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Old Dec 5th, 2020, 10:54 AM
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"Nordic Spirit" awards from @norsefoundry for exceptional participation & citizenship

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Norse Foundry has once again donated some excellent prizes to our drive, and again this year we'll use them to recognise people who go the extra mile to contribute in every way to the drive -- through memberships AND direct donations -- and who also act as amazing citizens of our community.

This year, there will just be one level of this award. Starting now, if you fulfill the criteria, please post in the Nordic Spirit awards discussion thread to stake your claim. This is not necessary (you will not lose your claim if you don't post) but it will help others know what has already been claimed. And you are a good citizen after all, right?

Please note that receipt of any of these prizes will require you to share a physical mailing address with me so your dice can be shipped. Norse Foundry will cover shipping costs within the USA; international winners should be prepared to pay for some of shipping (with apologies, but I don't want to reduce our ability to donate to charity due to high shipping costs for prizes.)

Award Choices
We have three sets of dice to award this year; 2 Atomic Metal and 1 Sunburst.
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Atomic Metal Dice

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Sunburst Dice
Sunburst is claimed!

Award CriteriaTo qualify for the Nordic Spirit award, do all of the following:
  1. purchase at least TWO $25 CS memberships as gifts for others during the month of December 2020, AND
  2. donate at least $50 to the BBR foundation through the direct donation link (eligible for tax receipts in the US) during the month of December 2020, AND
  3. you must have, in the last year, contributed positively to building the RPG Crossing community by greeting new players in the New Members Introduction threads, running New Player Solo Games, volunteering as a moderator or admin, contributing to the production of the Explosive Runes magazine, judging or running site contests like Iron DM and Outplay, or similar levels of involvement (if you are new, the low hanging fruit here in the short term is greeting new players, but if you are interested in the other stuff please keep your eyes open for opportunities to pitch in!)

Winners of these awards will also be eligible for any other prizes being offered in conjunction with their membership purchases or donations, and will receive the bonuses for all participants at the end of the drive. Note also that all donations made by December 20 will be doubled on that date by a matching donor.

Thank you! And a giant thank you to Norse Foundry for providing these prizes!

- Mark / Birched

P.S. Excerpt from the Membership and Charity Drive 2020 announcement:
How to purchase a membership for someone else: If you'd like to buy a CS membership for a friend, buy one on your account and send a pm to Birched -- he will transfer the year to the account of your choosing. Please indicate the exact username of the recipient, and whether you'd like the gift to be anonymous.
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