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Old Mar 1st, 2021, 07:30 PM
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March POTM

It's that time again, when the month changes, and March springs upon us like a lion or a lamb. Whichever one it is for you, I hope you remember to nominate someone for their excellent post this month, and show them some appreciation for their well crafted works of prose.
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Old Mar 3rd, 2021, 02:46 PM
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Nominee: Kenjitsu
Game: Hoard of the Dragon Queen, 5E
System: Dungeons and Dragons, 5th Edition
GMs: Chocoladevla, Saratek
Note: With the post being in a Secreted Area, I've copied it here for ease.
BackgroundAfter the party cleared out the former camp of the Cult of Tiamat and recovered a trio of nearly matured dragon eggs, they returned to Greenest for one last night of rest and to be resupplied by the gracious, nearly destroyed town. During this time, Immeral gained a level and decided to multiclass Hexblade Warlock. This is the origin of his pact.
ReasonThere have always been a number of great posts as the group has progressed together in this long-running adventure, but this one stuck out to me the very first time I read it. While an origin such as this is not uncommon, I have found it uncommon to be played out as such during the course of a game, or to have the true back and forth with a patron that comes from a character, in this case a Divine Soul Sorcerer, making that Pact that thrusts upon them the power that is the source of a warlock's abilities.

Kenjitsu really outdid himself in this case. Not only is it a compelling moment in a game filled with twists and turns, he perfectly encompasses the desperation that Immeral would have felt after nearly perishing nor being able to properly protect his friends as they clashed against the wicked blades of the Cult, and the surprise that would come with awaking such power. The play between Immeral and his new master as a result of his desire to be a more competent defender within his squad of 'Legends' really displays the kind of inner thoughts and discussions I hardly ever see Warlocks really embrace quite like Kenjitsu has. I personally look forward to more of it, but couldn't let this post stand without wanting to call attention to just how Good and Unique it was.
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Old Mar 8th, 2021, 10:25 PM
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Nominee: Silk
Game: Dead Suns
The Post: Aja Miram's Tribute
System: Starfinder
GMs: Ruffdove

BackgroundA group of strangers with particular set of varied skills are brought together by tragedy. After investigating the death of their mutual associate, the group is hired on to investigate "The Drift Rock". The rock is a potentially bountiful find of a huge chunk of rock drug in by the mining crew of the Acreon. Due to circumstances the find is tied in a legal argument.

As the crew investigates, they find out the fate of Acreon crew. Moreover, they discover a set of deadly denizen which has made its home on the rock. As the sci-fi horror unfolds, the crew finds the corpse of Captain Moriko Nash. A stranded explorer whose self and crew met a similar demise to that of the Acreon's crew... eighty years back. Realizing her fate, the Captain gives enough information and a possible escape route for the investigating crew. After their victory against the horror of the rock, the crew finds themselves mesmerized by their new toy. Aja Miram more than most, despite this, the mechanic makes time to build a tribute for the felled captain.

It's been a short long journey with this crew, and Silk was the last addition after a player departure. Consistently the player puts out quality posts amongst other players with just awesome quality posts. This one takes the cake.

The post details how Aja (Silk's character) uses her mechanical skills to get the ship safe to fly. This is done with an adept blending of the GM's description of the ship's status along with the player's own rewording in Aja's savvy gear-head expertise.

Additionally Aja takes time to build this beautiful memorial to honor the Captain's Last Will to be left on rock.

Something about it just hits in the feel, and should be a solid contender for POTM.

Working on updates!

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Old Mar 9th, 2021, 12:45 PM
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Nominee: Blackfyre
Game: Dead Suns
The Post: Grix Takes the Helm
System: Starfinder
GM: ruffdove

BackgroundThe party has just completed a mission to explore a mysterious asteroid and in so doing, they discovered a starship docked there that the previous owner has willed to them as the discoverers of her remains. As the group explores their new ship and then prepares to blast off, one of the characters--Played by KhalilMendev Malone--has stated that he doesn't really know what's next for him but that the group can have his share of the starship; possibly implying that he might write the character out of the game.

Blackfyre's character Grix, a A mouse-like humanoid race.ysoki whose Ace Pilot theme makes her the perfect choice for ship's pilot, takes her seat in the cockpit and addresses what Mendev said in the context of blasting off for the first time in a ship she can call her own.


ReasonThere's a twofold reason I want to nominate this post. First, it is a great culmination to the character's innocent and determined quest for the freedom afforded by her own starship and a galaxy of possibilities. Grix's reaction to taking the helm of her own ship for the first time is not just a reaction to the situation, it's an authentic outgrowth of the character's development from the start. We've all been looking forward to this moment and this is the payoff.

Second, the emotion of the scene is captured perfectly--a character disinclined to negative emotion translates disappointment and worry into encouragement and advocacy. Grix tries to remain calm at the helm, but lets her exuberance toward the situation manifest in her words to her teammate. The appeal to Mendev is strident and it hits home on two levels. As the ysoki pilot implores the human bounty hunter to stay with the group, it blurs the line between character speaking to character and player speaking to player.

I also want to state that if seconding were required, I would enthusiastically second Silk's post nominated above. In fact, I was debating about which of the two I should nominate when I saw Khalil already nominated Silk.


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Old Mar 22nd, 2021, 12:26 PM
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Nominee: Creed
Game: To Stand in a Deity's Place
The Post: A Pirate Ship Burns
System: D&D 5e
GM: Creed

BackgroundA Wu Jen mystic has taken passage aboard a trading vessel from Assam to Westgate. En route, they are beset by a pirate vessel. The mystic rains fire down upon the cog, leaving devastation in his wake.

NominationHandling an encounter that goes in unexpected directions is a very real challenge for a GM. In this case, my character (a 10th level Wu Jen mystic) rained upcast scorching rays on a pirate ship for four rounds as it closed on the trader. I was floored by the sensitivity and realism with which Creed handled my choices. A ship full of river traders probably would never seen a high level anything in their lives, and witnessing magic up close has to be terrifying - even when it's wielded in their defense.

Second, the idea that Eroan had completely upset something like a balance of power at sea was an exceptionally nice touch. The captain and crew are, of course, grateful for their lives...but they can't look at the one who saved them in the same way they had before. I'm very seldom affected by a post the way I was with this one. Creed created such feeling here, I was incredibly impressed.

I'm pretty sure the thread is private, so I will copy it below.

I have taken the Oath of Sangus

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Old Mar 24th, 2021, 10:51 AM
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Nominee: Pseudonymous
Game: The Wandering And The Lost
System: D&D 5e
GM: Insacrum
Post Link: Yes, And...

Reason for Nomination: I have previously submitted a nomination for Pseudonymous playing Gristle for his ability to draw forth multiple emotions from the reader within just one post. While this post can do the same, giving a bit of awe along with the comedic actions and words of Gristle, it's more a prime example of random world-building gone right.

In my game, I've given the players a free license to add, shape, build and make it their own. We've had PM conversation crafting the gods that inhabit the world, given names to major cities and areas, and have added NPCs that are starting to take on a life of their own. Playing with this group, and reading their posts is like watching a professional improv group play a game of "Yes, And..."

It was a tense time for the group, as he is currently the only one with any healing magics. Being on a clock required the group to make choices, and take a few chances. Chances that worked in their favor. In this post, Pseudonymous describes Gristle's experiences of possibly dying (Death Saves passed), the Limbo that awaits any who are at the very thin threshold between life and death, and the feeling of returning to life and consciousness. In doing so, not only does he provide seeds for the rest of the group to play with immediately, but also seeds for me, as a DM to use in the future.

With one post, Pseudonymous has not only provided a great post filled with laughs and the experience of his own character but a catalyst for others to build their own posts off of, as well as a snapshot of something that I, as a GM, get to use to give my players hints and foreshadowing of things to come in the future. While the full force of how great this post is doesn't show itself in just one post, that doesn't make it any less great.


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Old Apr 4th, 2021, 10:49 PM
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Nominee: Fillyjonk
Game: Battle of the Bards One-shot
System: D&D 5e
GM: Fillyjonk
The Post: Spyder You Die

Reason for NominatingOur one-shot in Fillyjonk's wildly inventive homebrew scenario is nearly done. We are a rock band, all bards, who were drugged and kidnapped on the eve of our big break. We are now trying to get away from the mercs who were paid to take us out, figure out who paid them, and get to our gig! At the end of our second chapter, we settled down for a long rest, anticipating the big boss battle to come. But instead there was murder. Dragar, the traitorous tiefling NPC, rolled a Nat 20 to beat our band's whiffed perception rolls and walked away unnoticed, leaving us to wake up to cold-blooded throat-slashing killing in our cozy Tiny Hut.

It was so bad.

We all felt like absolute crap, kind of stunned really, as we dangled over the chapter break, wondering -- really!? Then this post dropped at the beginning of our third act, and there was just a collective sense of -- yeah, it's on!! This murdered PC had been possessed by Loviatar, via some cursed equipment, so his afterlife experience was anything but a letdown. We were simultaneously wildly curious about our comrade's sojourn in Banehold, and ready to destroy that traitorous tiefling who killed him. Fillyjonk played us like a piano, and amped up the suspense! Amazing storytelling.

Spyder You Die

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