136  
Tug of War 19: Rise of the Centrists01/06/201401/21/2014151139UppersAzariah  
Tug of War 20: Center the Pod Bay Rope, Hal01/26/201402/02/20148505UppersMoonwhisper  
Tug of War 21: Blackjack!02/04/201402/14/201411822UppersKinder & Olivia Darkmagic  
Tug of War 22: My Funny Valentine02/14/201402/21/20148860UppersTotentanzen  
Tug of War 23: Pudding is Awesome!02/21/201403/11/2014191458UppersMimeRifle  
Tug of War 24: Chloe, it's Jack03/11/201403/18/20148572UppersPendragon  
Tug of War 25: Five by Five03/21/201404/17/2014281323UppersOlivia Darkmagic  
Tug of War 26: The Joke Was There Was No Joke04/18/201405/24/2014373982UppersAzariah  
Tug of War 27: Where Have All The Cowboy Bebops Gone?05/24/201406/20/2014282451UppersYtterbium  
Tug of War 28: A Boat, A Fox, A Rabbit, And Some Cabbage06/20/201409/26/20149914263DownersDread Reaper  
Tug of War 29: Nothing Goves Over My Head09/28/201410/14/2014172357DownersNightshade  
Tug of War 30: There is No Sanctuary10/15/201411/16/2014313621UppersTheOneTrueClone  
Tug of War 31: Choose Your Own Adventure Time11/16/201411/23/20148729UppersMoozuba  
Tug of War 32: Support Your Local Library11/25/201412/03/20149650UppersGiot  
Tug of War 33: brought to you by y, b, 7012/03/201412/22/2014191269UppersGath  
Tug of War 34: Han Fired First12/22/201401/10/201520891UppersNeqq  
Tug of War 35: Swimmin' Time Enough At Last01/10/201501/27/201518931UppersKinder  
Tug of War 36: The Luncheonette01/27/201502/22/2015262483UppersNeqq  
Tug of War 37: White Orchids and Red Gloves02/25/201503/15/2015191126UppersLady Silvermist  
Tug of War 38: And I Live By The River03/15/201504/14/2015302084UppersPendragon  
Tug of War 39: Would GYGAX like this?04/15/201504/26/201512674*uppersWilliam Imm  
Tug of War 40: We Like Integers04/27/201505/08/201514715UppersNeqq  
Tug of War 41: One On't Cross Beams Gone Owt Askew On Treddle05/08/201506/08/2015312737UppersMoonZar  
Tug of War 42: Life, The Universe, and Open Roleplaying06/09/201507/22/2015423634UppersBlack Jim  
Tug of War 43: M to the O to the Moozity Oozity Uba 07/25/201510/22/20159214656UppersLeoByron  
Tug of War 44: Waiting for the Mos Eisley Cantina Band Reunion10/23/201511/05/2015141286DownersKlar Slasher  
Tug of War 45: On Vinyl11/06/201511/26/2015211398DownersMcQuiggin  
Tug of War 46: Admiral Ackbar's Favorite Camping Gear? It's a Tarp!11/27/201512/18/2015221423Downersdirkoth  
Tug of War 47: Against The World Crime League12/19/201501/24/2016361342DownersXildur  
Tug of War 48: I'm Happy, Hope You're Happy Too01/24/201602/11/2016221101DownersGodRosen  
Tug of War 49: After All This Time?02/11/201603/13/2016321254DownersGodRosen  
Tug of War 50: Always.03/14/201604/20/2016382689DownersTojara  
Tug of War 51: You On Point?04/22/201605/08/201617965DownersTojara  
Tug of War 52: Working Part Time in a Five and Dime05/08/201606/04/2016282062DownersTerok Fetan  
Tug of War 53: The Same Intrigue as a Court of Kings06/04/201608/02/2016606750DownersPeachyco  
Tug of War 54: To The Show That Never Ends08/02/201609/05/2016354521DownersPeachyco  
Tug of War 55: The Danger Must Be Growing For The Rowers Keep On Rowing09/05/201609/22/2016181278UppersNeqq  
Tug of War 56: And I'm Zorak Ramone. And I'm Moltar Ramone.09/22/201610/05/2016141199DownersPeachyco  
Tug of War 57: It Keeps Me Stable For Days10/06/201610/28/2016231330DownersNycro Shears  
Tug of War 58: Welcome Great Pumpkin10/30/201611/27/2016291622DownersPeachyco  
Tug of War 59: When I Come Home11/27/201612/14/201618904DownersTheGreyWulf  
Tug of War 60: We're So Glad You Could Attend12/14/201601/03/201715963DownersTheGreyWulf  
Tug of War 61. 01/03/201701/29/2017271135DownersTotentanzen  
Tug of War 62. 01/30/201702/28/2017301293DownersPeachyco  
Tug of War 63. 03/01/201706/06/2017995005DrawNo Winner  
Tug of War 64: Under New Management06/09/201708/09/2017612,888UppersThe Rat Queen  
Tug of War 65: Infiltration08/10/201711/11/2017938,018DownersThe Rat QueenLeoByron1,102
Tug of War 66: Raucous Rodent Royalty11/14/201712/17/2017332,372DownersDargosImveros510
Tug of War 67: Next Stop, Tug of War Trading Cards12/21/201701/17/2018272,522DownersImverosImveros439
Tug of War 68: Imversion Therapy01/17/201801/30/2018131,699DownersOneDarknessImveros216
Tug of War 69: Down Down to Goblin Town02/1/201802/10/201891,167DownersAtraynImveros149
Tug of War 70: Year of the Ytterbium02/12/201802/19/20187743DownersYtterbiumYtterbium99
Tug of War 71: The Equilibrium Point02/20/201803/02/201810884DownersMcQuigginMcQuiggin164
Tug of War 72: The all Seeing Eye03/04/201804/01/2018293240DownersDemonlord SteveImveros478
Tug of War 73: Delectable Demon Danish04/02/201804/10/201881209DownersDargosImveros157
Tug of War 74: Dar Goes 'Nother One04/12/20184/23/201811773DownersDisaster MasterImveros119
Tug of War 75: Disaster Response Team04/23/201804/29/201861209DownersMcQuigginAtrayn203
Tug of War 76: Schrodinger's Zero05/03/201805/14/2018111055DownersDarkMemoriesImveros172
Tug of War 77: Dark Memories of Downer Dominion05/14/201806/01/2018183086DownersDarkMemoriesImveros353
Tug of War 78: Alluringly Sketchy Darkness06/04/201806/22/2018182652DownersMalchiorTheForgottenImveros338
Tug of War 79: The Rise of Team Branding06/24/201807/10/2018173872DownersXildurImveros325
Tug of War 80: The Art of Tug of War07/11/201807/24/2018132007DownersWhovianBeastImveros205
Tug of War 81: For Who the Tug Tolls07/26/201808/18/2018233055DownersImverosundeadrajib402
Tug of War 82: The Tireless Undead08/20/201809/04/2018151607DownersZetaImveros266
Tug of War 83: A Red Tie Affair009/04/201809/13/20189864DownersImverosImveros157
Tug of War 84: The Most Valuable Terminator09/17/201809/30/2018131221DownersImverosImveros212
Tug of War 85: A Score of a Score10/01/201811/23/2018538329DownersDisasterMasterImveros803
Tug of War 86: Overturned Tables11/28/201803/27/20191209072UppersTarusRetry1318
Tug of War 87: Hippity Hobbity04/02/201904/14/201912833UppersArkaonTotentanzen187
Tug of War 88: Eggcelent Eggercise 04/21/201907/02/2019725189DownersSageheartPig617
Tug of War 89: The Pull of Freedom07/04/201911/11/20191307989UpperHerofanHerofan1496
Tug of War 90: Winter is coming!11/12/201911/20/201910980DownerSilkImveros154
Tug of War 91: It's raining in Tokyo!11/22/201901/22/2020618512DownersageheartImveros1025
Tug of War 92: Moon o' War!01/22/202002/19/2020282014DownersageheartImveros364
Tug of War 93: An eye for an eye02/19/202003/19/2020303404DownerImverosImveros483
Tug of War 94: Stay home, Stay safe!03/21/202004/07/2020192085UpperCrimsonHerofan298
Tug of War 95: It's finally Easter!04/09/202004/26/2020171891UpperMackHerofan296
Tug of War 96: When people run in circles, it's a very mad world!04/26/202005/15/2020191815UpperHerofanHerofan268
Tug of War 97: The Stanley Cup playoffs are MIA05/18/2020-------

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The Scorekeeper now gives you the rules to this game. If you have any comments about the rules or during a game, please PM them to the scorekeeper. This will avoid any possibility of missing them within the numerous pages of posts that will follow.

The current scorekeeper is: MoonZar

The Game Rules
  1. Think of a rope marked with numbers. The rope starts at 500.
  2. Everyone who replies adds or subtracts 1 from the number. These are often called "Tugs"
  3. Those who add are known as the Uppers, and they win by getting the number up to 1000.
  4. Those who subtract are known as the Downers, and they win by getting the number down to 0.
  5. For your first post of any game thread, you must specify that you are either an Upper or a Downer. If you "switch sides" mid-game, you must also specify that you are now an Upper or a Downer. This is so no one "corrects the math" for you incorrectly during high volume game hours.
  6. Players are responsible for checking the current count before posting
  7. Players must wait for a period of time specified at the beginning of each Tug of War and wait for at least one other player to post before posting again.
  8. The person making the final "Tug" should PM the scorekeeper so that a new Tug of War thread can be created.

Posting Format:
Please keep the first line of your post the new tug value, and only the new tug value, to help avoid confusion. If you are ninja'd, please strike out your old value, and place the corrected tug value next to it.

Example555 556

The Downers are really tugging hard this match, but the Uppers aren't going to give up easily!

  1. As with everywhere else on RPGX, players are expected to be respectful and supportive of each other, regardless of team.
  2. Unsportsmanlike conduct can, and will, be assessed a numeric penalty to the score befitting the transgression against whichever team violated the rules of conduct. Violations should be PMed to the scorekeeper.
  3. Use the Report Post button to privately register (to the Site Moderators and scorekeeper) a complaint for things such as inflammatory language, or other site rules violations. Please allow the staff to handle these issues, and do not add to the situation.
  4. Due to the sheer number of Tug of War posts, it is one of the single most taxing areas of the site. Please consider contributing to some of RPGX's other community initiatives, such as the PotM & PotY, Welcoming New Members, Becoming a Community Supporter, or contributing an article to Explosive Runes, to help out around the site. If you would like other ideas on how to pitch in, please feel free to contact the scorekeeper.
  5. Directives from the scorekeeper are official, binding, and always in blue. No player should use blue text within their posts.

  1. RPGX Members may reach out to one and only one other RPGX Member per Tug of War [Thread], across any medium (#2).
    A single invitation in a shared medium such as a game's OOC thread is acceptable, keeping rule #5 in mind.
  2. A link within your signature does not count against your single recruitment invitation restriction.
  3. If an RPGX Member states that they are not interested, there should be no further recruitment efforts.
  4. Brand new RPGX Members may not be PMed with the sole intent of recruiting them.
  5. Recruitment efforts in other areas of the site should honor the intent of said area first and foremost. For example, a post in the New Member Introductions area should be individualized, primarily about welcoming new members, and not solely a recruitment effort.
  6. Recruitment should be done for the game itself, and not for one particular side or another.
  7. Team branded avatars are acceptable.
  8. Violations of the recruitment rules will result in an infraction for non commercial spam at a minimum.
  9. The scorekeeper may additionally level a temporary, or potentially, permanent ban from all current and future ToWs.

Learning mutants and masterminds!
Closed Thread

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