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Old 05-05-2017, 10:05 AM
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May Post of the Month

Got a great piece of prose to nominate? Someone write a beautiful paragraph or two in your game?

Nominate them for Post of the Month (POTM).

You can nominate others, or yourself, if you wish... we accept all, without judging.
Until the end of the month. Then, we judge, of course. And pick a winner.


Previous 2017 PotM Winners
January - Morathor
February - Huhart
March -- Eleven sided die
April -- Alcyone
May -- Nominate Now!

Now, show us who did the best work in May!
Do you collect stamps? please PM me!
Nominate a Post of the Month!

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Old 05-21-2017, 04:36 AM
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Player: Bade
Character: Akahoshi Hiro
Game: The Mandate of Heaven
DM: Melchior

Reason for nomination:

The Mandate of Heaven is my newest game on this site, an Asiatic epic inspired by old wuxia stories and samurai films. This game has not been running for very long, but I have been pleased with the level of quality brought by my players all around. But this post in particular stood out to me.

Bade's character, Akahoshi Hiro, is a bit of a mystery. Growing up outside of what most would consider civilized society, he is at times wild and untamed but this belies an intelligent and curious mind. Akahoshi's greatest goal is to learn the art of blacksmithing, as metallurgy was something completely unknown to him in his previous life. This kind of goal is unusual for a PC, as something so mundane would usually be considered 'beneath' most PCs, but for that same reason I find that it adds depth to his character.

In this post, we get the first real look at Akahoshi's inner workings, how he feels as a man who has ventured far outside of his element, and the motives for which he has done so, as well as a glimpse into his past and the events that have spurred him to this point.


Bleach d20: Trouble in Paradise (HoF: 2015) [Co-DM] || Purge (HoF: 2017) [GM]
Old 05-22-2017, 09:10 PM
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Player: Vaynol
Character: Ibore Steelheart
Game: Crimson Gauntlet
DM: Sirovai

Reason for nomination:

Hey everyone! Back again to nominate another! I don't know about the rest of you but beginning posts are huge in my opinion, it sets the tone for the adventure and gives you a much needed insight into someones writing style and their characters personality.

Vaynol is still relatively new to the site but he had an amazing opening post for his character that, not only was descriptive in such a way that drew me into wanting to up my post standard, but also gave the other members plenty of ties to work with. It is a solid post and honestly makes me want to cozy up next to a warm hearth because I feel so cold...

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Old 05-29-2017, 02:11 PM
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Posts: 9,840
Player: Theoryaction
Character: Stormy McLeod
Game: Fast Paced, Combat Centric, Homebrew Setting (DnD 5e)
Game thread/page with nominated post: Chapter 3 - Back to the Beginning, page 111, post #1658
DM: Agrudez

The reason for nomination:
This post is a jarring realization from a character that her world view - nigh, her entire reason for existence - is perhaps not as satisfying as she had hoped. Stormy has a depressing past - having watched her lover be abducted, tortured and murdered by a mysterious man whom she now pursues. She joined her present band of adventurers a few days back and was quickly "rewarded" as she encountered a vile man named Mardy (whom, side bar, was a former PC that had fought alongside the party, but was outed as a double agent for a secretive and brutal organization) whom invoked the name of her lover's attacker - Aster. Seeing this as an obvious opportunity to gather intelligence or the man she pursues, she subdued Mardy and set about putting together (if I may editorialize for a moment) a rather grotesque method of torture - leaning into her darker tendencies brought about by the tragedy she had experienced.

As the torture went on; however, she quickly realized that this act was not the salve for her wounds that she had hoped. If anything, it merely dug the blade deeper... and twisted it. In her pursuit of a monster she had, indeed, learned some pertinent information for her endeavor, but had she become one herself in the process? Was there a way to turn back from this or was it too late? These are questions brought about by this post - whose answers I very much look forward to learning. This is a beautiful display of organic roleplaying brought about by the realization of the consequences of a character's actions.

The Post:

Some context for the post (ie. the conversation preceding it):

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Old 05-30-2017, 05:54 AM
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Player: Adorios
Character: Biongor
Game: The Korvosa Chronicles: Curse of the Crimson Throne
DM: Thorsten

Reason for nomination:

Biongor is something of a tortured soul. Kidnapped as a child and abused for years on end by Gaedren Lamm - Korvosa's more sinister version of Fagin from Oliver Twist - he is far from anyone's vision of a hero. During his captivity, Biongor was put through a lot, but eventually saw the light and escaped and now serves as a brother of Sarenrae's church. Now he's part of a group of vigilantes determined to bring an end to Lamm's reign of terror, and to prevent anymore abuse of Korvosa's many orphan children.

This post is mid-combat with most of the group being somewhat ineffectual (as 1st lvl PCs sometimes are). As a result Biongor finds himself forced to cross blades with the half-orc thug they are facing.

What springs out to me is not the description of how awesome at fighting Biongor is, but rather the reservations, thoughts and justifications running through his head as he plans to raise his weapon with the intent of harming another person for the first time in his life.

Way to often PCs come off as homicidal maniacs who do not think twice about taking a life. Biongor shows another refreshing spectrum of that struggle by having reservations about harming another - even if that other is a despicable rake in the service of the very man who held him as a captive and a slave for years on end.


Going through a rough patch in my life. Forgive me if I forget a post.
Father of a proud toddler. Expect the next 18+ years to be erratic and/or chaotic.

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Old 05-30-2017, 09:12 AM
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Player: gotha
Character: Agnes Wildes
Game: Dragonclaws
DM: Osse

Context: The Cult of the Dragon had been recruiting heavily for the past few seasons, preparing for something big. Among these new recruits was Agnes, an old witch and storyteller, who travels around with the ghost of her dragon-loving grandson. Every player character in the game had been given a different mission to accomplish for the benefit of the cult. The missions also serve as tests to see which ones are cut out for higher ranks.
Stauntun's HauntingThe cult seeks to frighten a very rich but lowborn shipping merchant of Baldur’s Gate, Beltaegur Stauntun, into sponsoring the cult. Stauntun is bedeviled by the whispering ghosts of his dead wife and father, who both constantly criticize his investments and decisions, and give him “firm and fierce” advice, but often disagree heatedly with each other. These ghosts must be destroyed, but replaced by cult-controlled voices of the unseen that Stauntun will believe are his father and wife still haunting him—and will obey, however grudgingly, in making key investments and decisions that will benefit the cult.

No cult operatives who have sufficient skills and power can be spared from more important cult activities, so third parties (presumably in Baldur’s Gate) must be found, and some means of subverting them decided upon and successfully deployed. Could the wandering-wits old wizard Armuld Gloathen of the Gate serve? He seems to spend much of his dotage trying to breed and train griffons, and reputedly knows a spell that allows him to temporarily take griffon shape; could this be of use to the cult?
This one was Agnes'.

I am nominating this post for the way that Gotha had set everything up. All of the locations and NPCs that she had created for the story served a purpose. I often see people do long posts, but rarely something like this where only a little amount of the details could be considered fluff. The dialogue is fluid, the characters feel real, and the cascade of events make good sense.

The Post:
Old 05-31-2017, 04:57 PM
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Player: Savoylen
Character: DM
Game: Descent: A dragon's tale
DM: Savoylen

Reason for nomination
Savy is the DM of this fantastic game where players play both a PC and a dragon which are bonded together as two entities sharing a life thread. We started off as children hatching our dragon eggs and bonding and then from then on it has generally been chaos, running, and the big scary world. Things come at us from all angles as the children try to figure out what happened and their role in the world (after being kept in a set of caverns for most if not all their lives before hand).

This post comes in after we've all just had our first long dragon sleep and everyone has aged a little and our dragons got bigger than most of us for the first time. But we were also transported into a new "safer" place by a god. We woke up and went exploring only to find an execution (by burning to death) in progress. A massive battle ensued only stopping when my characters were pretty much dead and had to be revived by the enemies leader. As it turned out the leader was a young girl in charge of many orc clans on an island and was trying to burn a druid from the main land. Some how a parley was declared, after three days, we all gathered together surrounded by a true horde of orcs. There were three parties the orcs, us, and the druid. We spent the whole day speaking, any one of those posts could have been nominated, tales where told of each of their histories and ours and we had begun to ask questions about each of them as the day drew to a close and the parley was stopped for sleep.

This posts comes that next morning. If you're going to stop a parley and break the rules, and leave us with even more questions, he did it perfectly. It also proved that perhaps we weren't the only Bonded still alive.

CO-DM of The City of Endless Arenas - We're always looking for new players!
Old 06-02-2017, 07:38 AM
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Posts: 3,181
Player: Seravok
Character: DM
Game: Return to Ravenloft: Curse of Strahd
DM: Seravok

Reason for Nomination
Fantastic DM who continually provides highly detailed posts such as the one linked which contains detailed map, atmospheric music, turn summary, NPC/PC overview etc. The sheer level of detail included shows a heavy commitment to make the game as good for the players as he can. Keeps all the players heavily involved in the game, and builds up the atmosphere of the encounter well allowing the players to focus on the roleplaying.

The Post
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