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The BIG TABLE of people looking for games to play/GM

Let's do some Matchmaking!

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C:\ run rpgcrossing
C:\ run sologamesbazaar.exe
C:\ run matchmaking.exe
Initializing Welcome Screen... done.
Initializing Matchmaking Table... done.
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Auto-detecting Game System... error.
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Please Select a Game System:

This table is the heart of the Bazaar - the tool we use to connect with other players and GMs interested in playing in or running a Solo Game. If you are looking for a solo game, or looking to run a solo game, make one post in the matchmaking thread listing your desired game systems, what you would be interested in running or playing, any specific preferences, and a desired posting rate. We will add you to the table below.

A note, aka Give your DMs a helping hand: This is not a strict requirement, but if you want, you can add to your first post a table row already formatted, so we can just copy/paste it and drop it in the table below. Just copy this line, edit it and drop into your post:
copy this User | Willing to DM | Wants to Play | Preferences | Desired Posting Rate

If you want to be really helpful, go ahead and self-link your personal profile URL to your name in the first cell. But really, if you don't know what I'm talking about it's all right, we can do that -- a formatted table row is already great

A clarification: You don't have to formally be a GM to actually GM a game. The "GMs" here are more like admins, who have the power to edit all the posts (like this one) and setting up folders. You shouldn't need any subfolders (most solo games, in fact, use a single thread with fieldsets and spoiler tags to distinguish between OOC and game posts). If for some reasons you absolutely need a subfolder... think again. You probably don't! If you still do, you can always PM a GM. GM a PM. Huh?

That's all, so if you are interested, work out a trade with someone and get to playing!


User Willing to DM Wants to Play Preferences Desired Posting Rate
Bombarding Dice not now Pathfinder Second Edition something more detective or mystery driven potentially a character using the Investigator class na
Windspeaker I don't know any system well enough to even attempt that, sorry... DnD 5e / Pokemon (Im surprised to see category for that, that's what I played like 99% of time when it comes to PBP games, so Im down for another epic story with some cute creatures) I'm more of a plot player, so not much as long as plot is interesting and intruiging. As long as the story makes me restless when I wait for reply, Im 100% happy. In case of Pokemon games - mechanical side might be ditched completly, going on description-and-I-Feel-Like-This-Makes-Sense basis. Anywhere between 7-21 per week, depends on game and other users.
Kepler PBTA, primarily Star Wars World PBTA, open to many I've been lurking for a while, but I'm ready to play! I want to stick to PBTA right now, as I'm afraid I'll get discouraged with crunchier systems. Right now, I'd prefer DMing over playing and I'm open to DMing any Star Wars concept. I think a Jedi escaping the purge could be a cool concept for a short one-on-one adventure, but I'm open to anything. 2-4 times per week
RasterFarian need to learn a lot more Pathfinder 1e learning Pathfinder 1e better 4+/- week
queenkam234 Not Willing to DM Willing to Play World of Darkness, Curse of Strahd, RP-focused 3-5x a week, depending on how busy I am
Kaymithe Fate Core Fate Core Generic Fantasy, High or Low Magic, Bottom-Up World-Building 1-4 per Week
meseszovo D&D 5e, PF1 (would like to try Occult Classes), Ironsworn, Fate, open to others same as DMing mood and atmosphere is very important for me, and an interesting story that focuses on the PC 2-5 / week
DarthOogway Star Wars and Pokemon Star Wars, Pokemon Based on any prequel movie any day of the week, except Midnight GMT+8
Dworin FATE FATE, DSA, others (though I'd have to learn D&D) most genres, less hot on horror and scifi about once every two days (more often if life allows)
Maya Conti Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1e, Pathfinder 2e, D&D 5e I prefer both roleplaying and combat equally, though if I were to have to choose, I'd say I prefer roleplaying 2 - 3 times a week, maybe 4 - 5 if I'm feeling motivated
Lady Cesium Not looking for games to play or GM at the moment, full. If you'd like to discuss for future games or interest checks please send me a PM. -- Demon: the Descent, Mummy: the Curse, Wraith: the Oblivion, NWoD 2nd ed base, Vampire or Mage, L5R 5th ed, The Strange, Anima, Fallout or Dune 2d20, Star Wars FFG Not looking for games to play or GM at the moment, full. If you'd like to discuss for future games or interest checks please send me a PM. -- Something similar to GM but flexible. No AD&D or its derivatives I prefer games with intrigue and politics over combat. I prefer sandbox to theme park. I prefer story over dice rolls but I like a little random too. Since it'd just be two people I'd like to flesh out character's goals, dreams, desires, etc. I am more interested in a "regular" person trying to survive than a "superhero" flexing their muscle. My games tend to be gritty and dark but they don't have to be. I understand my game choices won't be for everyone, and I expect this post to be up for a long time until I find someone of similar interest. If this post is still here and I've been online within at least a month (hopefully not that long), then I'm still negotiable. 2-4x a week
smeowlin When I get more comfortable posting here again. Mostly familiar with D&D 5e/3.5/Pathfinder 1e, but willing to try Pathfinder 2e or just about any system. I favor roleplaying a bit over combat, but I'll always enjoy chopping up bad guys when it comes up. I prefer Dark and Gritty settings, though I'm not too picky. I mostly have experience with Fantasy and Cyberpunk settings, but I'm willing to try others. I'm also terrible with puzzles. Daily to a few times per week.
charredwinter DnD5e, Pathfinder 1e, Kids on Bikes, Fate Core Literally anything but especially PbtA systems, Forged in the Dark systems No particular preferences. I don't enjoy being romances and especially don't enjoy systems with sex mechanics once or twice a week (I'm really only free Mondays - Wednesdays)
Drone232 Call/Trail of Cthulhu, Root by Magpie Games, Symbaroum and Tales from the Loop by FLP, and maybe Kult Call/Trail of Cthulhu, Root by Magpie Games, Symbaroum and Tales from the Loop by FLP, and maybe Kult Storytelling Daily to a few times a week
Grognardsw I'd like to get more PbP experience before DMing games on the list below. AD&D 1e, D&D BX or ODD, Gamma World 2e, Stormbringer 1e, CoC, Marvel Superheroes 1e, Boot Hill, Paranoia 2e   2-3 times a week
Loun Beowulf - Age of Heroes (5e+) Starfinder, Symbaroum Noir, dungeon crawl, campfire chats 3x weekly minimum
Gunsmith Cat D&D 5e, The Black Hack, The Mecha Hack GURPS (Preferably with an action or high fantasy theme), FATE, The Black Hack, The Mecha Hack, WFRP action or high-fantasy themes Roughly 3 times a week
DMingEnPerpetua Dungeons and Dragons, Westerns, Unique Homebrew settings and systems (including post-apocalyptic, peaceful medieval fantasy, and extremely high fantasy) Dungeons and Dragons, Westerns, and said Unique Homebrew settings and systems Solo games, no romance (though, already established relationships such as spouses are ok), FAR more roleplay than combat At least once a day. I understand that work and real life gets in the way, of course
Solomon777 Mainly been the DM/GM/Storyteller/Judge but certainly willing to play Systems I’ve enjoyed include Top Secret SI, Marvel Superheroes Roleplaying Game, West End Star Wars, SAGA Star Wars, original World of Darkness, Pathfinder 1e, DnD (all of them except 4e), Palladium and Shadowrun (more the settings than the mechanics), LARPing, and several versions of online interactive fiction; lately, I've begun developing a homebrew system and am hoping to playtest it out Genre can include anything; I have a pretty good interest in all forms of historical, fantasy, and science fiction in general Posting rate depends, now that school is done, and work is mundane, its pretty good
Drifter One not DMing at moment Cyberpunk RED or DnD 5e or 3.5 Cyberpunk RED or DnD 5e or 3.5 work from home, so extremely flexible
PsychicNomad PF Spheres or Path of War, D&D 5e Spheres PF Spheres or Path of War, D&D 5e Spheres I like complex characters both to play and GM for. I'm for gritty, dark fantasy, and low magic. That magic can be powerful, but no magic malls and everyday services for mere money. 4-5 times a week.
Wildstar Not yet D&D 5e I enjoy storytelling and roleplaying, setting wise I'm really open to just about anything Not specified
Spiked Flail N/A I'm quite open! Dungeon or Mutant Crawl Classics would top my list, but I'd also be quite happy with 1e Pathfinder Low fantasy is cool, but for a solo game I'm not super picky. I mostly just want to get the hang of PbP before I start GMing here I'm super flexible. I make my own work schedule, so really I can post more or less whenever.
LadyAth N/A Freeform, WoD, Ars Magica I love a medieval setting, dark and gritty RP scenarios (yes, the more we circle the drain of moral decay, the better) that is focused on characters and role-play above rolls. If you were ever looking for a player to interact with the darkest stories you have churning in the back of your mind, I might be that player... Daily, but flexible
selkie D&D 5e: It's The One I Know The Rules To One day I will force another system into my brain... but not this day. I want more experience of D&D 5e PbP anyway As both player and DM: I like character-driven story-focused RPs, especially featuring protagonists with unusual or very personal motivations. I'm quite flexible as a player, though, so if anyone has a pet project please feel free to pitch it! As a DM, I enjoy spinning custom adventures out of published modules, and I like Faerūn as a shared context to play around in. Would quite like to DM something in a less-familiar corner of it (ask me about the Moonshae Isles!). I also found Van Richten's Guide very inspiring, if anyone wants to get spooky. 3 per week (very approximate)
Muninn na DnD/Pathfinder, Mutants and Masterminds and Dark Heresy ... plus less familiar with but interested in learning play of Witcher TTRPG, Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars, and Firefly or Serenity na
Retry Most experienced with DND5e. Willing to try GM'ing Pokemon PTU, Modiphius' 2d20Fallout, Tephra, Genesys, and Final Fantasy d6. No real preference, willing to serve as a guinea pig for GMs learning a system. I enjoy storytelling and roleplaying over mechanical crunch and roll-playing. One perk of pbp I adore is being able to delve deeper into PCs/NPCs' than I can at the table. I've become slightly burned-out on medieval high-fantasy but will still play it since its the most popular genre. 1-2/wk
Pathfinder, DnD 5th
WoD, DnD 5th
Epic! Stories that change the fate of nations. You want me to play or DM? Write a concept and i will consider.
1+ / Week
Project Lazarus
Lancer RPG
Player with GM experience
Approximately once per week
Hotshot lasgun
GURPS, WoD, FATE, Wrath & Glory 1e, Twilight 2000 v4
im looking for a fate core game set in the witcher universe. +5 pyramid, 5 refresh. also interested in a Jason bourne style solo game in fate. i would like to have at least 4 refresh, and a +5 skill cap. im looking for combat and adventure, with a hope of recovering my characters memories. im not one for puzzles that i cant solve without rolling, and im not into too much intrigue, so if you want to run a game for someone who likes high-octane combat, deal yourself a hand and pm me! -- id like to play a fate core fighter pilot game somewhere in-between ace combat 5 and 6, preferably with one of the demons of razgriz from ace combat 5 returning to combat under a new identity. I would like it to have a refresh of 5 and a +5 skill cap.
Not specified
Aethera Busy at present! Willing to GM 13th Age (ideally), but could probably run rules-light 5e, maybe WoD (I'm rusty). Not seeking any games at this time, but I play anything I'm willing to GM, and I love WoD, Call of Cthulhu, Cypher, Numenera, The Strange, and open to learning other systems! Roleplay above all else. (No particular ideas for a story, so we can brainstorm.) I enjoy in-depth story lines as well as quicker one-shots, and longer posts are very okay (and likely, from me). I love PbP specifically because it allows us to write more and dig deeper into the characters! On the slow side – recovering from covid still, and my brainpower is limited. Potential for same-day replies is there, but so is a week later. The Curse of the Reds is very much a real thing, I tell you!
Not yet.
DnD 5.e, Forgotten Realms
I'm not picky; prefer a focus on character and story.
At the moment I am DM'ing IRL 2 games and can't commit to running a game here.
DnD 5.e, Stars Without Number
Looking to improve my writing and role play within the PbP environment. So story heavy would be awesome.
DM dictated, I can post multiple times a day most days (working from home helps). But definitely 3+ a week
JaneGray D&D 5e or others once I learn to play them D&D 5e, Starfinder, if they are solo-playable… Good Society, Coyote and Crow, I am open to others I'm particularly interested in seeing how herbs and herbalism can take a bigger role in adventures. I also ran across some lovely books along that line that might enter into play. I am open to what sounds intriguing in many ways. 1-3 times per week?
Zynthea Pathfinder 2E Pathfinder 2E Action, with problem solving and social interaction as a complement. High fantasy. One-shots or mini campaigns. Collaborative worldbuilding in a homebrew setting. 1/day or 3-4/week
Lighting Lad Modern Action Adventure- Modern AGE; Superhero - Worlds in Peril, Galaxies in Peril; Fantasy Action Adventure - Fantasy AGE, Conan 2d20, Barbarians of Lemuria; Any Genre - Cortex Prime Want to stretch my legs with almost anything but D&D I like action and adventure in all its forms and flavors. But I'm open to almost anything. If you have an idea for a game or story you want to play or explore, please reach out and we can see what we can make work. I like world building and making these open systems tell whatever stories we want them to. 2x/Week
Chaos Havik Willing to Dm: Not into Dming Anything fantasy, D&D 5e, or FATE style perhaps though far more used to D&D RP Heavy with some Combat as well Around 2-3 times a day but this is all flexible depending on the GM
AmaryllisNot at the moment, but maybe in the near futureDnD 5e, Pathfinder 1e, and Mutants and Masterminds (although total newbie)Emphasis on storytelling and rp, lean more towards serious although lighthearted scenes are nice, no technology, can do both homebrew and modules 3-5x a week
Andrew101010 Once I have a better handle on pbp Willing to try any system Sci-fi, space opera, modern 2-3x/week
pianoman90 Pathfinder one-shot World of Darkness, Mage, Call of Cthulhu, Pathfinder, DnD 5e, Dawn of Worlds (if it could be worked out to be solo/duo play) World of Darkness, Mage, Call of Cthulhu, Pathfinder, DnD 5e, Dawn of Worlds not specified
forgottenknight none specified D&D 3.5 or 5E D&D 3.5 or 5E not specified
Stranger ThingsPF 1e (DnD 3.5 if someone really prefers it), Starfinder, PF/d20 in modern or futuristic settings, d6 for fantasy,modern or scifi, The One Ring, Mutant Year Zero, Star Trek Adventures or Shadowrun 5. More here.None at this timeI adapt and expand upon pre-made adventures but can also do something else. Story is more important to me than the dice rolls, and if the rules don't fit the situation I hammer them into shape. I have little to no restrictions on 3PP stuff for either PF or 3.5 in solo games given it fits the setting.I will probably not be able to post every day, and during summer I am slower than in winter as I am out of the house when possible.
Ysolde Pathfinder 1E, D&D 5e, D&D 3.5, Call of Cthulu D&D 3.5 or 5E D&D 3.5 or 5E I'm willing to play 2/week but would much rather 3-4 per week
dj2145 Not yet, need to get familiar with the site first. Any system. Prefer rules lite or assist on char gen. Sci fi and modern, dark and gritty, military-esque themes work best 2-3/week on average
Using the 6th edition of the Hero SystemMonster Hunter International
Champions, Dark Champions, Fantasy Hero, Star Hero, Monster Hunter International, etc.Hero System
Thesandwichking No time to DM at the moment DND 5e, willing to learn Call of Cthulhu Historical fantasy, Faerun, Lotr, GoT, Published Modules, Eastern fantasy, Castlevania 3/week
Kaji Already DMing a solo, so looking to play only for now PF1e Would like to play a Path of War character, preferably with Gestalt rules - a polymath wuxia/yojimbo/ronin/wandering knight/secret agent/etc. 3-5 per week
Amarga Too swamped at the moment to really GM anything rn, might be good in the future (say about April). Good for most systems, but I've found it's easier for quicker play if the system is less crunchy. I'm good for just about any setting, but I'm kind of feeling like playing a bodyguard/protector character of sorts. 2-3 times a week
FromAbove Starfinder, but see Preferences Starfinder, but see Preferences I really want to try out Starfinder and have a few of the books but have only ever played 5e. I'm also new to the site and not super-savvy with using it (currently learning with a New Player Solo Game). Am hoping to learn the game and brush up on my posting skills by running/playing a shortish solo game. Would ideally play first then GM, but could GM first with a patient (and preferably system-knowledgeable) player. A few times a week. May need a brief pause in late-May due to IRL stuff.
positron Would prefer to GM: Fate, PF1, DnD 5e, 3.5e, even Dungeon World happy to play the same Other rule systems can be agreed on after discussion. Also, curious about the possibility of using multiple characters Very wild rate! (see post here)
AvzinElkein Not willing to DM Just PF1e (with Spheres of Power and Might) Setting: Homebrew, but not too dark / Scenario: Dungeon Crawl (not too good at RP'ing) 1/day, maybe slightly more often.
Axiom All things Warhammer All things Warhammer I'll do one shots for any tier in Cube7 Wrath and Glory or Dark Heresy 2ED. Older stuff I'll still do but I'm going to argue it can be done better with those first 2. I'm fine with walking through a new player who wants to try it out. WHFRPG is my jam as well. I'd love to play or run a solo witch hunter 2-5/week flexible
rowsdower44 Pathfinder 1st Ed Pathfinder 1st Ed and DnD 3.5 For DMing, I can create oneshots for solo play based around fantasy, adventure, pulp, intrigue, mystery. As a PC, I'm looking for whatever fantasy adventure you can throw my way. 2/Week
ElderOblex N/A Vaesen, D&D5E, Trophy Gold open to most, probably not scifi for now 1-3/week
Homestarbaby D&D 5e (Regular or Hyrule), Pokemon PTU, L5R 3e, Pathfinder 1e (FF D20 only), Open Legend (Naruto). Also, Masks. D&D 5e or Fate DM Style is Empowering Storyteller. Big fan of fantasy, adventure, romance, and drama. Good with puzzles, combat, and intrigue that develop story. Love character building. Not a fan of "punishing" games or horror. twice a week, give or take
pydrokan Night's Black Agents Playing Cthulhu Confidential/Night's Black Agents Nothing specific Post every 4-5 days
Lashiec I'll DM D&D 5e. Also, if anyone wants to do a short escape room one-shot, I'm your guy. I'll play 5e for sure. I'm willing to try any other system if you give me a minute to read up on it. I'm really open to just about anything except video game worlds. I love puzzles (not good at them), in-depth RP (no stone unturned), and world-building. 1-2/week just to be safe.
Zagros D&D 2e or 5e D&D 2e or 5e I really prefer story driven; otherwise I'm open to whatever we come up with, just not too campy or super-dark. I'd like to do an even trade of each of us DM-ing for the other. 2-4x per week
mushroomslice most comfortable with 5e, but looking to run Numenera some day 5e, CoC, Numenera I'm a fan of role-play focused gaming (particularly in play-by-post) as opposed to combat-heavy stuff, any settings but particularly anything weird/unique with an emphasis on exploring ideas (Numenera, Planescape etc.) 4/5 times a week
AsenRGNot at the moment due to lack of time. Sorry!Wants to Play: Almost anything except D&D/PF, Hero, 2d20, Cypher, Cortex+ and the FFG Star Wars system! But I own a triple-digits number of other systems.I like wuxia and martial arts stories in general. Surprisingly, my characters often go for non-violent solutions first, and second. More details hereI'd like 3-4 posts a week.
ChevaliersD&D 5ED&D 5E, BESM, GURPS, Warhammer FRP and the various 40k ones [like Only War, Rogue Trader etc.] In terms of fantasy I'm more a fan of Renaissance era pike and shot levels of tech, don't mind a bit of steampunk either. I most enjoy a good bit of action and exploration, be it Indiana Jones esque pulp adventure or something more gritty and grounded.around 2-3 times a week
Pestus Yes, if you're patient and ok with homebrew. DnD 5e (Prefered), PF 1e (I would need to brush up, but could do it.) DnD 5e (Please) Charater Development and Story Telling, Can be funny but not campy 1-3 times per week
TADGHI'm not good at it. Really. SR / Sixth World / D&D5e. Concentrated on games I have material for. Played many different kinds Any Frequent. Every day or every other day.
StormhammerCall of Cthulhu, Vampire the Masquerade, Werewolf the Apocalypse3.5e, 5e, Call of Cthulhu, Vampire the Masquerade. After two decades of gaming, I like running/playing campaigns that are unusual and "outside the box." When it comes to D&D, I prefer Sword & Sorcery over High Fantasy. I really enjoy running/playing Vampire the Masquerade, but the opportunity does not present itself much these days.1-2 per week
JamesH2E AD&D.2E, 3.5E, Pathfinder or 5E. I would LOVE to play or GM a classic module like caves of Chaos or a stripped down Temple of ElementalOnce or twice a week
Therru D&D 5e! D&D 5e; I'm also curious about learning other systems, preferably quite rules-light, preferably suited to a fantasy setting Fantasy (all flavours) games with a focus on character and narrative. Quite into cultural and political plot points and worldbuilding in general, but at the moment I'm quite in the mood for some classic Forgotten Realms adventuring 2+ per week
Briar None At Present (But in the future!) Pathfinder 1e, Pathfinder 2e (Learn), D&D 5e, Cypher (Learn) High/Heroic Fantasy, Deep Character-Building, Anime-esque, Exploration, Survival, Solo Mage-Friendly, Low-to-Mid 'Level', Puzzles, Problem Solving, Detective, Use the Environment, Unconventional Characters, Unconventional Tactics, Steampunk, Crafting 1 - 3 / week
swangrace D&D 5e Nothing else at this time Fantasy, Adventure 1-2 times per week
Aegis Atlantis 2nd Age, Cortex Prime, Cypher, Fate, Powered by the Apocalypse, Forged in the Dark, Fantasy AGE, Modern AGE Same as I’m willing to GM + World of Darkness, GURPS and others Right now I’m more into narrative games than crunch. We can discuss the specifics PbtA and FitD games as needed. I have a ton of books so if anyone has an idea for a game to run or have run for them, or you want to GM something but don’t know what, I may have some ideas and I may be able to play with you. I like political/intrigue games with the opportunity for combat. Sandbox style “choose your own adventure” stuff. Of course I’m always happy to do some over the top action too. Superheroes, anime, mysteries and slice of life stuff. Definitely willing to teach and be taught 2x a week
Leviticus GURPS GURPS, VtM, possibly others I'm up for any setting GURPS related. Otherwise, PM me and we can discuss! 1-2/week
Chylopan D&D5e, Mutants and Masterminds 3e D&D5e (specifically Ravenloft setting - Strahd, etc.), Mutants and Masterminds 3e, Pathfinder 2e. Up for anything dark fantasy or cyberpunk. Specifically looking to learn Kingmaker. As a player, I like stories thick with atmosphere, nuance, and difficult decisions. Not afraid of combat, enjoy romance elements Preferably 2-3x/week
HotsuSama Currently not starting new games. But when active I'm open to FATE, Call of Cthulhu, Ironsworn/Starforged, or City of Mist Cypher, City of Mist, Reign Character-motivated drama and 'lived-in' settings - going deep rather than wide Around 1-2/week
Babipoki GURPS GURPS Willing to DM/play anything pre-TL8. My settings include a 16th century-based Japan with fantasy elements, and a fantasy setting itself. No Dungeon Fantasy. Preferences on mass combat, mystery, young characters, macro-management. 2-5/week
bookworm913 Unwilling to DM Heavy role-playing game Knows 5e, 3.5e, willing to learn others Minimum 1 x week
Mephiska Not for now d&d 5e Open to anything 1-3 / week
Starflier Not at this time Cypher, Fate, or 5e D&D Gritty fantasy, sword & sorcery, supernatural/horror 3/week
Krow Nest Pathfinder, D&D 3.5 and 5e, certain DriveThruRPG games Pathfinder, D&D 3.5 and 5e, Mutants & Masterminds (2nd or 3rd) (To learn), FATE (To learn), Star Wars Tabletop / 5e (To Learn), Witcher (To Learn) Story driven, character driven, light hearted at times. Also looking for a home for this character. Depends. I may post constant or rarely, depending on current life status or mood
Digorig PF or 5e AP, see post. PF or 5e PC for now, please Several times a week
Sarsprilla Co/Assistant DM/Player Pathfinder/DnD 5e/Homebrew Homebrew, Epic Fantasy, Planar 2-3x p/week
Silverfeathers DnD 3.5e or 5e. DnD 3.5e or 5e, some one shot Pathfinder is also fine. PF is not my preferred system but I am willing to learn. I equally like homebrew and published material (including races/classes and campaigns). I tend to stick with fantasy, sword and sorcery, swashbuckling adventure quests and stay away from political intrigue heavy games. I am not afraid to try a murder mystery either. More details in my post. 1-3x week
DrowNinjaPrincess not willing to DM right now 3.5 or pathfinder Ravenloft game, not typical. Check details here very active
Vicorin mostly D&D 5e, possibly 13th Age or Pathfinder D&D 5e, pathfinder, 13th Age, open to new systems. Read more I like darker games/themes, and interesting setting concepts. I like rich worlds to explore and NPCs to interact with. I emulate the same in the games I GM. Read more around twice a week, may fluctuate with circumstances
Beez Cannot DM currently - having issues with keeping a decent posting rate Something evolution-based or godly? Traveller or Eclipse Phase or Genesys Give me your weird, your otherworldly, your dangerous, your intriguing; an idea you're excited about, or something you're not sure will fit a different game Varied - sometimes rapid-fire, other times I'll disappear for a week or two.
DargosNot at this time, But I would in the future5e D&D ONLYOpen to pretty much anythingabout 3x a week
AwesomeEllie Corporation, Pathfinder, PF2e Playtest, Predation (Cypher), Mutant Chronicles 3e, The Dark Eye, Torg Eternity Anything in the 'want to GM' category, but open to other systems Protagonist-driven games in a sandbox environment, with Outlandish, over the top, or totes extrainteresting NPCs. 2-3 posts per week
GleefulNihilism Yes, but have real life stuff going down so maybe not right off. Most DM experience is in MnM and DnD 3.5, willing to branch out. Shadowrun, MnM, DnD 3.5 or 5e, WoD, Star Trek Adventures, Don't Rest Your Head, maybe C. Confidential? --stepanxolCall of Cthulhu Case by case basis but love subverting tropes and exploring the philosophy of a setting. I always at least attempt at least 1/day
The Rat Queen 5e D&D Anything! Either 5e, or a new system (see Preferences). Anything! But I'd kind of like to try a Wild West setting. I usually post multiple times/day.
MightymconeshotPathfinder, D&D 3.5 and up, Starfinder, 40k RPGs, Savage Worlds, and I have a dozen minor systems I have picked up over the years. I am also willing to learn and new system provided the investment cost is minimal.Pathfinder, D&D 3.5, 4 and learn 2e, Fantasy Flights 40k (Any, I have all), Star Wars Rebellion, Other?Would prefer classic Tolkien Style fantasy, anything Space Opery/Gothic Sci-Fiusually 3 to 4x times a week during weekdays with rare weekend posts.
Goliathus D&D 3.5e, D&D 5e, Pathfinder, Legends of the Wulin, Pokemon Tabletop United D&D 3.5e, D&D 5e, Pathfinder, Old or New WoD(preferably Vampire), LotW, PTU, Cthulhu Confidential No thief based campaigns, prefers land based over ocean based, horrible at puzzles, can't DM scary horror due to lack of experience in said genre 2-4 times a week
BananaBadger Currently DMing a 5e one-shoot "Guild Battle" focusing on an artificer, their estranged SO, and a serious guild rivalry Currently being DM'ed by the amazing Horseman in Wend, a D&D 3.5/Homebrew solo game that is part of the Reluctant Heroes Campaign; see it here! oneshots for solo play 3 to 4 times a week
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I have sworn the Oath of Sangus
Come over at the Solo Bazaar, have a cozy game!
#BARD4LIFE. 'Nuff said.

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