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Old Apr 14th, 2020, 07:28 PM
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The Hunt for Easter Bunny: Winner!

We are happy to announce the winner of our Annual Easter Bunny Hunt!

This year's winner of the Easter Bunny Hunt was Hotsusama! Hostusama found all 14 of the hidden eggs, and then put the clues together to figure out that this year's bunny was none other than the King of Downers and greeter of New Players, Imveros!

Hotsusama will be awarded a prestigious (artisanal) graphic image to commemorate his achievement as the 2020 Easter Bunny Hunt Winner.

For those who are curious, here are the clues found in the hidden eggs.

1The Great Big Community Appreciation Thread - p.1Our Bunny couldn't stay in a school for longImveros moved a lot during his school years, and attended a lot of different schools
2[OOC] The Tangled Vine Tavern - p23Our Bunny tries to get more iron in his diet all the timeIron DM hopeful
3Kid's Birthday? Other Celebration? No Party? Celebrate here! - p.1Our Bunny hangs with shameless murder hobosImveros complains about his group being murder hobos every time legend of the five rings is brought up
4Haikus: Write Them - p.41Our Bunny isn't blue, but can be a bit of a downerImveros is a downer in Tug of War
5[Mechanics] Rules for Post of the Month Competition - p.1ROUSs? Yeah, our bunny has seen them.Imveros lives near Disneyworld, where a rodent of unusual size also lives
6Help, we lost our GM! (Replacement GM Policy)Teaching people to teach people to cook.This is his actual job, for a major grocery store chain
7Noob question - green dotsOur Bunny loves Seattle; past, present, and futureShadowrun reference, absolutely!
8Your Dungeon Master's CreedEverything you wanted to know about thermometers but were afraid to ask.Again, part of his job as a food preparation instructor for grocery stores
9Ask the Sage: Quick Rules Questions volume 6 (5e)The Star Child Hypothesis is HERESY!Part of his love for Warhammer 40K
10[Comments] The Coffee Shop - p64Our Bunny is NOT a robot.In some of his games, his attention to detail has been called "robotic" by many.
11Helpful Tips for New Members - p.1Our Bunny's lucky number is the same as the number of eggs he left.14 is his lucky number.
12Greetings from AlaskaOur bunny is very greetOne of the more regular greeters in the newcomer threads
13How do you create a Character Sheet. - p.1Our Bunny isn't blue, but his favorite color isPretty simple...
14[Game Thread] Tug of War 94: Stay home, Stay safe!Our Bunny practiced running from gators in schoolA subject actually taught in Imveros' grade school

Thanks to all who participated, and we hop you enjoyed it! If you didn't enjoy it, that's okay, we don't carrot all!
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