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Old 05-30-2017, 12:18 AM
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Act 3 Scene 4 Red Sky in Morning

It is still early morning, the parley was set to start some three hours later. The sun was just rising...red in the morning sky. It was the feeling of dread that struck first.

Then the sky seemed to catch fire. Warning horns sounded and for a few moments, the horde of orcs looked like they were going to organize into formations to face whatever it was that was coming.

Coming over the hills to the west of the clearing was a dark moving shadow, and a moment later fire pored from the front setting the forest before it on fire. From the various tents around the field, each flying its banners, orcs, people, and in some cases, dragons poured forth just in time to see a the dreaded sight - a flight of adult red dragons pouring death in all directions.

Mass fear and hysteria overwhelmed everyone... Orc warriors tried to mount defenses in pockets. It was in these locations that the flight of 6 red adult red dragons would efficiently swoop down and decimate in fire... three dragons breathing at once to focus their energy on specific targets, often smelting the ground to obsidian.

It became clear that as soon as the main parley tent when up in flames, that none of the tents to the south were targeted, yet all the tents to the north were burning. Fear paralyzed the flight of young dragons and their people - it seemed like hours, yet in reality, only minutes passed while they watch, trying to comprehend what their young eyes were actually seeing.

More cries rose as large flames crest the hills to the north. It would be discovered that this village was completely burnt to the ground with most everyone who was not a warrior, still in it. As the flight of young dragons looked, a small red dragon appeared from the north - just as the village was put to the flame. Unlike the other dragons, this small red dragon had a rider. As it swung down to meet the other dragons - all adults, it was clear its rider was young herself - an elf.

One of the large adult males touched down quickly and then rose again, this time carrying the druid, Hael. Not more than 10 minutes after they arrive, the six adult red dragons plus the young one flew over the ridge to the south toward the open sea.
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