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Old 12-01-2019, 06:44 AM
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December POTM

December is a busy time, with holidays and family, and year end wrap ups at work.

But, there's always time to recognize a fellow gamer for their hard work. It only takes a few seconds to nominate someone's good writing here, and then let the judges do all the hard work after the holidays, and pick a winner.

Why not? Maybe while the turkey cooks, or that bowl game halftime show is on, you can nominate someone who impressed you with their prose.

It's easy.
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Old 12-11-2019, 09:23 AM
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Player Nominated: Jon
Game: Curse of Strahd
DM: Begon Ugo

Link: The loss of Aran-Tho

Reason: Gauth-Touri of the Auranthanati is a new arrival in Barovia, brought through the mists with his young charge Aran-Tho. The mists, however, have separated the two and while Gauth is able to join up with a group of stranded adventurers... Aran-Tho is lost. In their attempts to reach safety as they travel towards Vallaki, the group comes upon a rundown mill and they enquire within about the Goliath's missing apprentice. After what turns into a desperate battle against two hags, Guath is able to make his way upstairs to the third floor of the mill.

I believe this post strikes all the right emotional cords. You feel Gauth's loss... like a punch in the gut. His charge is dead... tortured... and for Guath there is no going back. Gauth doesn't realize there is no way to return home from Barovia but even if he did... at this point it wouldn't matter. As Gauth says,"Worry not, I shall not return.”

I have unleashed a goliath monk upon Barovia and I think at this moment even Strahd himself is beginning to worry.

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Old 12-12-2019, 10:40 AM
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Player Nominated: UngainlyFool
Game: Decent into Avernus - Devil Team
DM: DaysUntold

Link: Click

Reason: We were given "homework" by the DM to concoct a dark secret that held the party of misfits together like glue as they started the adventure and moved forward unto hell. Being the creative man he is, UF decided to have a bout of fun with his version of the secret after it was suggested we frame it in the perspective of each individual character. His character, Malconus, is a bard who enjoys telling tales and as such has framed his perspective in the form of a play.
It is not done yet as he still has Acts ii and iii to finish yet it is already highly enjoyable and different to see in games.

Old 12-17-2019, 01:57 PM
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Flames of Heliandria - Olympia
Player Nominated: Olympia
Game: The All Realm: Flames of Heliandria
DM: Olympia

Link: Gold Shadows

Reason: In the past few months that I've spent playing in Olympia's game, one thing has stood out to me more than anything else. They have done some of the most incredible world building that I have ever seen. This tomb is located in a city in a completely unique world, that the characters are working on overtaking. When one player made a successful history check, they suggested that the city have some connection to Aurelia, an egyptian-esque empire across the ocean. Olympia took that small suggestion and turned it into a living, breathing place that has every player entirely immersed in the experience. In addition, their beautiful descriptions would fit in perfectly among the pages of a well written novel and they take the time to make sure every character has their moments, allowing each to shine in their own way. The posts that Olympia inspires the players in the game to write only reinforces how powerful their story telling is.

I've unsecreted part of the post, because I think it adds to the overall effort and experience.


Thanks Begon Ugo for the formatting

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Old 12-18-2019, 02:15 PM
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An Untimely Encounter -Silk
Player Nominated: Silk
Game: An Untimely Encounter
DM: Silk

Link: A day in the life of Frank

Reason: Players get their time to show off their character chops in every post, but some of my favorite DM posts are ones that take a tertiary NPC or enemy and develop them into a living and breathing person. Silk did this wonderfully in their game recently. When a character cast a mind control spell on a facility guard opposing the group, Silk could have wrapped up the success with a few lines, instead we got a fun look into the mind of Frank and how the spell did its subtle work on him. Fun stuff.

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Old 01-07-2020, 01:56 PM
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Player Nominated: Sassafrass
Game: Decent into Avernus - Demon Team
DM: DaysUntold


Reason: First posts tend to draw a lot of attention, and why not? The first time a character bursts into our mind, we are riveted, sometimes even astonished. A new person has been born, and we should celebrate those moments.

This post is a glorious birth, a Venus on the half-shell. Sassafrass introduces us to Relena Goodknight, a bit of a rake and a confirmed scoundrel. Of particular note is the way the cadence of the post dances from detail to detail, staccato and swift. It rocks and it heaves, back and forth, twitching ever toward the closing line. So too does Relena speak: in a river that flows and eddies and dances with itself, at once bewildering and illuminating. As the post winds up, we see the core contradiction: Relena does not always speak of that which she knows.

Welcome to Relena, friends, and may you enjoy her as much as I do.

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