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Old Oct 20th, 2020, 05:42 AM
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The BIG TABLE of people looking for games to play/GM

Let's do some Matchmaking!

right-aligned image

C:\ run rpgcrossing
C:\ run sologamesbazaar.exe
C:\ run matchmaking.exe
Initializing Welcome Screen... done.
Initializing Matchmaking Table... done.
Loading Graphics... done.
Auto-detecting Game System... error.
No Game System selected.
Auto-detecting Game Master... error.
No Game Master Selected.

Please Select a Game System:

This table is the heart of the Bazaar - the tool we use to connect with other players and GMs interested in playing in or running a Solo Game. If you are looking for a solo game, or looking to run a solo game, make one post in the matchmaking thread listing your desired game systems, what you would be interested in running or playing, any specific preferences, and a desired posting rate. We will add you to the table below.

A note, aka Give your DMs a helping hand: This is not a strict requirement, but if you want, you can add to your first post a table row already formatted, so we can just copy/paste it and drop it in the table below. Just copy this line, edit it and drop into your post:
copy this User | Willing to DM | Wants to Play | Preferences | Desired Posting Rate

If you want to be really helpful, go ahead and self-link your personal profile URL to your name in the first cell. But really, if you don't know what I'm talking about it's all right, we can do that -- a formatted table row is already great

A clarification: You don't have to formally be a GM to actually GM a game. The "GMs" here are more like admins, who have the power to edit all the posts (like this one) and setting up folders. You shouldn't need any subfolders (most solo games, in fact, use a single thread with fieldsets and spoiler tags to distinguish between OOC and game posts). If for some reasons you absolutely need a subfolder... think again. You probably don't! If you still do, you can always PM a GM. GM a PM. Huh?

That's all, so if you are interested, work out a trade with someone and get to playing!


User Willing to DM Wants to Play Preferences Desired Posting Rate
NostraDomus d100s like CoC, Mythras, etc...Basic Roleplay Game, PbtA and BitD, Fantasy AGE, Cypher System I love trying and learning new systemsAlmost anything I love learning and playing new systems. Super Heroes, modern day horror, espionage, space opera are my Go-Tos for right now, but that changes. Character based games. Action Games. Anime style games. Honestly, if you have an idea you want to try out, reach out and I'll probably be interested enough for at least a one shot. 2x a week
Darnahroc not yet dnd 3.5e, pf1e, d20modern low level, lots of loot, good story open to discussion or as often as desired by DM/GM
Sirviantis Maybe later? Don't call me, I'll call you! I don't want to have to shoot anyone down if I'm not 100% for it, y'know? Pokémon! (PTU 1.05?) My very own pokémon journey through new lands 1-2/week? approximately
junction D&D 4e, SWADE, Ubiquity Pathfinder 2e (total noob), D&D 4e, SWADE, Ubiquity lower levels, small-scale goals, focused on smaller locale or exploration several times a week
orbiter911 class-less (WR&M, Fate, WoD, Savage Worlds, Unisystem, etc.), and D&D5e without high-level magic same as GMing plot-based or character-focused, gritty, grey to dark, lower scope (not saving the universe again), lots of social interaction, meaningful combat variable, 2-5 times a week
Dworin FATE FATE, DSA, others (though I'd have to learn D&D) most genres, less hot on horror and scifi about once every two days (more often if life allows)
Hotshot lasgun
GURPS, WoD, FATE, Wrath & Glory 1e, Twilight 2000 v4
im looking for a fate core game set in the witcher universe. +5 pyramid, 5 refresh. also interested in a Jason bourne style solo game in fate. i would like to have at least 4 refresh, and a +5 skill cap. im looking for combat and adventure, with a hope of recovering my characters memories. im not one for puzzles that i cant solve without rolling, and im not into too much intrigue, so if you want to run a game for someone who likes high-octane combat, deal yourself a hand and pm me! -- id like to play a fate core fighter pilot game somewhere in-between ace combat 5 and 6, preferably with one of the demons of razgriz from ace combat 5 returning to combat under a new identity. I would like it to have a refresh of 5 and a +5 skill cap.
Not specified
Using the 6th edition of the Hero SystemMonster Hunter International
Champions, Dark Champions, or Star HeroHero System
A modern Superheroes or a Space Opera style of game
Zagros D&D 2e or 5e D&D 2e or 5e I really prefer story driven; otherwise I'm open to whatever we come up with, just not too campy or super-dark. I'd like to do an even trade of each of us DM-ing for the other. 2-4x per week
HotsuSama FATE, City of Mist, maybe something with SWN on a whim Would love to play City of Mist, Reign, L5R 5e Character-motivated drama and 'lived-in' settings - going deep rather than wide 1-2/week
BananaBadger 5, DCC, FATE, Mazes something new! oneshots for solo play 3 to 4 times a week
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