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Old Apr 4th, 2021, 03:02 AM
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Spring Scavenger Hunt 2021

Join RPG Crossing's Spring Scavenger Hunt 2021!
Featuring: Camaraderie, competition, and a dose of dubious humor.

The Easter Bunny has been unusually busy this year, working with local Egg-Kitchens to provide eggs for bunnies in need. Unfortunately this means that the Easter Bunny is running low on eggs, but the Bunny-In-Chief is still intent on providing everyone with a fun filled day of hunting and internet sleuthing. Welcome to RPGX's first annual Spring Scavenger Hunt! This year you will be joining together to discover over fifty different RPG and RPGX themed entries, including each other!

How it works:
  1. Team up with friends new and old! Teams will need to make a post in the Team Registration thread in order to start the hunt. Anyone looking to join a team can check out our Looking For Group thread to find other hunters to team up with.
  2. Over the course of 24 48 hours, find as many scavenger entries as you can.
  3. When your team is done, the team captain should make the official submission in secret text, with a link for to the each item found on the list.

When the time is up, teams will have their submissions scored. The team with the most items found will be declared the winner, and in the in the event of a tie, the team who submitted their list first will win. What will they win you ask? We're not telling! What kind of bunny tells you what's in the golden egg before you find it?!

Join the hunt and be the first team to find them all!

Yes, I do still exist. Sometimes.

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