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Old Jan 31st, 2021, 07:51 PM
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Post of the Year

Once a year, about this time, we get an all-star panel of judges together at the Post of the Month club and sanctuary, and they discuss lofty things and make great decisions. Meanwhile, the rest of us judges do the hard, dirty work of deciding which of the twelve previous Posts of the Month impressed us the most.

This year, it took a long time... it was a lot like a horse race, with no clear winner at the start, and then some favorites pulling through in the stretch. When you are judging great posts against other great posts, it's a tough race. But, only one post can win, and so it is with great honor, I announce that the judges (the hard working ones, not the All-Star ones) have decided.

The 2020 Post of the Year goes to


Not only did Pseudo's post about a little kobold win our hearts in December, but it won the best of the best...which was tough to do! It's a short, sweet post, quick but filled with delight. It hit a lot of the marks the judges were looking for, and left them wanting more.

The other eleven entries each had fans, and were lobbied for very hard. There were two fistfights among the judges, but that was just Squeak and myself, and we do that a lot.

Give Pseudonymous a pat on the back, or some RPXP, and give some to everyone else who won in 2020... They well deserve it! You can find links to their posts here, under their names.
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