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Old Feb 1st, 2021, 05:40 AM
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February POTM

left-aligned image
credits: David De Lossy / Photodisc / Getty Images

In February, in the Netherlands, the major tourist attractions aren't deserted by any means, but there will be fewer crowds. To beat the weather, Amsterdam offers tourists plenty of tasty options to keep warm, including hot stroopwafel pauses on the Museumplein (Museum Square) and fondue at local Swiss enclaves. Fortunately, if you bundle up properly and remember to bring the right gear to stay warm, February is a wonderful month to see Amsterdam, either for the first time or as a seasoned tourist.

You know what February also is good for???????
Lots of posts nominated in this thread!!!

So keep your eyes open in February, and nominate someone. It's easy, and it's simple, and it will be cool :-)

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Old Feb 9th, 2021, 10:47 PM
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Nomination from CatCanCook's Pathfinder Fallout ConversionSo this is a post from CCCs Fallout game. We just finished clearing a BBB from a location are working on cleaning it up before settling in and taking some RR. This is from TaleTeller50 describing him meeting back up with his "goil"

Link to Post

Originally Posted by taleteller50 View Post
right-aligned image
Patchit had been busy the last month and a half. After finishing some work at the Plant he had traveled back to Starlight to find Paula, worried that she might not even be there after who knows how long. They had lost at least a few days but that was just from the fights outside. When Patchit finally ran into Pete and Eric it was like a gut punch learning exactly how long they had been gone. Worse still his body had been undergoing more changes, his muscular arms and shoulders growing massive; almost to cartoonish portions. Now it wasn't just his hat that wasn't fitting right it was his whole suit.. But all that faded away when he finally saw Paula.

She was so beautiful and the moment Patchit saw her he rushed over to her and picked her up like a small child; raising her in the air. Though initially shocked Paula eventually broke down in tears, crying about how she had thought he was dead and never coming back. Patchit could only hug her deeply and promise that was never happening again; he was never letting her go... Well at least after he had had a long overdue bath.

The party that followed was pretty crazy. Say what you would about Eric but he could spin one hell of a tale. After learning the low down from Patchit the guy was already talking about making a play about it, telling anybody who would listen about 'The Heroes of Lexington' and their battle against 'The Mother of All Ghouls'. It really got the crowd excited. For his part Patchit just sat back and enjoyed being with Paula. It seemed like she hadn't done too bad in the last month. Eric and K'sandra had looked after her, letting her shack up with K'sandra for the whole month. Paula had mostly been busy sewing cloths for people to make money but she'd also help a few people by patching them up when they got hurt. She'd been especially busy when Pete and Eric had return with their assault team. From the sounds of it they didn't do too bad but they didn't come out smelling like roses either.

All the time while they talked Patchit couldn't help but feel like Paula was holding something back. Between retellings of 'The Fight of Lexington' Eric explained that when they had returned but Patchit hadn't Paula had taken it pretty hard. K'sandra had said that even before Eric had returned Paula had woken up a few nights scared nearly to death, babbling about ghouls and monsters. It only got worst as time had gone on and some worried that Patchit and the others might not be coming back. But.. That wasn't it. Paula wasn't scared right now. Sure, she was sticking to him like a toddler holding onto a giant teddy but there was something else. Every time Patchit looked down at her she'd initially smile but then she'd start looking away; avoiding eye contact. She was happy he was here but there was something else. Guilt?

Once the festivities had died down and people started settling in Patchit resolved he'd talk with Paula and find out just what was on her mind.


The next morning both Patchit and Paula didn't wake up until really late but when they did both seemed rather happy and Patchit's suit was fitting him like a glove.

The next few days were pretty busy, Patchit went around talking with anyone who wanted to listen to try and convince them to come work at the Plant as well as arrange some supplies with the caps he and Paula had saved up. Patchit and the others still needed help getting rid of all the growths and fixing the place up to be a proper settlement. Some were interested but not enough for what they would need and most were machinists or carpenters. Good for fixing up the place but wouldn't cut it for the protection they'd need. Then Patchit remembered the raiders Pete had talked about before. If they hadn't already become ghoul chow already knuckleheads like that would definitely have the skills to foot the bills. Patchit just needed to convince them.

Setting out, Paula in hand and Eric escorting the settlers from Starlight, Patchit made his way over to a few raider camps to do some head hunting. Some were broken up like he expected, some tried causing trouble before Patchit knocked some sense into them, but eventually he'd gathered a small army of the lug heads all ready to help their new Boss. It didn't hurt having Paula in his corner, healing him and boosting his strength with her mojo. It was actually kind of funny seeing the look on the one raider's face when he tried shooting Patchit point blank in the face with a shot gun. What damage wasn't negated by Patchit's tough hide soon began to regenerate like it never happened. Popping the guy's eyes out of their sockets with the simultaneous slam of two huge palms to either side of his head got the message across to the others pretty quick.

"Work with me and you'll be taken care of. Cross me and I'll make you pop like a ripe Mutifruit. Otherwise hit the bricks".

Ya, they were a little rough around the edges but Patchit would show 'em the ropes; maybe give 'em a little style while he was at it. If any of them got out of line.. well they'd either straighten out or Patchit would punt them out of Corvega himself.

The next part was deciding exactly how to deal with the Plant itself. In Patchit's mind they needed to focus on setting up defenses and fixing areas so that they could be used; either for making parts or habitation. Despite Renton having claimed a good portion of the supplies in the factory for his own tinkering the old raider still had some good ideas about where defenses should be placed. Jessup helped too and was volunteering his and E's share to the cause which would help, provided the others agreed. The sniper had also promised to help refit the armor Patchit had his eyes on, something the others could help with but were likely too busy with their own projects. Atta appeared completely focused on building a church to Atom in the basement near the factory's old reactor. As long as she promised to keep the Reactor Room off limits, a Holy Site if you would for only those capable of caring for one of Atom's source, Patchit didn't see a problem. And finally Deacon, true to form, was already busy fixing up old Mr. Handy's to help around the Plant.

All in all it was coming together pretty well and soon they'd have their own settlement to look after, likely a profitable one at that.


Stat Block - PatchitHP /113 - 0 n.l. - DR:5+1(+2)/- | AC max, 20/22; tch: 9 ff: 17; Luck Points 10/10; Power Points 0/0; Sphere Points 0/0
Fort: +11; Refl: +5; Will +3; Resistance (Rads)/20, (Heat)/22; Immune to Disease
BAB: +7; Melee: +13; Rng: +4; CMB: +13; CMD: 22
Enc: 416.7 lbs. - 630/1,230/1,830 lbs.; Move: 50'; Init: -3; Per: +13; SenseM: +11; Stealth: -1
Current Effects: -Collective (Atta)-
Wealth in Caps: $5981; Salvage: ---

Stat Block - PaulaHP 32/32 - 0 n.l. | AC max, 15 tch, 12 ff 14; Luck Points 10/10; Power Points 29/29; Alter a single d20 roll used to make an attack, a skill check, an ability check, a level check, or a saving throw (1d6)Hero Point
Fort: +4; Refl: +3; Will +9
BAB: +2; Melee: +1; Rng: +3; CMB: +1; CMD: 12
Enc: cur - 26/53/80 lbs. ; Move: 30'; Init: +1; Per: +12 SenseM: +12; Stealth: +13
Current Effects: -Collective(---)-
Wealth in Caps: $375; Salvage: ---

Stat Block - EricHP: 30 /30 | AC: max 20 tch: 15 FF: 15; Luck Points: 8 /16; Panace Points: 2/2; Charmed Life 2/3
Fort: +1; Refl: +7; Will +1
Enc: --- lbs. - >66 lbslt/67–133 lbs.med/134–200 lbshvy; Move: 30'; Init: +6 ; Per: +4; SenseM: +5; Stealth: +4
Current Effects:
Wealth in Caps: caps: 19 Salvage: 0
Hope everyone is well! Thursday afternoon is IRL (Or Discord for now) Gaming Group and teaching until 3:00 PM weekdays. Posting will be infrequent during those times but I will probably be checking in on my phone if it is urgent.
Old Feb 19th, 2021, 01:44 PM
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Nominee: Feeling a bit cheeky again.Marshmallow
Game: Vienna Calling
System: Shadowrun 5th Edition
GM: Phettberg
Post Link: Link

Nomination from Phettberg's "Vienna Calling"So part of the reason I'm submitting this is becuase I actually wrote this while under the effects of not just COVID's fever-dream, but also the hell that was the COVID-19 Vaccine's fever dreams (between episodes of hallucinating the process of apoptosis for... Some reason?) I ended up having this idea on how to further build on and develop Nomad's character; Then I had an idea on how I could integrate this further development/progression into her next post and tie it to events prior.

So while completely and utterly dead from a Fever, I wrote up this heckin' chonker of a post and it actually came out... Pretty well? I spent a while coding some colour fades for the post, intentionally making certain parts of sentences and words harder to read on lighter themes in order to create a other-worldy/echo-ey effect. I figured I'd go further and throw in a bit of internal monologue as the character goes through their day-to-day and looks for reasons to distract themselves from their inner demons. Or big-cats, in this case.

It took a fair bit of effort, a lot of fever medicine and a fair bit of BBCode-induced nightmares, but I feel what I pulled off was at the least a somber read.

Old Feb 22nd, 2021, 01:38 PM
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Nominee: Elanir
Game: The All Realm: Flames of Heliandria
GM: Olympia
Link: Here
Reason: I have been very impressed by Olympia's reboot of this game. Indeed, it was something of a coin toss as to whether to nominate Olympia or one of two players in the game. In the end, however, I'm a bit of a sucker for player-composed poetry, so I had to nominate Elanir's post. And frankly, in any other month it'd be a shoo-in to win, but well... see above. Still, it is a stand-out post by a player that never does anything less than 100% effort and creativity, and deserves to be recognised as such.

I am currently playing in Uncaged: Found Families and The Topaz Championship.
I have taken the Oath of Sangus.

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Nominee: QueenQatherine
Game: The Crimson Ivory Company
GM: Solid Snek
Link: Here
Reason: I nominate QueenQatherine's post from Solid Snek's game because it is just fantastic. Simple as that. You come in with certain expectations with her first paragraph. A party is thrown in her character's honor--you don't fully know why at first--but it is a joyous occasion that her whole tribe shares with Zadari. Her family and friends are cheering her name, pride swelling in Zadari's chest as she was carried above the heads of her people, right up to the...well, I don't won't to ruin the surprise. But trust me, it's a strangely touching and slightly harrowing read from start-to-finish, and undoubtedly one of the coolest character introductions I have read in awhile. I hope you lot think so, too!

Status: Dealing With Personal Business
DMing: And the Devil Dances Beneath a Mosaic Sky
Characters: Thunder in the Morning - Harp Strum - Captain Tavosh - Bau - Sigrun Storm-Eater

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Player Nominated: Mindsiege
Game: Viva Vegas: the Guardians
GM: Purplerook


Reason: Tobi has been a fantastic character to watch develop. He's fast-talking his way through situation after situation, and it never stops coming. That's the first thing great about Mindsiege's work here: he's written out the fast talk and the shady angles. But I also really love the snatches of Tobi's personality that play out as Mindsiege takes us through Tobi's internal dialog.

When reading this post, it helps to understand that Tobi is sitting down at a facilitated meeting with some open-minded feds to talk about a drug that has been awakening people to supernatural powers. He's got the line on the main source for the drug, and pressure to make a connection.

Tobi's also currently being hunted by the Russian mob for his role in a different criminal enterprise. Which is also hunting him. Tobi's talking fast because Tobi's gotta talk fast!

he/him/his — Aryka | Erna | Hade | Jamir
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Nominee: benchly
Game: Tyranny of Dragons
Nominator and Dungeonmaster: Sassafrass
Link: You can have it
Reason: After a bit of a break and the longest chapter of our lives, we've started a new chapter with a bang: Gukan leads us into Chapter 4 with a wonderful interaction between his patron, the Fairy Queen Titania, and her warlock Clawmarked, the outcast Goliath. benchly always adds an emotional punch to everything but this is quite nice. All of the posts that start Chapter 4 are great so I had to take it to a vote off-site.

Old Mar 6th, 2021, 11:01 AM
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Nominee: Fillyjonk
Game: Battle of the BARDS
System: 5e
Game GM: Fillyjonk
Link: Meet Mordanda

Background: A splinter group of the players—members of a mediocre band—have accidentally blasted a hole in the walls of a sewer dungeon, unexpectedly creating a short-cut to the dungeon boss, the legendary stage performer Mordanda. Here is a quick who's-who of names in the post for context.
Baron de Boom: One of the band members who stumbles upon Mordanda; his Nat 20 history check triggers this post.
Justin: One of the band members, the only one charismatic enough to hold his own against Mordanda, which makes his absence even more tragic.
Forks: A new culinary invention. They'll never catch on.
Rihorca and Dwar-va: Pop-music legends of Vallos. Of course you know them. Everyone does.

Why should this be the February Post of the Month? This post does something unique—it is a delightful development of the game plot and continuation of characters and themes PLUS it shows tremendous GM chops for rapidly responding to a universal GM dilemma: What do you do when your players get really, really lucky? In this post, the players have not only blundered straight-away into a dungeon boss, but a perfectly timed 20+ persuasion roll and a Nat 20 history roll should help avoid immediate combat and give them an incredible insight into what the boss is all about. Fillyjonk (doing all of her writing in a post-a-day-format, mind you!) responds with this storied background of a celebrated stage performer whose evil secret has now been revealed. Fillyjonk's GM post honors the players' luck, raises the stakes, alerts to dangers, provides all sorts of reading delight ... and foreshadows everything to come. Even if the cannibal-chanteuse Mordanda were to kill off a player—and she does—who would object to being the victim of this musical superstar with such a tremendous backstory?


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