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Old 03-02-2018, 04:33 PM
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March POTM

Have you done gotten someone that wrote gooder this month?

Be sure to nominate them for POTM. It's fast and easy, and doesn't cost a dime. Hit them with some RPXP too, while you nominate them.

We are always looking to recognize and reward those who strive to take our imaginations above and beyond!

You can nominate yourself or others, just remember to nominate!
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Old 03-04-2018, 08:17 PM
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Player: Melchior
Game: Dragonball: Wrinkles in Time
GM: Hound
Link to Post

Reason: While likely Melchior is already on the board here somewhere with the quality of work that the man consistently puts up, but regardless, this post serves as one of his best and thus, whether or not he has already won this thing before, worthy of due recognition. First of all, Dragonball is not a franchise known for its deep character development, but Melchior has demolish this stereotype in his depiction of Celeri, the group's notable Saiyan member. He delivers a depth of character portrayal that is as detailed and every bit good as the action in his fight scenes that the series is famous for and this post gives you a taste of both.

The post depicts two parts, first was her coming to the Lookout and meeting with Kami-sama, the guardian of the earth, and literally "god" of the world. It is from this first meeting that Melchior uses the metaphor of the storm to depict the inner turmoil of Celeri expertly but also uses it as an opportunity to describe and portray the NPC Kami-sama in very real and very human manner. The depiction culminates and shows the coming of age and emergence of Celeri from the tumultuous and uncertainty of a teenager, which he portrayed in his previous chapters, to that of a young woman now more certain and confident of her way into the future.

There is so much more I can say about this post, from the details of the environment to the subtle emotional overtones in the characters as they interact with one another, but for the sake of expediency I will end it with that and with an earnest recommendation to read this post. It is well worth the time and I know I learned more than a thing or two from reading it.


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Old 03-11-2018, 09:12 AM
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Game: The Dragons of Despair
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Reason for Nomination:

First of all, I have to say that I feel pretty uncomfortable putting myself up for nomination — it feels quite egotistical in some ways, but I guess there’s reasons why I wanted to put this up which I’ll go into.

In the Dragonlance canon, there’s a moment that is particularly iconic, and that is the revelation of the Blue Crystal Staff’s ability and the sign that perhaps the gods of Krynn aren’t completely lost to the world. Although my own game has strayed from the direction of the novels to a small extent, I wanted to pay homage to the events of the novels and treat that particular revelation with the respect it deserves. Ultimately, I used a character I was playing to convey the importance of what was happening.

Savelius Salloran is broken. Struggling with the loss of his partner, he has lost his faith in both himself and the gods. Having searched for the gods for five years, he has given up on them. Believing the gods to be gone, he finds himself somewhat lost with nothing to believe in. The two elves in the game, wounded and exhausted, pray for a sign of the gods, a sign of hope where they are beginning to believe there is none. Savelius believes that their prayers are futile and pointless, so when the staff suddenly reacts, healing their wounds, he is overwhelmed at the shock and the sudden realisation that perhaps there is something that he can believe in.

It is a defining moment for the character.

I’ve written longer posts before, much much longer posts than this one, however I can’t remember a time that I ever managed to successfully convey everything I wanted to say before in one post the way I can with this one — and I guess ultimately that’s why I wanted to put this forward for the PotM contest. I hope you enjoy it .

Old 03-12-2018, 08:58 PM
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Nominee: ekidnu
Game: Carrion Crown
GM: Sassafrass
Link: Here

Reason: The scene is that half the party is introducing a group of NPCs to the defendant in the case they're assisting, a flesh golem with child-like sentience that they've named Sulliviani but is known locally as the Beast of Lepidstadt. The Beast, eloquent but simple in his understanding of the world, is telling tales of the people he's met who have been friendly to him, and asks the party if they have any stories, and accepts them with child-like abandon. Mara decides to offer her own, which is not-so-subtly her background for how she joined the game. ekidnu is one of my two remaining original players and characters, and Mara is near and dear to me. This was incredibly sweet and fantastically done.
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Old 03-13-2018, 01:12 AM
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Player: Zinrokh
Game: Return to Ravenloft: Curse of Strahd
DM: Seravok
Linked Post

Reason for Nomination: Zinrokh’s character Heinrich is an old soul who has a strong sense of conviction and survival in the Lands of Barovia. When Heinrich was tasked to investigate some missing relics of a troubled Church, his investigation was spot on, and his deduction and conclusion was impressive. Then he storms out of the building to confront the culprit and intimidates the teenager into spilling the truth. The role playing was executed perfectly and the scene was inspirational.


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Curse of Strahd
Icewind Dale
40k Armies at War

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Old 03-21-2018, 03:17 PM
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Player: Dracina
Game: Reign of Winter
DM: Dressedtojazz
Linked Post

Reason for Nomination: Even heroes can have second thoughts on their means to reach their goals of goodness. After a reckless hunt through harsh weather Cherin's group finally finds the lodge where the culprits seems to have taken the lady in distress as captive. They storm the building and make it a glorious bloodbath worth a bard's tale. Friends and enemies fall, but in the end the good guys stands victorious. In this post, Dracina winds down and contemplates and adding so much flavor to the average fighter with both poetry, honor, soap and a sense of uprooting.


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