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Old Jun 2nd, 2014, 04:34 PM
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BAD-ASS Applications Explained

Better Application Design - Aeternis's Seminars on Stellar Applications

The application process we use here is hard.

No, don't try to deny that. It's difficult and there are lots of pitfalls left intentionally or otherwise to snare players. New members to this site can make a half-dozen applications before they get into a single game, and that's assuming they have help and advice in identifying what they did wrong.

Do I think there's a better way? Well, no. DMs like the process we have because it lets them be selective, and weed out perceived problems before they happen, but there's little out there in terms of knowledge base in how to navigate the process from the player side. I have for years answered questions and critiqued applications when new players vent their frustrations at being constantly rejected, and I know that most of those who are helped by that sort of advice would have loved to have some sort of knowledge base to help them get through the process right the first time.

To that end, I have created BAD-ASS Applications. This subforum is meant to be entertaining and educational, giving members a means of learning about all the pitfalls and dangers of the advertisement/application process without falling into them. The meat of the knowledge base here will be the "Lecture Hall" and the seminars therein, but this is not merely a vehicle for me to spew thousands of words at glass-eyed new members. BAD-ASS Applications is as much about practice as theory, and several exercises to hone gamers' character creation and application design skills will be provided.

This project is not a replacement for any other help document or new player service this site offers. Rather, it fills a gap that I've noticed in our help suite, a gap which causes many new players some degree of trouble. Content here assumes that the audience knows how to play in a Play-by-Post game, but has trouble drafting applications that get reliably accepted into games.

I hope this resource will prove valuable to many new players, and maybe even to old-hat members here and there.

Click here to begin!
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--[ A Guide to Applications ]--

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