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Old 10-01-2017, 09:15 AM
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October Post of the Month

October is here... Spring for some, Indian Summer for others, and the end of the month is Halloween! It's that time of year to nominate someone you feel did a wonderful job, and maybe they can win POTM!

You can nominate others, or yourself, if you wish... Do know, however, that use of the Wish spell is forbidden in getting the judges to choose your nomination. We have Spell Resistance.


Previous 2017 PotM Winners
January - Morathor
February - Huhart
March -- Eleven sided die
April -- Alcyone
May -- Adorios
June -- Tilal!
July -- Khelbiros
August -- Gallupsmirror
Sept -- Coming soon!

Now, show us who did the best work in October!
Old 10-10-2017, 04:47 AM
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Player: Eleven Sided Die
Character: Ameya
Game:Curse of the Crimson Throne
GM: Thorsten

Reason for Nomination: The game has reached a point where things are getting wrapped up and we finally can get to flesh out our character’s backstory. ESD's witch, Ameya is portrayed as being from the slums and with an awareness and consciousness about the downtrodden in the great City. When the PC in the party reveals that he in fact is a noble, the short fuse is ignited for a climactic blast.

I really like that ESD takes the game around these character differences and open up the can for everyone to join in. We could easily have agreed that we had been heroes and the next step would be thwarting more evil, but this make the story so much more interesting and read worthy.

Take a look.

Link to post
Old 10-19-2017, 09:42 PM
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Nominee: Arcana1986

Game: The Crystal Tablets

Reason for Nomination: For context, this post is one in which Arcana1986, who is the GM of the aforementioned game, is giving information to my character Aljara'a, who was perusing the library to discover more knowledge about a temple the newly formed party must covertly enter and take something of import from.

Anyways, for the reason I nominated this post! One of the things I love most in a game is that game's lore. It's early in this game, but already Arcana1986 has managed to intrigue me about a villainous entity from ages past, the King of Demons. I also find the use of an epic poem to be wonderfully done and immersive. This really felt like something a character might pick up from a tome of ages-past when trying to discover useful lore for a quest. This isn't the only time Arcana's made a post like this, either, and I think it's really a fine job overall, and the section about removing eyes gave me a little chill. It's got all the hallmarks of a riddle or wordplay, and I love that stuff. I love that spending time doing something as small as perusing books in a library returned this little gem of a post.

Link to post
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Old 10-23-2017, 10:52 AM
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Nominee: JackinIrons
Character: Oota Dabun
Game: The Beauty and the Beast With Tigers in-between. (Sub-Game thread for Guardians of the North)
DM: LeoByron (That would be moi)

Reason for nomination: I recently rebooted an old game of mine and have had the pleasure of drawing some of the finest talent on RPGX, at least as far as I can tell. JackinIrons has been posting with consistent quality from the beginning of the game but his "Between the Lines" post stands out for me. His character is a horribly disfigured Hobgoblin with Ogrekin blood and his lot in life has been to live as a slave to an evil profiteer Hiram Dabun. Oota, is not evil, however, but is no less accustomed to being feared and reviled by the citizens of a local town.

In this post JackinIrons elegantly shows us some of Oota's inner turmoil and the difficulty he faces in forming friendships with people who do not revile him and who actually make efforts to reach out to him. Circumstances have led him to share a room with Lady Winter, a beautiful sorceress played by LittleBlueNA, our September PotM winner, and her beloved Tiger companion Lena. Winter reaches out to Oota and attempts to connect with him. He is confused and touched but he does not quite know how to express himself. This post touched me and I thought it deserved a PotM nomination.

Link to the original post

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Old 10-26-2017, 12:35 AM
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Nominee: Friscoborn
Character: Nowles "Knock" Falorin
Game: NPSG (New Player Solo Game)
DM: Zany

Friscoborn is a new arrival to RPGx, a new arrival to PbP and a new arrival to tabletops in any form. So it is that he comes to be one of my NPSG players. New by no means defines skill or talent though as this set of two posts clearly show. Yes two posts, they are consecutive and were posted a mere ten minutes apart but we had not yet had cause to discuss how to present a post over a broken period of time so I think it fair to consider the two as one. Of course the original post is private so only the judges can follow the link.

{I edited out the dice rolls from the OOC to avoid the dreaded red boxes.}

Having sustained some injuries Friscoborn's character, Knock, decides to take some time to heal and recover (5e Hit Dice) but rather than just simply write the time period off and roll for recovered hit points he presents this little side story, a delightful read indeed.

Original first post of the two.

Old 10-29-2017, 04:58 AM
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Player: Megiddo
Character: Nunataq
Game: Guardians of the North
GM: LeoByron

Reason for Nomination: There are several things done very well in this post. We get quite a bit of insight into the character, and we get a brilliant report on past events. It's easy to read and it... it really hits home the gravity of what has happened, with beautiful description and great detail.

Original Post Here.

Old 10-30-2017, 12:37 AM
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Game: The Desolate Continent: Rise of the Gods
GM: Cipher

Reason for Nomination: The Desolate Continent: Rise of the Gods is a fairly new game, starting back in August. The original advertisement (here for anyone interested) drew a lot of attention for a GM who was brand new to the site at the time. Usually, I have a rule about applying to games with GMs that have exceptionally low post counts, but this one caught my eye. Cipher has been a literary inspiration for the entire cast, and his GMing style is unique and immensely enjoyable.

The post itself moves the story forward from sundown to mid-morning the next day and utilizes all three of the DM's heroic NPCs as storytellers. For a bit of background, the players are part of a group of 300 people who were sent to colonize a newly discovered continent, of which only ~70 made it to the shore. They landed approximately 24 hours before the start of this post, and they have almost no water. A scouting familiar returned with news of a waterfall up a nearby inlet, but the survivors had struggled with how best to proceed given that they didn't have enough room on the longboats for everyone. In the end, the party was split, with most people traveling to the alleged waterfall, and some remaining behind for a second trip.

Link to post.
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