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Old 09-07-2016, 03:15 AM
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Iron DM 2016!

Back in 2007, a man's fantasy became a reality in a form never seen before: Colatine brought to the forums of DnDOG a giant DMing arena. The motivation for spending his precious time to create the Iron DM Stadium was to encounter new original adventures and story ideas which could be called true artistic creations. To realise his dream, he called together members of the forums, and giving them an assortment of story ingredients, let them battle it out to prove just who would be the invincible author to claim the coveted title "Iron DM" with their writing skills.

Over the years, the Iron DM Stadium has been the arena where Iron DMs are forged:
  • RoBi took the title in 2007,
  • Pfooti won it in 2008,
  • Malikane claimed victory in 2009,
  • idilippy triumphed in 2010's competition,
  • Melchior, was the champion in 2011,
  • Toba rose to the top in 2012,
  • Bade took home the 2013 title,
  • Ion2Atom defeated the challengers in 2014, and
  • Moozuba snatched bragging rights in 2015.

This will be the tenth year of Iron DM, and thus the winner of this year's competition will be the 10th Iron DM born from our stadiums! Will Moozuba be able to do what none have done yet, and claim it twice in a row? Will one of our previous winners return for a surprising victory? Or is there someone out there, even now, who will rise to be the tenth Iron DM?

To start with, we will have our gauntlet opened to all - jump into the Round Zero competition, and see if you can make it through to the competition proper! Join with the other would-be winners as they use all their creativity to prepare artistic adventures never seen before. They will battle each other through the rounds, until there is only one left! And he or she will gain the people's ovation and fame forever. In every battle, reputations are on the line in the Iron DM Stadium, where DMs pit their artistic creations against each other. What inspiration does today's match bring? And how will the competition fight back? The heat will be on!
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