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Old Nov 30th, 2020, 08:19 PM
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December POTM

December is the time of year for reflection and giving.

Why not take a moment to reflect on those posts that gave YOU some joy, or perhaps a little shiver as you read them, and thank the writer for their work.

Nominate them for POTM.

It's free and cheap, the best kind of gift.
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Old Dec 3rd, 2020, 10:05 PM
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Nominee: creed
Game: To The Cahill: The Book of Orcus
System: DND 5th Edition
GM: BlueJack
Post Link:

Reason for Nomination: Most of my characters are usually sour, brooding bastards, akin to Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry on a good day. Orin is probably as far away from that as I've ever been able to get on a consistent basis. Add that it's also the character that I've had the longest in any DND game ever (over three years now) in this insanity that is BlueJack's To The Cahill extravaganza and to me at least, it's pretty impressive. The reason why I picked this particular post thought, is too fold. First, it was a pretty good writing day; I felt that instead of trying to force out what was in my head, it flowed easily and freely out of my fingers and onto the screen, a rarity when it comes to this year. The second reason is that it's probably one of the highest rep posts that I've ever had, and I figure if it gets that kind of rep, maybe it's not too bad after all.
Old Dec 6th, 2020, 06:09 PM
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Deal with the Devil

Nominee: Fillyjonk
Game: The Other Side of the Mountain
System: D&D 5e, blending the modules Lost Mine of Phandelver and Dragon of Icespire Peak inside a homebrew world
DM: lostcheerio (me!)
Link: Fioravanti Deals with the Devil

Reason: This is a post from a solo game that Fillyjonk and I have been bashing at frantically since the beginning of April. She started her character, a tiefling bard, with perhaps the most dm-friendly backstory I have ever encountered: Her character is "The Price" -- the result of a deal made centuries ago between a noble family and a fiend, to produce in each generation a creature that the devil could use for his purposes. Her chaotic good character fled to avoid becoming his tool, and after quite a wild adventure, during which he was of course manipulating her from afar into an almost inescapable trap of dependence and debt, and now she has finally come to the table to make a deal.

In the previous posts, she was assigned representation (a malebranche named Jerry who's glamoured to look like a barrister) and given terms, which she has been arguing over and negotiating. In the post just previous, the devil finally offered her wings, knowing full well she has just been bested by a winged opponent and deeply, deeply desires wings of her own. So this post is a reaction to that. It really wonderfully expresses the character that has been developed with such complexity over hundreds of posts. She knows what to do, but she just... can't... resist.... WINGS.

My favorite line: Avarice is relaxing, really.
Old Dec 21st, 2020, 11:03 AM
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Nominee: Lashiec
Game: The Dragon of IceSpire Peak - Shadow Team
System: D&D5e
DM: Lashiec
Link: The board is private so the following link is for reds, for everyone else I'll have the post below > LINK <

Reason: Its always fun to play the villian/monster as a DM, but often your work is overshadowed because you're not the star - the PCs are, and thats fine. Nevertheless I want to give Lashiec some props for how they portrayed a defeated (slightly) intelligent monster while laying out the breadcrumb trail for their players. Plus the way their posts look are always so pretty!

GM'ing: Dragon of Icespire Peak, Feys are Wild, NPSG (D&D5e and CoC7e) |
Status: Company Shutdown (Dec 24 - Jan 2), expect delays
Old Dec 24th, 2020, 06:52 AM
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Nominee: Starflier
Game: Tenmen
System: D&D5e
DM: Starflier
Link: Here

Reason: I don't often play as a solo player - and as the sole PC in this 5e game, it's become readily apparent to me that my idea of tactical planning really relies on bouncing off other players. So Starflier already deserves an award for running with my half-baked attempts at tactics and strategy in this game.

But this post is the culmination of that planning, and of the noble ranger Belliger's ham-fisted attempt to extract his patriarch uncle from a bandit-occupied manor. It's chaotic, action-packed and has some levity in the right moments as the scene plays out like a swashbuckler flick. I hope Starflier had a much fun writing it as I did reading it.



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Old Dec 28th, 2020, 10:51 AM
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Nominee: Pseudonymous
Game: The Wandering And The Lost
System: D&D 5e
GM: Insacrum
Post Link:

Reason for Nomination: When I first decided to create this game, I was looking to have a light hearted, semi-serious game. When the applications came pouring in, the interest level, and the quality of writing astounded me. I ended up picking six players, rather than four or five, and of those six players, not one of them has disappointed me in terms of bringing a light-hearted, fun, "punny", and just plain ingenious level of writing and character development. It's hard for me to pick not just one player, but also just one post from that player. But pick I did, with a little help from the other players involved in the game.

With that I give you Pseudonymous playing Gristle. She has quickly embodied the little kobold bard, and brought so many posts that are just laugh-out-loud funny. While most people would tend to steer clear of any classic tropes involved with a race to make their character unique, Pseudonymous easily drove into the tropes, and came out the other side with a refreshing, innovative, and downright one-of-a-kind character. The point of view she gives Gristle constantly amazes me, and I find myself always excited to see a new post from Pseudonymous (and all of the other players really).

In the beginning of this adventure, the group finds their new living arrangements under attack, and given where they started, they had no clue who was responsible, or even why it's happening. Their first contact with another person of their commune in-game is quickly murdered before them. They quickly dispatch the murderer, and start to see what they can do with the quickly dying cleric. Their actions are for naught, but while dying the cleric gives them a clue of what they need to do. Gristle for their part is coming to grips with why their attempt to save the cleric didn't work. It's a post that, taken in context of the story so far, easily draws a tear to your eyes, but at the same time can get you to giggle at Gristle's past exploits. To me, it's a rare writer who can get you to want to sob and laugh all in the same post.


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Old Jan 1st, 2021, 04:55 PM
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Menzo Menzo Menzo Menzo Menzo Menzo Menzo Menzo Menzo Menzo Menzo
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Nominee: Menzo
Game: Uncaged: Found Family
System: D&D5e
DM: Wynamoinen
Link: Here

Reason: It feels a bit cringey to nominate my own post, but I note there's a genuine precedent for it in this competition. And it was either that or give Elanir YET ANOTHER nomination (I'm sure he's sick of them by now). So, here goes...

This is a post I'm particularly proud of. Up to this point, both myself (as player) and the character himself had been content for him to be this cool, brooding, aloof barbarian--actually, the kind of loner character that I always advise players not to play. But in this scene, EVERYONE is sitting back, using Insight and Perception on each other and on the NPCs. And I'm like, 'HEY! that's supposed to be Raemka's thing!' So I decide to turn the tables and have the loner barbarian with the -1 Charisma be the 'face' of the group.

Also, in this post I came up with a couple of thematically-apt metaphors that I was quite proud of.


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Old Jan 2nd, 2021, 02:41 AM
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Posts: 17,923
Nominee: sageheart
Game: Planescape: Tales from the Outlands
DM: C'est moi
Post: Here
Raison d'Etre: I gave my players a prompt. They are being interrogated by bureaucrats in Automata, the most Lawful Neutral city in existence that is not in Mechanus itself. The questions are fruitless and deeply intrusive yet mundane to the point of pain. Players were asked to come up with questions they were being asked to give glimpses of their characters and while the season and pandemic have made most of us lazy Susans, I received the best posts of the game. It was a hard choice for the December entries, between sageheart and Mairien, but ultimately I've gone with sageheart's because it has platitudes of failure and success. We learn about the character, we see glimpses of who he is, and what's going on in his head as he is in utterly alien territory, and this being as a proverbial constant alien in the D&D multiverse, as a Githzerai.

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