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Old 05-05-2017, 10:05 AM
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May Post of the Month

Got a great piece of prose to nominate? Someone write a beautiful paragraph or two in your game?

Nominate them for Post of the Month (POTM).

You can nominate others, or yourself, if you wish... we accept all, without judging.
Until the end of the month. Then, we judge, of course. And pick a winner.


Previous 2017 PotM Winners
January - Morathor
February - Huhart
March -- Eleven sided die
April -- Alcyone
May -- Nominate Now!

Now, show us who did the best work in May!
Do you collect stamps? please PM me!
Beguiler seeking mid level game... perhaps yours?
Nominate a Post of the Month!|Read up on the Short Story Competition|Get to the Writer's Block

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Old 05-21-2017, 04:36 AM
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Player: Bade
Character: Akahoshi Hiro
Game: The Mandate of Heaven
DM: Melchior

Reason for nomination:

The Mandate of Heaven is my newest game on this site, an Asiatic epic inspired by old wuxia stories and samurai films. This game has not been running for very long, but I have been pleased with the level of quality brought by my players all around. But this post in particular stood out to me.

Bade's character, Akahoshi Hiro, is a bit of a mystery. Growing up outside of what most would consider civilized society, he is at times wild and untamed but this belies an intelligent and curious mind. Akahoshi's greatest goal is to learn the art of blacksmithing, as metallurgy was something completely unknown to him in his previous life. This kind of goal is unusual for a PC, as something so mundane would usually be considered 'beneath' most PCs, but for that same reason I find that it adds depth to his character.

In this post, we get the first real look at Akahoshi's inner workings, how he feels as a man who has ventured far outside of his element, and the motives for which he has done so, as well as a glimpse into his past and the events that have spurred him to this point.


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Old 05-22-2017, 09:10 PM
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Player: Vaynol
Character: Ibore Steelheart
Game: Crimson Gauntlet
DM: Sirovai

Reason for nomination:

Hey everyone! Back again to nominate another! I don't know about the rest of you but beginning posts are huge in my opinion, it sets the tone for the adventure and gives you a much needed insight into someones writing style and their characters personality.

Vaynol is still relatively new to the site but he had an amazing opening post for his character that, not only was descriptive in such a way that drew me into wanting to up my post standard, but also gave the other members plenty of ties to work with. It is a solid post and honestly makes me want to cozy up next to a warm hearth because I feel so cold...

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